Dubai style shawarma

shawarma is an arabic pita wrap overflowing with shaved chicken or lamb. a crunchy tabooleh or fattoush salad accompanied by either tahini or hummus completes this middle eastern street food.

Classic waffles

this is a no-fail recipe. fluffy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. you can also substitute regular milk for the buttermilk and they turn out just as good! i have a belgian waffle maker...

Red hot blue potato salad the original

i've searched for this recipe for several years, ever since i worked at the red hot & blue restaurant in savannah, ga. i finally managed to get ahold of the store manual's recipe, and this is scaled down...

Churros muffins

from 750 best muffin recipes. based on spain's deep-fried doughnuts, these muffins are outrageously good, without getting out the fryers! rolling the light muffins in butter and cinnamon sugar while they...

Dairy free asian inspired coleslaw

this is a fresh, crisp coleslaw that my sis and me came up with one night to go with our dinner. its referencing some asian flavours and we think its really yummy. i hope youll enjoy it, too!

Coffee and cream oatmeal cookies

classic soft and chewy oatmeal cookies with a hint of coffee and cream. the cream component is white chocolate chips. who knew?! from bake your day. the original recipe called for all white chocolate...

Donkey sauce

i have been curious about this sauce after hearing about it all over the net; people seem to love it. i believe the sauce to be guy fieri's invention but i'm afraid i altered quite a bit (you can find...

Crunchy brownie cookies

quick cookie recipe for when you need cookies asap! time listed includes chill time.

Chorizo and black bean soup with eggs

this recipe is from every day with rachael ray, which i modified to try to reduce the sodium. it's really quite tasty, and the egg is a nice touch - don't be afraid to try it!

Chocolate mint ice cream

no chips in this chocolate ice cream. made for my son's birthday. his favorite ice cream is chocolate ice cream with mint flavor. he doesn't enjoy the green with chocolate chips.

Durango potato casserole

for those who like it spicy, it’s easy to turn up the heat on these potatoes by adding more chili powder or jalapenos for extra kick. o.k. although this looks tasty, it also sounds like a lot of trouble!...

Creamy parmesan garlic polenta

the most flavorful polenta i've ever had! i like this with a veggie ragout on top.

Crispy fish sandwiches with wasabi and ginger

wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce give this otherwise typical fried fish sandwich a bright and spicy flavor.

Date loaf bars

i love dates, and so i love to try anything with them in it. these were gobbled up even by kids....not sure if they knew what dates were!

Collard gravy

the greens are up in the garden! i love collards and they go well with potatoes, so i modified a creamed collards recipe to simplify it. turned out deliciously.

Pumpkin spice latte cake

this festive fall cake is full of delicious pumpkin spice flavor. it's moist and delicious, yet sturdy enough to build up the layers extra high!

Cream kunafa

delicious cream filled middle eastern sweet. this kunafa receives tremendous compliments on its sweet & savory combination and is requested very often. you may use 2 1/2 - 3 "small" cans plain keshta for...

Creamy cilantro lime dressing

healthy version of cilantro lime dressing. found at

Classic deep dish chicken pot pie

forget mini pie pans and individual crusts. getting all the flavor and warmth of classic chicken pot pie is even simpler in an all-in-one casserole.

Chokecherry jelly

if you wish to make syrup, use twice as much juice to 1 package of pectin. processing time not included in preparation time.

Cinnamon saffron coffee

this is my current favorite coffee. i created it for my taste inspired by the amazing spices and flavors of north africa and the middle east. it's a bit indulgent and something that you can very easily...

Middle eastern semolina and saffron bread

saffron, turmeric and semolina flour give a lovely golden color to this crusty, dip-ready bread. prep time includes rising

Davies bourbon chili

this award winning chili is easy to make and contains a nuanced balance of bold flavors sure to electrify your taste buds and keep you craving more.

Cinnamon buttered dates al rangina from qatar

dates are one of the major foods grown in qatar. in this adaptation, the flavors combine into a simple and straightforward treat – something for everyday living. from: global table adventure

Creamed kale

i got this out of family circle magazine november 2013. can't wait to try it!

Cinnamon waffles

i grew up with homemade waffles fresh and hot from my gramma's waffle iron. my dh has been addicted to the frozen pre-made things that pass for waffles these days a little while back i made real,old fashioned,...

