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Top recipes for "Egyptian"

Butter bean hummus

like zaar needs another hummus recipe.......but-this is different cause it's made from butterbeans (lima beans) instead of the usual chickpeas. found the recipe on the net a while back and have made it...

Egyptian red lentil soup

this soup is considered to be a tradition for breaking the ramadan fast in egypt and is a traditional "middle eastern peace recipe". i got this from a middle eastern living blog and decided to share it...

Dim a musabika egyptian tomato sauce

a very dear friend of mine, l.d.osni, lived in egypt for a while and was married to an egyptian. she taught me this recipe. it is a little spicy, and i love it!

Lamb marinade

this is lovely on all cuts of lamb--kebabs, chops, steak...etc.


middle eastern lemonade is something i've often drunk - and loved - in middle eastern restaurants, but this is the first recipe for it i've come across. the lemonade i've been served in middle eastern...

Easy egyptian feta salad

here is a super simple salad that will be a great accompaniment to any north african main dish. you can enjoy it on its own too.

Egyptian rice for fish

this is a must have dish cooked in egypt with any kind of fish very easy and tasty and you have a choice of adding tiny pieces of shrimp to it or cumin or even raisins

Cairo almonds

low carb snack; best made a few hours before serving.

Spicy king prawns

this wonderful shrimp recipe is by nadia roden from party by the pyramids. it is healthy and super fast. if you have all of the ingredients ready ahead of time, you can prepare the dish quickly, as guests...

Za atar marinated tomato salad

pieces of tomato soaked in vinegar and olive oil. roma tomatoes are firm but i use whatever tomatoes i have on hand. after we eat out the ingredients i just add more tomatoes to the left over dressing....

Sharbat orange ice

a wonderfully refreshing drink popular throughout the middle east. this particular version of it is from iran, and is from the bay books' publication: 'the best of lebanese and middle eastern cooking'....

Sambousa with beef

this light and moist pastry is stuffed with lean ground beef and nuts, seasoned to perfection. to make this wonderful finger food or appetizer. perfect for cold winter nights.

Spiced sirloin rice teta rice

my grandmother (teta) made this dish as an accompaniment to chicken, pork, or lamb dishes. my son will make a meal out of it on its own. the yogurt and pine nuts really enhance the flavour, but are optional....

Egyptian kebabs

as a big fan of yogurt based marinades for chicken (for example chicken tikka), this one immediately caught my eye. unlike tikka, you only marinate this one for 30-45 minutes so it doesn't require much...

Lentil salad in olive oil with egyptian spices

this is called salata cadas and made with lentils slightly cooked with olive oil, garlic, and spices. clifford wright made this as a meze at the tikka grill, a restaurant on the corniche of alexandria...

Carol's easy pita bread

a quick recipe for tasty pita.

Ful medames

cheap lunch.

Alexandrian style liver kebda eskandarani

a very popular dish in alexandria

Egyptian rice with spicy tomato sauce

this egyptian recipe combines cooked rice with a spicy tomato sauce.

Stuffed caramel walnuts from cleopatra

cleopatra (69 a.c - 30 a.c), the egyptian queen of legendary beauty, was famous for her amatorial charms that rendered her irresistible to the men who met her. she had a child with caesar, cesarione, then,...


a delicious, nutty egyptian appetizer. it is traditionally eaten with bread dipped in olive oil, then dipped in the duqqah.

Beetroot dip beet dip

this was given to me by an egyptian friend who said it's a family recipe. i like the fact it's doesn't contain dairy and nuts so it was perfect for menu #24612 because we had a few guest who are lactose...

Louvia black eyed peas stew

i love black eyed peas, they are so good for a low cholesterol diet. posted for zwt iii, north africa, egyptian.

Egyptian rice

when my daughter was younger we used to do a little thing called dinner around the world. i found this recipe online while we were researching egypt (hence the name). we've been making this now for a few...

Ataif arab filled pancakes

extremely sweet, rich, and delicious sweets for anyone who loves baklava and pancakes.

Sheer korma

this special muslim dish is traditionally served on eid day (both eid al-fitr and eid al-adha) to the household after they come back from eid prayers. it is then served throughout the day to all well wishers...

Egyptian spinach omelet

this omelet is cooked open-faced, like a frittata. the flavors are brunch-friendly, and could even make a nice light dinner, served with some fresh flatbreads and herbs from your garden.

Egyptian molokheya green spinach like soup

this is a middle eastern classic, but i must say its made best by those in egypt! ask anyone you know from egypt about this and see what they say. it's so yummy, seems a bit strange has almost a gelatinous...

Roz bel laban rice pudding

traditional (name) rice pudding - i like to put a nice raisin medly in mine.

Egyptian lahma bil basal beef in rich onion sauce

this is amazing! very popular, simple dish made in egyptian households. once you make it, it will become a favorite for sure. the key is in the onion's consistency once they cook down to the delicious...

Egyptian sweet couscous dessert

among the variations of couscous, this recipe from egypt is unrivaled for the sweet-toothed palate. serve with a cold glass of milk or a demitasse of heavy arabic coffee. found for zaar world tour ii.

Exotic nile river split pea soup

with the exotic flavor of cumin and ginger, you will be loving this taste of africa! prep time does not include soaking time.

Egyptian garlic yogurt cucumber salad

this is a very refreshing little salad. i always make it along side many different dishes, goes great especially with anything barbequed. i also make it as a snack, eating half of it each time! serves...

Kofta skewers

this is wonderful on the outdoor grill, indoor grill, oven.... even stove top grill pan. a nice garlicky cucumber salad goes wonderfully with this. my kids love this dish... after all it is food on a stick....


falafel is a popular middle eastern fast food. vendors sell it on the streets in cairo. it is served as a sandwich stuffed in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes and tahini. in cairo mcdonalds has their...

Zesty moroccan pita

this quick lunch or dinner includes cumin spiced chicken and veggies served in a pita pocket. cool off the spicy kick with sour cream or yogurt.

Egyptian beef koftas ground beef on skewers

a yummy recipe that features finely ground beef cooked on skewers. you can have these on rice or pita bread with cucumber and tomatoes or any other way that sounds good! if you don't have all of the spices,...

Egyptian fish kofta

these are like spanish croquettas. the spice mix used is quite delicate. serve with a side dish that is crisp or that is spicy.

Egyptian eggplant omelet

"spices and flavorings from china, india, spain, and tropical africa have found their way into north african cooking. garlic, coriander, cumin, and pepper season this open-faced egyptian eggplant omelet....

Gibna wi bateegh cheese and watermelon

this is a breakfast appropriate dish. or even brunch. serve with warm pita. i ate this alot growing up especially on a warm day. you will be surprised to see how well the cheese and watermelon complement...

Egyptian tomato sauce

this is a lovely tomato sauce to top mujadara (lentil rice) put on top of individual portions and top with caramalised onions and have yogurt cucumber salad on side. very very nice. an arab lady said...

Middle eastern pilaff

a vegetarian pilaff made with bulgar wheat - or if you prefer rice - which makes a great accompaniment for kebabs or any bbqd or grilled meat or fish. this recipe is one i found on an international masters...

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