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Top recipes for "French"

Supremes de volaille queen elizabeth stuffed chicken breasts

something a little different to do with chicken breasts, fancy enough for company, but not too time consuming for a weeknight. i would serve with wild rice and a nice veg, maybe asparagus.

Diet crepe

this is thicker than a regular crepe, but still an amazingly delicious substitute. suitable for low carb or just about any diet.

Crock pot meatball cassoulet

a delicious, filling meal from your crock pot!

Curried bchamel

this smooth, creamy sauce tastes great with my roasted chicken with curry leaves and spices!

Creme caramel

egg custards are quite simple to prepare, provided you follow the recipe directions! avoid using excessive heat which will ruin the texture, stir the mixture constantly when cooking over direct heat &...

Creole cabbage

i have not tried this one yet. i like stove top recipes and this one looks easy.

Easy crepes

quite an easy and fast recipe to make. kids can help, i tried it with my nephew, he was happy helping and eating.

Country bread pain de campagne

the addition of rye flour, which is common in many hearty french breads, gives the bread great color and texture, and a fine crust.

Stuffed baguette

elegant on an appetizer plate. with soup or salad, dainty enough for a luncheon with the girls. an outstanding sandwich with a special touch.

Coffee madeleines

you'll need a shell-shaped madeleine mold for these delicious sponge cookies. make the madeleines ahead of time, then store in an airtight container at room temperature up to 3 days or freeze up to 1...

Crepes suzette

this diabetic recipe is a tasty morning surprise. recipe can be doubled. 1/2 protein exchange 1/2 bread exchange 1 1/2 fat exchanges 1 fruit exchange and 1/4 milk exchange

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Crepes for two

i'm only cooking for two now and always on the look out for recipes that can be reduced to smaller portions, i.e., not easy to split one egg. i fill my crepes with marmalade, roll and sprinkle with powder...

Crustless asparagus mushroom quiche

this is a variation on a crustless quiche i found here at recipezaar. since my boyfriend is a picky eater i used asparagus instead of spinach and we were very pleased! feel free to add sausage, or pour...


these are the crepes my co-worker from france made us at work one day for a treat. they were delicious. she said that this recipe can be cut in half and can be used for sweet or savory crepes.

Decadent and delicious french grand marnier souffl

my favourite dessert souffle, this always brings out the oooohs and aaaahs from my guests when i serve it! please feel free to use an orange liqueur substitute if you cannot find or afford the real

Creme fraiche

so tasty topping desserts. so useful in cooking. this takes no time at all to mix up, but make it the night before you need to use it in a recipe (at least) as it does need 12-14 hours for the cream to...

Dinner party chicken

here's a really impressive dish with hardly no fuss. your guests will love it!

Dijon cream sauce

steak sauce

Couscous nicoise

dh and i made this easy recipe for lunch from the vegetarian times and thought it was good. dh suggested using water instead of veggie broth next time as he thought it might have detracted from the "brightness"...

Crab au gratin

lovely dish with the addition of carrot, celery and red bell peppers for color and taste. serve with crusty french bread or as suggested below in variation. make a delicious lunch or first course.

Citrus terrine

i love fruit recipes of all sorts....this is just another example of a great fruit recipe. i will admit this one takes a little time, and has to sit at least 6 hours to set, i prefer overnight, but it...

Decadent french toast souffle

taken from “foothill house bed and breakfast” in calistoga, ca there's another recipe here with the same name on here. this one is a bit of a variant in the fact that you need to store it overnight...

Duck l orange

if you wish to impress guests, try this recipe. it's a classic recipe and it is not difficult to make. the ingredients are freely available. just keep in mind that the average duck has little meat on its...

Dark chocolate pudding

this is a rich old fashioned treat! from the taste of home magazine. enjoy! an english recipe brought over to the soutnern usa.

Creamy spinach with smoked gouda gratin

to make sure this gratin is rich & luscious, be sure to squeeze all the excess liquid from the spinach before adding the bechamel sauce. bechamel is a classic french white sauce made by stirring milk into...

Creamsicle dessert mousse

i found this recipe in an old magazine clipping years ago. does not include 4 hr chill time.

Cod provencal

light, healthy and easy. the saute part can be done in advance. i add some anchovies with the onions and garlic and let them dissolve into the vegetable mix. i also use fresh oregano when possible.

Coq au vin

this recipe comes from food 911 on the food network. it is quite rich but the best one i have found. to cut back a little, i use skinless chicken pieces.

Pot roast provencal

pot roast, with a french twist.

Crepe batter

crepes have been a favorite in our family for years on sunday mornings. this recipe is the best we've found.

Almond cream with fruit

elegant, but so easy dessert.

Dijon potatoes

a great quick side dish - this takes almost no time to get set up.

Garlic chicken and shrimp

serve garlic chicken and shrimp over hot cooked seasoned noodles or rice. adapted from, altered a bit to our taste.

Creamy chicken and garlic picnic pasties parcels with boursin

delectable litle pasties or pastry parcels filled with tender chunks of chicken breast and french boursin cream cheese, delicious! these are so easy to make, as they use cooked chicken breast, making them...

Far breton

this dessert is a dense milk based flan flavored with rum and studded with prunes. far breton comes from brittany on the west coast of france. it should be served warm and dusted with confectioners'...

Almond raspberry jalousie

from woman's day, november 2003.

Croque monsieur puffs

my latest crush is this new incarnation of gourgeres, or cheese puffs. these were inspired by the classic french ham-and-cheese sandwich, croque monsieur. if you're serving only one thing with cocktails...

Easy coq au vin

this is a pared-down version of a french classic: chicken pieces are seasoned and browned, then braised in a red wine sauce.

French sodas blueberry strawberry or raspberry

an italian soda is a refreshing combination of flavored syrup and sparkling water mixed in a cup of ice. the addition of half-and-half turns an italian soda into a cremosa/creamosa or french soda. don't...

Crispy potatoes and leeks

these become tender and soft in the oven, and are finished off under the broiler to crip them up! adapted from cooking pleasures magazine. potatoes and leeks were used throughout europe and are considered...

Croissants and puff pastry

classic laminated dough for croissants, pastries and other flakey baked items. this recipe is my take on several recipes, but heavily influenced by peter reinhart's recipe in artisan bread every day....

Nut wine

from emmanuelle mercier's cookbook (strasbourg, france) - tradition says that the nuts should be collected around july 14th

Duck breast with leek and cranberry

french inspired seared duck breast with leeks, cranberries and a wonderful red wine sauce. fabulous served with wasabi mashed potatoes for a warm aromatic contrast. my version of a recipe from a duck supplier....

Chocolate raspberry clafouti

gourmet magazine march 2009.

French style peas

this side dish is very fresh tasting and super easy. we really love it.

Delicious lemon tart

i found this recipe in the frugal gourmet celebrates christmas. he calls it "nellie's lemon tart" and credits a friend of his from toulouse, france for gifting him this recipe as his favorite. it sounds...

Confit of duck breast and sausage cassoulet

this is a slow cooker recipe. the beans in it can cooked up to 2 days in advance. it may be cooked for 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours on low or 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 on high. it takes quite a bit of preparation, so it's...

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