Frozen mediterranean delite

this is called delite because it uses fat-free yogurt--so you can indulge without guilt. the prep time includes two hours for draining the yogurt and two hours for freezing.

Cranberry ice

this is a great recipe to use up those cans of cranberry sauce around the holidays. very simple, two ingredients, and a festive red color. a great dessert to serve for your holiday parties.

Peppermint pie

this is a family favorite - even the skeptics are won over. it's easy to make, festive and yummy!

Creamy mocha frozen dessert

a wonderful creamy mocha frozen dessert for the summer or anytime. grated chocolate may be sprinkled on top along with the chopped pecans.

Crimson strawberry sundae topper

this is great as a topper to ice cream or even cheesecake.

Creamsicle cubes

these would go good blended in a smoothie, or they are good for sucking on when you feel the need to have something sweet without all the calories.

Fruit clouds

this is a no bake handy last minute fruit desert. very easy to prepare but makes a pretty presentation. serve it at your next baby shower, wedding shower, brunch or back yard bar-b-q.

Pineapple cloud pie

a co-worker brought this in for myself and my wife to try. i was apprehensive at first (i don't usually like pies) but was completely won over on my first bite! i came home from work and started searching...

Creamy peach freeze

i think this recipe was from mr food on tv. it's a delicious treat that you will long for in the summer! for best results, chill for at least an hour before serving! (cook time = chill time)

Frozen raspberry dessert

i got this recipe from my mil. it is a nice dessert for a bridal or baby shower. freezing times vary, so plan ahead of time.

Cranberry shiver

refreshingly sweet and tart! you can make this ahead and freeze until serving. adapted from taste of home magazine.

Classic lemonade ice pops

in ‘200 best ice pop recipes’

Chocolate ice

by the sum of its ingredients, you'd think that this would merely be frozen chocolate water... but the high quality chocolate yields an intensely flavoured, frozen mouthful of pure bliss. best eaten in...

Chocolate oranges

serve oranges with whipped cream and mint leaves.

Chocolate banana ice cream

my vegan friends shared the idea of making ice cream out of bananas with me, then my family added our beloved chocolate.

Coconut sorbet

really easy -- almost idiot proof! i was always looking for a non-dairy recipe, but could never find one. i finally just came up with this on my own, and it tastes great!

Crazy spumoni

a twist on traditional spumoni created by "the cooks must be crazy" for zaar world tour 4.

Frozen fudge fun day sundae

this recipe comes from a 1984 pillsbury cookbook. it's a favorite summer dessert for our family. i usually use chocolate chip mint ice cream. rich and delicious, also, cool and refreshing. what more could...

Coconut ice cream with tropical fruits

a recipe from the cookbook delicious ice cream. posted for zwt. you can do this ice cream even if you don't have an ice cream machine. instruction for ice cream machine is there and also for if you...

Peach melba ice cream

nectar of the gods! i made this for an upcoming ice cream competition and it's going to clean house! truly decadent, raspberries, peaches and cream--be still my heart. if you want to be truly wicked add...

Coffee ice cream

adapted from "best of the best of georgia." i have not tried this yet. makes about 3 quarts ice cream batter, which will freeze up as more. if you have a small machine, only pour in as much batter as your...

Coconut cream frozen dessert

this recipe is a perfect dessert for hot summer days.

Dame blanche

super-easy dessert recipe. served in every belgian restaurant!

Delicious chocolate smoothie

this recipe always cramps my sweet tooth and quenches my chocolate cravings. it is vegan and tastes like ice cream, although the texture is not the same. depending on the size of the banana will depend...

Mud pie

this is easy and delicious. it came from a cook book in honor of a young girl, barbara johnson, whose life was tragically cut short in an auto accident before she turned 20 years old. she had a beautiful...

Drumstick treat dessert

a favorite icecream treat that we buy at the store and now we can make right here at is good--

Chocolate banana ice cream

if you're looking for a healthy treat to feed a craving for chocolate ice cream, this might be the recipe for you. how can you go wrong with just three ingredients? this version is made from pureed frozen...

Chocolate sorbet

deep, dark chocolate sorbet...delicious!

Chocolate gelato without ice cream maker

easy and yummy home made gelato without an ice cream maker

Cool lime pie

tart, creamy and refreshing for the hot summer days.

Coffee and donut milkshakes

this recipe was inspired by a local cupcake store that blends any of their gourmet cupcake flavors with ice cream. i thought that sounded interesting, so i made this version for zwt 9 coffee plantation...

Cranberry chunk salad

ginny's recipe

Snow cream in a blender

ever had real snow cream after fresh snowstorm? this is very popular in the southern united states. similar to vanilla ice cream but in a drink (milkshake-like) consistency. (this recipe was developed...

Chocolate gelato

i am posting this recipe in response to a request for recipes using an ice cream maker. except for the whipping cream i find that i usually have all the ingredients on hand. this is very easy to make but...

Dairy free peach ice cream

this "ice cream" replacer is much healthier for you than regular ice cream. no saturated fat or cholesterol, and low in calories. i found this recipe in vegetarian times. time doesn't include the 4...

Cafe liegeois

a classic french ice cream dessert. sophisticated and simple.

Cocoa mocha pie

this is a great combination of flavors using milkway candybars and of!!

Chocolate cream pie dairy free

i was reallly suprised to see that there was no other recipe like this here as this is so delicious and a great way to end a meal

Creamy cantaloupe pops

yummy! sounds like a good recipe for kids in the summer

Lemon sorbet

this will kick you taste buds in the butt! very tangy and yum. i use a melon baller to scoop it out of the container and put it in very small bowls as you don't need much. if you have a thing for sour...

Cinnamon fried ice cream

no need to go to the mexican restaurant for fried ice cream any more ! try this at home. delicious

Baked alaska ettes

a sweet little morsel from the mississippi valley chapter of the united states regional cookbook, culinary arts institute of chicago, 1947.

Low fat berry blue frozen dessert

this is yummy and low-fat, it always turns out perfect.

Cappuccino rum shakes

found at

Chocolate cinnamon parfait

a wonderful frozen, make-ahead dessert for chocolate lovers! this recipe was developed by ms. henna ström; it won 1st prize in a chocolate recipe competition organised by kodin kuvalehti magazine! cooking...

Decadent low carb reduced fat vanilla ice cream

another great, low-carb, reduced-fat dessert recipe! awesome at the beginning of summer, when you're still trying to lose that holiday weight, but you really want to indulge yourself with a rich and satisfying...