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Top recipes for "Duck"

Orange lacquered duck

i got this recipe from the chef, a local resteranteur.

Duck curry

pretty quick to prepare and cook. delicious!


this is in response to a new thread in the q&a. it is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. all with stuffing in between. i am posting this without having tried it (yes i know the bad...

Duck sugo with pappardelle

ohhhh for the love of duck. if you use my recipe on this site for roast duck with apricot glaze, you will have a lovely duck stock, as well as some decadent duck fat. i love to enrich my duck stock further...

Duckling dar es salaam

duckling is a great delicacy in tanzania and is usually served when there are special guests. the same recipe is used for other meats and is particularly good with veal and chicken. accompaniments are...

Duck in red wine

from nigella, courtesy of the ny times.

Duck cacciatore

tim's favorite duck recipe

Duckling a la orange

here's another james beard classic. this is our special anniversary dinner every year for the last 15 or more years since i found the recipe. the orange sauce is awesome! the grand marnier and the fresh...

Chopped liver italian style fegato alle uova sode

adapted from cucina ebraica, flavors of the italian jewish kitchen, by joice goldstein. although this spread resembles the traditional jewish american chopped chicken liver found in delis, it includes...

Duck breast with leek and cranberry

french inspired seared duck breast with leeks, cranberries and a wonderful red wine sauce. fabulous served with wasabi mashed potatoes for a warm aromatic contrast. my version of a recipe from a duck supplier....

Duck l orange

if you wish to impress guests, try this recipe. it's a classic recipe and it is not difficult to make. the ingredients are freely available. just keep in mind that the average duck has little meat on its...

Duck tareko crispy deep fried duck marinated in nepali spices

(crispy deep-fried duck marinated in nepali spices)

Confit of duck breast and sausage cassoulet

this is a slow cooker recipe. the beans in it can cooked up to 2 days in advance. it may be cooked for 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours on low or 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 on high. it takes quite a bit of preparation, so it's...

Peking duck

the duck should be carved at the table. first the skin is cut away in thin slices and served with a manderine pancake (see

Duck glazed with honey and lavender or herbes de provence

this is a lush recipe for duck. it tastes very "french", and despite the honey glaze, it isn't too sweet. the lavender or herbes de provence make a nice counterpoint to the flavors. the pan juice is perfect...

Duck with mango

fruit always works well with duck.this is an elegant dish and i like to serve it with new potatoes and a selection of vegetables. note that there can be a big dfference in the size of duck breasts, you...

Crock pot duck confit

this is from today's paper and tastes just as good as the stove top version

Duck confit

from fine cooking, issue #48

Duck soup

this is russell's speciality. this soup is easy to make, though it takes a bit of planning. it is a complete and filling meal made the way we do. the original recipe came from an ian parmenter cookbook,...

Duck breasts with raspberry sauce

this is from a local cooking class that i took. the fruity, slightly tart sauce really complements the rich flavor of the duck breast. use the rendered duck fat to fry some tiny new potatoes for a decadent...

Divine boneless duck breast with port wine sauce

i first found and tried this recipe in 1999 on epicurious. it does take a lot of work but it is so worth it! the sauce can be made the day before and slowly reheated. this is divine duck! but(hiccup),...

Duck in honey and sage sauce with rhubarb relish

this dish is lovely with its subtle honey, lemon and sage flavours. the rhubarb relish is a wonderful accompaniment. minted new potatoes and green peas are a good addition. i hope you will like it.

Five cheese stuffed chicken breasts

wonderful cheesy stuffed chicken breasts topped with a cheese sauce when served. this recipe makes four chicken breasts, but can easily be doubled if desired.

Duck magret with a blueberry port sauce

i decided to try another new way to prepare a duck breast with a new sauce, both my hubby and i enjoyed this. i thought it turned out really well with sauce really complimenting the duck. i did adjust...

Duck breast stuffed with ham and sun dried tomatoes

(supremes de canard au jambon de montagne) assemble breasts and stuffing a couple of hours ahead, so they hold their shape whilst cooking

Duck breast with passion fruit sauce and crushed new potatoes

a layer of passion fruit makes this vanilla cheesecake recipe look and taste exquisite. this simon hulstone recipe is easy and delicious

Cantonese duck

posted in reply to a message board request for duck recipes. i don't know how authentic this recipe is, but its yummy just the same.

Duck in vindaloo sauce

i found this on food the original recipe asked for the duck to be cut into 4-i decided to cut it into 8 (drumstick, thigh and two pieces per breast). remove the skin from the duck. the recipe...

Cha siew duck

i found this recipe in an old copy of consuming passions i bought in a thrift shop. i don’t plan to keep the book, so am storing this recipe here so i can make it soon.

Duck breast scaloppine

this is a favorite of my families. i tweaked it a bit so it would conform to the contest regulations, but it is basically the same recipe. hope you enjoy it.

Dan's baja chicken

in my many years in the kitchen, i stumbled upon this recipe in my experimentations with cooking for clients who wanted something "different." the most important part of this recipe is the marinade. once...

Duck with ginger and lime

this is one of my all-time favorites! the sauce can be used for just about anything -- salad dressings, other meats, etc. i found this in a dictionary-sized book of recipes from around the world.

Duck spring rolls with dipping sauces

a take off of vietnamese fresh spring rolls that are little self-contained salads-to-go -- crisp raw veggies and lots of minced fresh herbs, along with cooked shrimp, pork, fried tofu but in this recipei...

Duck breast with fried apples

this recipe is courtesy of dina nikolaou. found this recipe in the november 28, 2008 edition of athens plus magazine.

Duck breasts with balsamic vinegar

from weber’s big book of grilling

Duck stock save that carcass

russ and i love duck and i love to make stock with the remaining carcass, wing tips and that big neck. i remove the skin from the neck. we mostly eat marinated asian style duck, so i pop the wings and...

Wild duck gumbo

a great at home comfort food with enough heartiness to fully satisfy.

Duck with blackberry sauce

this is from the february 1996 issue of bon appetit magazine. the sauce is really delicious.

Cinnamon and spice poultry brine

found this recipe online and tried it on my thanksgiving day turkey.... turned out great. the combo of spices is to die for.

Five spiced duck breast with bok choy and gai larn

this is a very simple recipe that is quick and easy to do and tastes wonderful. i love duck and cook it all the time, whilst i have made duck with fruit sauces and asian sauces and they are wonderful....

Bbq duck and ramen soup

love this simple but delicious noodle soup on a cold wet rainy day. great meal in one. total comfort food.

North croatian roasted duck

this is traditional fall dinner, usually served with “mlinci” (recipe also on zaar). it is very easy and simple; i am adding some of my procedure tricks.

Smokey duck and sweet potato soup

after my husband came home with some wild duck breasts i was left trying to figure out how on earth i was going to cook it. i was in the mood for soup and sweet potatoes so i rolled it all into one. my...

Savory blackening rub for fish and poultry

a quick blackening rub to add some flavor to fish and poultry.

Almond roasted duck with chinese spices

this simple preparation has many of the complex spices of a classically prepared chinese duck, but it takes little preparation or special skills.

Waterfowl delight

i have tried this with duck, goose and chicken. they were all pretty good.

Oven braised teal

also for: doves, quail, snipe, woodcock, grouse, pheasant & rabbit

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