Classic manapua steamed buns hawaiian style

manapua or baozi or steamed bun - whatever name you chose to call them, delicious they are!! commercial versions have fillings like chicken mushroom, chicken curry, teriyaki chicken or beef, shoyu chicken,...

Donut muffins

little nutmeg-scented mini muffins are rolled in cinnamon sugar to make a treat that tastes like a donut and is fast to whip up. you can substitute butter for margarine.

Decadent french toast souffle

taken from “foothill house bed and breakfast” in calistoga, ca there's another recipe here with the same name on here. this one is a bit of a variant in the fact that you need to store it overnight...

Cowboy bread

after a long search for a cowboy bread recipe that tasted exactly like the one i used to eat in elementary school i found this one. it came from and i absolutely loved it!

Delicious vinaigrette

this recipe was was developed over many hundreds of trials and is delicious. perhaps the worst thing about this recipe is that the salt content is very high, but it is just too perfect to leave out.

Double chocolate dessert brownie

many of us are familiar with this dessert. it's my own version i came up with after trying multiple times, looking for the correct flavor. this delicious chocolate cake like brownie tops a molten sea of...

Culto a la vida cult of life a rum cocktail

dark rum is created by a longer aging process and different casks from that of light-coloured, drier white rums. look for words like "aged" or "anejo"" on the bottle. the spirit inside will have rich...

Chocolate peanut butter bacon pie

francine robert bryson's recipe with corrections.

Coconut oat bars

this is currently quite popular in my wee town and the recipe is being circulated. thought i'd share it here. one of the ladies brought it back from her vacation and now everyone seems to be making it....

Chocolate cornbread

i love cornbread and i love i combined the two and made this absolutely perfect chocolate dessert! i used my favorite cornbread recipe that i got from a foodie friend, and i tweaked it a...

Banana coffee cake

this banana coffee cake is what happens when you take the best elements of banana bread and combine them with the best elements of traditional coffee cake. it's moist and tender like a banana bread, but...

Easy cheesy herb omlette

this is a home favorite. made with simple everyday foods you can easily find in your kitchen. adding herbs to eggs is a great way to introduce a gourmet flavor to breakfasts of blah!

Ciabattini frittata shoemakers frittata

the daily workers of italy have long made food that sustains them through the hours . this delicious and hearty dish will fuel your morning's work well. that goes for a relaxed week end brunch too.

Cocoa krispies biscotti

this recipe came from a printed out coupon feeder at the grocery store and i just have to try it. the print out is so small i have to enter it before actually making this recipe. *updated 8/31/11 - loved...

Cocoa and yoghurt marble cake

this is a very easy to prepare cake, moist and tender, with yoghurt and cocoa to satisfy any sweet cravings.

Peanut chicken from togo

posting for zwt7. i have not been able to try this recipe as of may '11. it definitely sounds like something that is easy to put together and would have flavors that we enjoy. found on african cooking...

Confetti wraps

this is a quick and easy wrap to put together for a work lunch or picnic.

Colossal chocolate chip cookies

monster cookies! you may want to half these if you don't have a heavy duty mixer. cooking time depends on the size of your oven and the number of cookie sheets you have. cooking time is 8-10 minutes...

Cauliflower and fennel salad

i found this in diabetic living. if you need to save time, pick up some packaged coarsely shredded carrots in the supermarket's produce section.

Cider braised chicken

from a blog called the bite house. i need to remember to pick up a bottle of dry hard cider next time i'm out and about. the picture on the blog looks particularly appealing. i think this would be delicious...

Curried red kidney beans and cauliflower rajma masala

red kidney beans are very nutritious. they are, however, harder to digest than other beans, which is why they're traditionally cooked with seasonings that help break them down, such as ginger. use spices...


an "adjusted" recipe for muesli. original recipe from the big bean cookbook uses wheat flakes - i'm gluten intolerant so i substitute the wheat flakes with quinoa flakes. works great. this combination...

Crawfish or shrimp bisque

this classic cajun recipe makes a great first course or a full meal. it isn’t smooth like puree like it’s french counterpart. i use mudbugs (crawfish), shrimp or crab and sometimes all three!

Creeping crust cobbler

it's called creeping crust because the crust will rise to the top and creep over the fruit. my family loves cobblers and this recipes adapts to any fruit and is the best i've made or eatten. serve warm...