Coffee blast

a br original.

Cottage pizza

simple. fast. delicious. alternative to traditional pizza. a healthy snack or quick meal.

Dried onion slices

i haven't tried these onions but they apparently make a nice garnish for salads, roasted meats and soups.


there are many variations of this drink. flavor this base with the fruit of your choice but the lime is essential. originally from havana's la florida restaurant -- i had one there!

Coffee fantasy

when you drink this try and remember that it does have alcohol in. very yummy especially good, well it is actually made for those coffee lovers out there

Dal bhat red lentils with rice

this is a traditional nepali dish. red lentils cook quickly and are recommended for this dish. delicious topped with chutney or hot pepper of your choice.

Turmeric tea

recipe from and they adapted it from a recipe found on this week our organic fruit box has fresh turmeric so i am going to try this out in the morning!

Daufuskie freeze

i found this recipe in an old copy of family circle. we have been enjoying this drink at barbeques for years. try it and i'm sure it will become a favorite of yours as well.

Colossal custard pancakes

not your typical pancake! one pancake will feed 2-3 people depending on their appetite. my kids love these with fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt on top instead of the usual maple syrup.

Pizza hut hot submarine sandwiches

from what i understand, there was a period of time that pizza hut sold sandwiches, besides pizza. this is supposed to be one of the sandwiches that they sold. i have made this many times and it is quite...

Summer chill

a real cool caper!

Clams with chili and basil

adjust the chili to your preferred level of heat

Cowboy coffee rub for grilled steaks

from "the healthy beef cookbook," found in june, 2006, country home magazine. sounded too interesting to not post or try!

Crock pot pork with sauerkraut apple potato

i searched zaar and could not find a recipe with this combination of ingredients. it isn't a pretty recipe but it sure tastes good. use any cut of pork. the recipe doubles easily. i like to serve it...


roommate: "so, what do you think i should call this drink, scout?" me: "gone." roommate: "gone hawaiian?" me: "nope. just 'gone'." roommate: "hey! give that back!"

Crusty new potatoes

from hall's potato harvest cookbook. tender inside and nice and crusty outside. they suggest serving them with chicken breasts or steak. i suggest making a bunch of them !

Dirty banana

yummy is all i can say about this. using frozen banana produces a thick shake like adult beverage.

Dirty sriracha bloody mary

from diane & todd's white on rice food blog. this is wonderful. they recommend infusing your vodka with freshly grated horseradish 5-7 days prior to making this drink, but if you want one right away then...

Pan seared fish with mushrooms and scallions

this recipe was demonstrated at the 2010 pensacola seafood festival. it is from brian cullerton of dharma blue. nice, light dish.

Classic blt

the perfect lunch!

Dressed bananas

when i was a kid i never went to a card party or gathering of any kind without seeing dressed bananas on the table. my dad alone would go through at least a banana and a half!! people would ask my mother...

Costa rican delight

send yourself to the tropics when you sip this easy-to-make smoothie-style banana-rum drink.

Disaronno cosmo

another fun one from the disaronno website. if you enjoy amaretto and cosmos, here you go!

Clares blueberry corn mush breakfast

a little something i came up with when i wanted a change from my daily oat bran. tastes like a blueberry corn muffin!

Cilantro lime quinoa

made this up myself. delicious in burritos!

Dirty mother

found in 'coctail handbook'

Corned beef hash

quick and easy corned beef hash. a camping favorite,

Daikon carbonara

from makiko oda's cookbook, page 158. it is part of her winter menu. daikon is japanese radish, it's very long and white. i've seen them in american supermarkets. it can be eaten plain, but makiko...


serve this with rice, as part of your authentic indian meal.

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Chocolate colada

pineapples, chocolate what more do you need?

Fried cheese sandwiches

fried cheese sandwiches


a lovely drink that makes me think "summer"

Crispy basa fish shrimp

lovely crunch on both fish and shrimp, delicious!

Coco blossom

a drink to be served in a parfait glass. taken on drinksmixer.

Chocolate orange cream cocktail

this is a drink that's as pretty as it is a sweet indulgence. in fact, we like to call it dessert in a martini glass. it tastes a bit like those chocolate orange cream candy eggs, but a whole lot better...

Oasis smoothie

i love smoothies for dinner in the summertime here in the desert. this is one that i put together that really tastes great! hope you like it!

Corn cob butter

taken from a 1999 mag in a doctor's waiting room ! i personally think you need to double this recipe !!

Chocolate covered espresso beans

here's something to keep you going in between cups of coffee!

Cup pudding

this is an ideal dessert for two. this is made in no time and can be cooked and left in the microwave whilst eating the main course. serve with custard sauce if so desired.

Dragon bowl sauce

a famous vegetarian restaurant in vancouver (the naam) makes an amazing dragon bowl stir fry with loads of tofu and veg and an amazing sauce. i think there are lots of versions of the dish out there,...

Cuban mojitos

my dh and i had these for the first time while in puerta rico. be sure to make fresh and not use a bottled mix. addictive!

Coconut candy

three ingredients are all you need to make this candy and have a bit of paradise.

Crock pot bbq chicken

i love my crock pot. it sure makes life easier for me since i started using it. i just wish i had started when i got it. it was a gift from my daughter and her hubby and i let it sit in my pantry for...

Chocolate peanut butter milkshake

an all time favorite pairing becomes a milkshake. you already know that both the kids and the grown up's are going to love this.

Danish coffee

a nice change from spanish coffee; although, if you prefer that, just replace the cherry liqueur with tia maria or kahlua. it's also nice with grand marnier instead of the cherry liqueur, but then you'd...

Dees plain old deviled eggs

james loves these. i just put a bunch of this and a little of that, and yes, i make more than 4, lol, but the recipe tells you about how much of each you put in.