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Top recipes for "German"

Chocolate sticks

another recipe from oetker baking is fun i love this book and i have to finish recording the recipes before returning the book its owner.

Christmas butter

serve it with yeast cake, it is so fine!

Cabbage and potatoes

i found a similar recipe on the web and wanted to reduce the fat content without losing the flavor. this was the end result. the bacon and bacon fat are minimal but a must for the proper flavor.

Creamy potato soup with onion

this vegan potato soup is plain, but plain yummy, too. :)

Dutch apple pancakes

these are not your normal pancakes. let them puff up as big as you want it just adds to the flavor and fun for young kids. this was a family favorite found in a vegetarian cookbook my mother had but...

Creamy potato sticks

hearty potato side dish that goes well with any meat. very popular here!

Coconut kiss

delicious like pina colada but without alcohol. relax and enjoy!

Easy applesauce cooked in rice steamer

this is an incredibly quick and tasty applesauce recipe. the unusual cooking method is both easier and yummier. unlike stovetop applesauce recipes, this requires no added water so it's richer, and it...

City chicken or pork

a modified recipe from grandma. she liked making kabobs from her meat and cooking it covered on the stovetop, but it tends to come out juicier and more flavorful with my modifications. the original recipe...

Crunchy parsley pesto

that's the way my mom does it. yummy!

Coffee cake dough

(toppings to follow.) this recipe is from mrs. s. hiller, from the cookbook "heritage of cooking" a collection of recipes from east perry county, missouri. to find out more about this cookbook read the...

Oktoberfest pork roast

this sounds yummy!

Kraut kuchen

my husband being volga deutsch, always talked about some of what he called depression meals while living home as a boy. being from northern germany, i had never heard of kraut kuchen so this recipe came...

Crockpot rouladen

adapted from a recipe at

Caraway rye

a simple,down to earth recipe that i love. i live in an area that loves their rye bread, and everyone enjoys this version!

Country ribs and sauerkraut

my family loves sauerkraut this way. my aunt florence made her own sauerkraut in a large old crock in her pantry at the farmhouse. this is a down-home (stick to your ribs)dinner.

Crispy creamy cabbage salad with bacon german style

this is a creamy crunchy cabbage salad my family in germany makes. i used half and half in this recipe but it also tastes very yummy with cream. i have also made the salad with evaporated milk before....

Choucroute garni

this is a dish my mom would make on an occasional sunday. we lived near an alpine market so the variety of sausages changed often.

Quark keilchen german fried cheese cakes

my grandmother use to make something like this.


spaetzle are like noodles but better! they are served with many hungarian meals and also bavarian/german meals. they are used as the starch part of the meal in place of potatoes, rice or pasta once cooked...

Sauerkraut as a side dish cabbage

posted for zwt6 germany leg of tour.

Apple cranberry strudel german

i made these strudels for my family's annual oktoberfest 2008, and everyone agreed they are sinfully delicious. i say this because a great deal of butter is used in this recipe. the strudels have a crispy,...

Steaks esterhazy

after doing some research, it appears that this one is a german recipe although i haven't been able to determine it's origin. a recipe adoption. note: this is a classic hungarian recipe, not german....

Baked chicken german style

a quick and easy way to prepare a nice chicken casserole. not quite sure why it's called german style since the cheese used is italian, but that's the name it had when i found it for a request on the recipe...

Dumplings for soup

very easy to make. adds a very tasty and filling component to any soup. extra soup keeps well.

German chocolate cake squares

i made this cake for my husband last night, who absolutely loves german chocolate cake. he said this is the best cake he has ever tasted! this recipe came from the november, 1997 issue of bon appetit.

Choucroute garnie

this is a wonderful full flavoured main dish that makes a great winter meal. it's hearty and tasty,,worth making.

Quark spaetzle

this came from another website and i adapted it for my tastes. it is a great dish to serve along side bratwurst and cabbage salad or any number of other things :) the farmer's cheese i used is a mild semi-firm...

Pommes duchesse

so simple and so good. if you like mashed potatoes, you'll like this. a good side dish for so many dishes.

Cherry kuchen pronounced ku kah by my family

old family recipe for a coffee cake with fruit topping from a region in russia where a community of germans lived. this is my father's version of the recipe which is almost sugar-free. very good served...

German split pea soup

adapted from german home cooking by dr. august oetke

Apple kuchen coffee cake

a favorite apple coffe cake from using original bisquick mix. this recipe is also included in the zaar world tour 2005, germany.

Potato pancakes w katenspeck and cheese german

few things are more-identified w/traditional german cuisine than potato pancakes. this recipe from *modern german food* by roz denny takes your garden-variety potato pancake & expands it to include the...

German chocolate cheese pie

this is for the german portion of the world tour. this is from world famous german recipes. looks yummy!

Yoghurt mousse with strawberry sauce

refreshingly light in taste, not too much calories. my version of a recipe from a german cooking magazine. :)

Beer bathed brats with sauerkraut and apples

this brat recipes screams oktoberfest to me. it is best done on the grill as the sauerkraut needs to cook indirectly, but i have done it on the campfire, by arranging the coals. serve with a good german...


a traditional german breakfast - this has been eaten for breakfast in my family for at least 200 years.

Plumi moos

a german/mennonite delight. my father in law's favorite. great for kids or with ice cream. jars well. you can use to medium sized bags of mixed dry fruit instead of measuring.

Grilled marinated goose breast

this recipe was given to me by a german gentleman. a really good way to prepare goose breasts that gives a texture and flavor similar to a fine steak. especially when barbecued over a medium or medium...

Cabbage with juniper berries and cream

who knew juniper berries are outstanding with cabbage? the cream mixes with the juices, turning into a thin sauce. serve with noodles, rice, kasha, etc. enjoy! did you know juniper berries have been found...

Dampfnudln steamed sweet dumplings

this traditional recipe is normally served with kirschsosse or vanillesosse. this is from my grandmother's recipe box.

Dutch baby giant baked pancake

these look and taste absolutely heavenly! it's great if you have guests or larger gatherings for breakfast or brunch as each pancake has 4-6 servings and, since it is baked, requires less work than regular...

Pasta alla saxonia

my fiancée is from eastern germany. his mother made this recipe, when she had time to cook.

Eggplant aubergine and portabella schnitzel

this is a twist on the classic. lemon and capers make all the difference!


a german sandwich that is quite good. let marinate as long as you can.

German crullers with lemon frosting

"eberswalder spritzkuchen" from - during the iron curtain years, when germany was divided into two states, these crullers were made by many bakeries in what was then west germany. most...

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