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Top recipes for "Elbow-macaroni"

Drunk mac and cheese

you may think it sounds strange to add beer to macaroni and cheese but i promise you this version is simply amazing.

Company mac and cheese

from the taste of home annual recipes, this mac and cheese is yummy and very creamy.

Deluxe hamburger casserole

we stopped making hamburger helper when we found this recipe. it's easy to make and very cheesy.

My timballo

this is fab! easy too...

Classic macaroni salad made lighter

this is a great recipe for healthier macaroni salad. very creamy and lots of flavor. great side dish to burgers, such as greek-style turkey burgers, recipe #13285.

Ez cheesy taco mac

short on time and ingredients, i whipped this together with what i had on hand. it beats hamburger helper hands down, even my picky teen had seconds! didn't think to take a picture until the pan was...

Greek style tuna casserole

my mom was cleaning out one of her closets and came across several folders full of recipes that she had clipped from magazines and newpapers over the years. i'm not sure what publication this one came...

Easy double cheesy nacho macaroni

here's a quick family favorite the way my grandma always made it!! the secret is in the nacho cheese sauce. she always used the plain nacho cheese soup, so if you cant find the fiesta style don't worry...

Chili macaroni crock pot

a recipe that never fails to please

Creamy stovetop mac and cheese

here's our family favorite simple macaroni and cheese! yummy creamy goodness and an easy one pan dish made quick and simple on the stovetop; score! almost identical to the recipe on the velveeta box. we...

Cucumber cilantro pasta salad

so cool and refreshing. if you like spicy, you can add 1-2 tsp chopped jalapeno.

Southwest tuna macaroni and cheese casserole

i made this recipe last night with things that i had on-hand, i must say that i had no leftovers -- from my kids to their friends, me and pube....we all loved this! it's so easy that i'm a bit embarrassed...

Macaroni and cheese for 20 25

comfort food, food for a crowd...yummy

Creamy beef and macaroni

this is easy and quick. i don't remember where i got it from, but i've had it for years!

Macaroni special

one of my favorite tomato and cheese macaroni! easy and fast to make - and very good! i sometimes replace the topping with shredded cheese. adapted from a j. paré recipe.

Confetti macaroni salad

i was trying to find a way to incorporate more protein into one of my favorites, macaroni salad. this one did the trick! adjust the salt and pepper amounts to suit your taste.

Creamy macaroni casserole

i have even added cooked ground beef and cooked cubed ham to this. prep time does not include boiling the macaroni.

Chocolate walnut torte

chewy, rich torte riddled with chocolate!

Chicken macaroni bake

this recipe was originally printed in a campbell's soup cookbook--easy ways to delicious meals, 1970 edition. i began preparing this for my family and it became a favorite. definitely a kid and budget...

Easiest 15 minute stove top macaroni and cheese 3 ingredients

this is a great quick lunch or side dish. it is as simple and fast as the boxed mac n cheese, but heartier! servings are 4 little kids lunches or 4 small side-dish servings. this is great with frozen...

Octopus stew

kids gobble this up!! when i'm in a hurry at lunch time i use the box mac and cheese.

Very creamy macaroni and cheese

easy, cheesy, real comfort food!

Easiest mac n cheese

the easiest and tastiest macaroni and cheese easy my 10 year old can make it! also the only mac and cheese my very picky 7 year old will eat. make sure to use extra sharp cheddar, it makes...

Classic macaroni and cheese from fine cooking

this is best assembled ahead. pasta will soak up sauce. sprinkle on crumbs just before baking. a wonderful version of a classic dish.

Microwave macaroni and cheese

get that great home-made taste with this easy recipe. my kids absolutely love this.

Crispy topped macaroni and cheese

this is simply delicious italian cuisine. so tasty, so easy to make and great for the whole family!

A simple baked macaroni and cheese

comfort food at its finest!

Creamy peas and pasta

i used the creamy base from potato soup recipe #45990 and halved it, then mixed some frozen peas and cooked rotini pasta and....voila! i got this. it would be delicious with any of the fabulous bread recipes...

Crockette macaroni cheese

this is great with a nice tossed salad and some crusty old world bread. if you're like me, it's best to make a small amount of this. make a large crockpot full and i'd eat it all!

Low fat macaroni salad

from cook time includes refrigeration time.

Easy baked macaroni and cheese

this is a family favorite that i learned from my mom. it has been passed down and i am sure it has changed over the years, but everyone that has it loves it. i use it anytime i need a nice side dish in...

Vegetable macaroni bake

this is an adaption of a recipe i found in the oxfam vegetarian cookbook. it's really easy to assemble, and you can make it earlier in the day and just pop it in the oven half an hour before you want to...

Mushroom macaroni casserole

this is a southern living recipe that is just simply delicious!you must try this!

Cracker barrel macaroni and cheese

macaroni and cheese from cracker barrel recipe; reduced to 4 side dish servings or 2 main dish servings.

Creamy stovetop mac n cheese

this is a take on alton brown's recipe. i experimented with the proportions because i did not like the gritty/ greasy texture from the original recipe. this recipe is absolutely creamy and delicious and...

Macaroni summer salad

this is an easy salad for the summertime. my mom used to make this for us when we were kids. cook time is chill time.

Fried macaroni and cheese balls

tried this and it was a hit with my family. i got it off the community board where someone had requested it. wasn't as complicated as it seemed at first... give it a try!

Creamy macaroni chicken soup sopas

a filipino soup favorite made with elbow macaroni, milk and butter. this is perfect anytime you feel like having soup.

Macaroni with gorgonzola and walnut sauce

this is a german recipe that i got in a german magazine i bought last summer. sylvie77 very thoughtfully translated it for me and i am posting it so that i know where it is. have not made it yet, but...

Easy beefaroni

not sure where this recipe came from...i found it when cleaning out my "to try" box of recipes. i made it for supper last night, and found it to be quick, easy and tasty.

My kickin pasta fagioli soup

a hearty, flavourful soup with lots of room for variation... just like i like it.

Easy cheesy turkey macaroni

i am always looking for new ways to prepare ground turkey and this recipe is great! a hit with both my husband and 2 year old! few ingredients, easy to make, tasty, and great leftover!!!

Macaroni pudding

a lady at church made this and it is now a favorite of the family.

Creamy pasta tomato with italian sausage

i just made the one of the best creamy macaroni and tomato dish i’ve ever had! i got tired of the same old stuff and started experimenting…it’s quick, pretty cheap, easy to make and very versatile....

Tomato cucumber macaroni salad

my neighbor from years gone by gave me this recipe. it takes very little time to make and a great alternative to traditional macaroni salad.

Hamburger macaroni and bean soup

another easy, hearty soup for a quick meal.

Chipotle chicken mac and cheese with bacon bread crumbs rsc

ready, set, cook! hidden valley contest entry. it has a great ranch taste with a kick of spice and smokiness from the chipotle peppers. the bacon bread crumbs add a unique taste and crunch to the whole...

E z potato egg and macaroni salad

my husband wanted something that was quick and cold for a hot summer day and we came up with this.

Quick mac beans

i like the beans and macaroni combination.

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