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Top recipes for "Dips"

Texas stuff

this is a quick and easy tex-mex recipe that you can use as a main dish. served with a salad, it makes a meal. you may also serve it as an appetizer by serving it in a chafing dish with a basket of tortilla...

Diet friendly dill dip spread or salad dressing

i always offer this as a diet-friendly dip for raw vegetables at parties. it's one of my tried & true favorites. it came from the 1975 edition of the american heart association cookbook. it can also replace...

Cobb loaf cheese dip

i found this recipe and it has been a favourite of family and friends. get asked often when i have visitors to make it.

Citrus ginger mayo dip for veggies

a mayonnaise based dip for raw veggies or steamed asparagus. try also with cooked prawns. cooking time is chilling time.

Chunky salsa

this salsa is quick and delicious. adjust ingredients to your liking, especially the hot sauce. great as a dip or a side.

Chorizo con queso

this is the best con queso dip i've ever had. i got it from a great cookbook by a man named grady spears. i guarantee once you try this you will be a fan of his too.

Chocolate plunge

i was sifting through some of my mother's recipes. hope you like it! sounds delish!

Crab spread delicious

awesome spread/dip for guests!

Devilish dip

the greatest food show in the land cookbook by kraft

My favourite spicy potato and kasoori methi raita

i love this and i'll be your best friend if you can make this for me when the chips are low:) preparation time does not include refrigeration time.

Corn salsa

this delightful corn salsa is a perfect salsa for dipping and can be used to boost flavor or garnish a southwestern meal. chilling time not included in preparation time.

Salsa de picante

our newest family member brought this picante sauce and homemade tamales to christmas dinner. it was fabulous. i begged her for the recipe and now we keep a jar in the fridge all the time. this does have...

Del rancho garlic dressing

my father and mother owned the 49th street del rancho in oklahoma city, and this is their all-time,

Cottage dip

nice 'warm' dip to serve along with dry biscuits or personally i served on top of some puppodums.

Cuban bean dip

this is a wonderfully fresh "dip" if you want to use it as that - but is also good inside tacos, omelettes, as a side to grilled pork, fish or chicken - whatever you want to use it for.


traditional dip/sauce either served with bread or with fried/grilled fish or souvlaki. it is very garlicy so you could reduce the amount of garlic to suit. from

Dorito olive dip

i cant eat doritos anymore without this dip. i'ts good with regular corn chips, or even crackers as well.

Dorito dip

i great, hearty dip that goes great with those flavored tortilla chips. simple to prepare and a great addition to any party.

Dipping sauce

serve this sauce along side your buffalo style chicken wings.

Creamy green chile dip

i got this from a cracker box. i haven't made it yet, but how can you go wrong with chile lol? cooking time is chilling time.

Dip for apples

this is a very simple, great tasting dip that my kids, in particular, love.

Crab dip

horseradish makes this crab dip zing! when i make this, it is a given that my husband is going to burn the roof of his mouth off because he can't wait for it to cool "a little" before diving into it.

Chutney dip

ok...this one can't get any easier!! yum!!

Dilly dip

christmas holiday

Cool calypso dip fruit platter

yet another favored pampered chef recipe. this is perfectly delicious with any kind of fruit. creamy and simple to make, it should be a staple at any picnic or bbq. i know the ingredients don't sound like...

Chorizo dip

this is great with other mexican theme dishes. we like it with tortilla chips-some like it right on a corn or flour totrilla. enjoy!!

Chocolate dip

start with my recipe#311449 recipe, then combine the following ingredients to the mix.

Cowboy caviar

i adopted this recipe from recipezaar. i hope to give it a try soon and make changes if needed.

Creamy taco dip

another family favorite dip.

Creamy crab dip

this is some yummy dip! great if you are craving that crab flavor, but can't afford to go running to red lobster for help :)

Chunky capsicum and cashew dip

this is from the xmas edition of the australian women's weekly. yummo!

Confetti salsa

this salsa is sooo colorful...and uses a wide variety of peppers. it is a bit sweeter than most. enjoy!

Dill weed dip

got this one from my mother.

Berry salsa

a variation of a recipe found on another site. the original had apples but i substituted blueberries. zwt 3: u.s. for all three kinds of berries

Easy baked crab dip

you can also make this using cooked shrimp in place of crab and also imitation crab can be use for this, but the real crab is of coarse much better! this dip is best served with ritz crackers. your guests...

Curry flavored vegetable dip

gently lifted from a soy sauce site, this is kid friendly! curry dip is used alot in india, parts of africa and england!

Chunky cheese dip

this recipe came from a neighbor who would always bring it to 4th of july cookouts. i have never met anyone who does not like it.

Curried shrimp spread

shrimp spread with a spicy tropical feel !!!!

Dill pickle salsa

this is one out of my recipe files from gourmet class. we had to come up with something "different". what's more different than salsa made with a dill pickle? but, it is good, even if i do say so myself....

Crab spread or dip

there are thousands of recipes for crab spreads, but this recipe is for people like me that can't eat hot stuff. you can use real lump crabmeat, which will be even better. the directions do not reflect...

Dreamy fruit dip

wonderful on strawberries, pineapple, apples and any other fresh fruit.

Hummus extraordinaire

the delicious middle eastern/mediterranean dip of goodness! my favorite way to eat this is to tear off a chunk of greek pita, scoop up a heaping helping of hummus & savour, however, many use it as a versatile...

Crab meat canapes dip

prepare ahead, and use fresh crabmeat if you can, of course! a wonderful addition to your appetizer buffet. serve with crackers. cook time is refrigeration time.

Jims dip

old family recipe

Dried beef and horseradish dip

this dip is super easy to make, and is great with veggies, beer bread, crackers, or on sandwiches. you can make it up to a couple days in advance.

Creamy avocado wasabi dressing

this is a nice, tangy dressing, and also makes a good topping for crab cakes! prep time includes refrigeration.

Classic honey dijon dressing

a tantalizing combination of spice and sweet!

Easiest chip dip ever

this dip was actually a complete accident, but i have loved it ever since!

Cranberry pear and ginger relish

very flavorful and low fat.

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