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Top recipes for "Granola-and-porridge"

Decadent fat free chocolate treat

this recipe is perfect for those watching their middles! one of my favourite breakfast or snack recipes for those cold winter, or cooler fall mornings. it is superb as a fat-free dessert option too! this...

Crock pot steel cut oats

i ran across this on the internet and it looked intriguing to me. i haven't tried it yet so i can't vouch for how it will turn out.

Clares blueberry corn mush breakfast

a little something i came up with when i wanted a change from my daily oat bran. tastes like a blueberry corn muffin!

Creamy sweet breakfast grits

i am a grits lover and this is so good for breakfast. gives me lots of energy.

Cold cereal

i am sharing this classic recipe for those who have got caught up in the "hot breakfast" fad or those who need a change from the fast food drive through lines. this recipe is so easy, even a 6 year old...


an "adjusted" recipe for muesli. original recipe from the big bean cookbook uses wheat flakes - i'm gluten intolerant so i substitute the wheat flakes with quinoa flakes. works great. this combination...

Creamy oatmeal with banana and raisins

a simple and healthy breakfast naturally sweetened with fruit.

Cranberry muesli

from eatingwell magazine (2007), there may be as many versions of muesli as there are breakfast cereals, but this one's modeled after the original swiss wake-you-up -- a combination of overnight-soaked...

Crazy good cranberry baked oatmeal

ok, for all of those out there who are crazy about cranberries this recipe is crazy good and best of all, it is really good for you! this is the most delicious baked oatmeal you'll ever have. the berries...

Oatmeal base and variations healthy low fat oatmeal guide

in this recipe is the perfect and easiest microwave oatmeal base along with 21 variations you can choose from. its the perfect breakfast guide! you get variation without spending hours searching up differant...

Danish christmas rice porridge

this is a real danish tradition for christmas eve and is served as a first course. when the porridge is almost cooked you make a ceremony, with everyone watching, of dropping one blanched almond in the...

Creamy oatmeal

a decadent twist to oatmeal.

Creamy quinoa with blueberries vegan

from other fresh, frozen or dried fruit can replace the blueberries (raspberries, strawberries, dates, etc.) don't have pecans on hand? substitute almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts for...

Costco clone granola

i tried costco's granola the other day, and is it ever good! now, i'm not saying this recipe is an exact clone of costco's, but it's the best i found. add or subtract ingredients according to your taste...

East indian farina hot cereal payasam

adapted from laurel's kitchen vegetarian cookbook-the first vegetarian cookbook i ever bought. the original recipes uses brown rice cereal, which is equally good! i've made this many, many times for breakfast....

Crunchy granola muesli

i adapted this easy-to-make granola from the first harrowsmith cookbook (i made a big reduction in butter and it still works). because we have a houseful of people, i usually double the amounts shown here....

Coconut pecan granola

hearty whole grain granola! you'll never buy store bought granola again!

Christmas porridge

oatmeal gets festive! add butter and/or sugar to your taste. add either chocolate chips or a gingersnap--each lend a yummy flavor.

Dump granola

i am a hopeless

Crockpot granola

simple, easy, healthy, delicious granola with minimal effort.

Cornmeal mush

this makes a nice warm breakfast. kids love it, give it a try.

Creamy apple raisin oatmeal

from betty crocker. my kids love oatmeal, and this is a good, and healthier substitute to those sweetened packets.

Crock pot oatmeal splenda

haven't made this yet. from a potful of recipes by joanna lund.

Chocolate crunch cooking light

this granola is satisfying on it's own or sprinkled over yogurt, fresh fruit, or ice cream. store in an airtight container for up to one week, or freeze for up to one month.

Crunchy spice granola

the best source that i know of for most of the ingredients in this recipe is whole foods market, but you should be able to find them in other health food stores or better supermarkets. you can be fairly...

Orange date banana oatmeal

zesty! this is from although very tart, this has a sweet depth to it with a nutty overtone. i use more nutmeg, and find the salt, although optional, should be used. i will try subbing...

Crunchy granola

this granola makes a great, filling snack. good dry or with milk. it is very addictive, but it's good for you, so enjoy!

Detox granola

this version, slightly adapted from the 'detox recipe' book is a healthy, delicious option to consider for breakfast. even my kids would forego a macdonalds to have this sprinkled on some greek yoghurt...

Orange rice spice breakfast

an interesting and flavorful change from oatmeal. this is sort of like a healthy breakfast version of rice pudding. this can be made much easier and faster by using 2 cups cooked brown rice. you could...

Raw oatmeal

this is just the way i eat my oatmeal, it's hardly a recipe. rolled oats are already steamed before packaging, in essence they're already cooked somewhat. i love the texture, and figure the less you break...

Orange grits

i thought this was something different for breakfast. recipe source: local newspaper

Classic cottage breakfast

this is a healthy snack, or breafast meal. very easy to make and good to enjoy. i feel it's especially pleasing during hot summer days when you don't want to make breakfast on the stove.

Chocolate monkey oatmeal for one gluten free

a delightfully healthy breakfast in under 5 minutes that is low fat and has over 7 grams of fiber! rolled oats, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and banana, create this tasty treat that seems oh so sinful,...

Cinnamon sugar oatmeal

this is my favorite breakfast

Irish oven apple oats

this is a yummy, great start to your day!


kachamak is a great traditional bulgarian dish that makes the perfect breakfast. it is quick and easy way to give your body the energy it needs.

Amish baked oatmeal

this recipe came from an old amish cookbook of mine. it tastes like an oatmeal cookie. it stores well in the refrigerator and can be reheated in the microwave and served with milk. this has to sit overnight,...

Berry nice muesli gluten free

copycat version of wildtime foods' muesli. all ingredient amounts are estimated and you are welcomed and encouraged to play around with the proportions. note: the eden company manufactures brown rice flakes...

Rice atole mexican rice pudding arroz con leche

my mom adapted this from several recipes she found, in an attempt to copy the arroz con leche that we had while i was studying in merida, in mexico's yucatan peninsula. the bakery sold it in little plastic...

Semolina kasha

like most russian children (and kids world-wide), breakfast-type kasha is hated with a passion. for mothers, though, kasha is the food of the gods, it is a wonderful, healthy breakfast. serve this kasha...

Cream of oatmeal

i often make this for my husband, who loves his hot cereal in the morning! one morning i was out of cream of wheat cereal, so came up with this! i hope you enjoy it! this is also good added to cream of...

Delicious dessert grits

this is the way i grew up eating grits in the northwest and we often ate them for breakfast! it's simple and very tasty!

Guiltless granola

i got this recipe from a weight watchers forum before going gluten free and absolutely loved it. i would never have thought to make my own granola except for the fact that i was making muffins one day...

Chocolate fudge power oatmeal

easy fudgie oatmeal that's good for you too! i eat this amount for breakfast - if i'm doing it for lunch i'll double it.

Big cookies

another favorite from "towns, trails and special times.....the marlboro country cookbook". these are not your everyday cookies.....peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate, dates, nuts..........they are more...

Breakfast polenta with dried cranberries and almonds

cornmeal makes a nice hot breakfast when cooked in milk and flavored with dried cranberries and almonds. i let everyone drizzle there own honey as we all like different amounts of sweetness. do need to...

Dehydrator granny smith granola

this recipe is from the nesco dehydrator website.

Cinnamon apple granola

i created this recipe this morning and wow is it good! i'm munching some right now as i type this. ^-^ all of the measurement's are estimations, as i rarely use measuring cups in the kitchen.

Breakfast cookies

omega-3 packed, no sugar cookies, good for you and delicious too.

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