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Top recipes for "Greens"

Brain shake

found this at i must say this is not at all tasty! but it`s so good for you. try it with vanilla flavored soy powder. you do get a hint of nuttyness from the flax...

Arugula rocket beet and goat cheese salad

beets and goat cheese are a wonderful combination that is only enhanced by the walnuts. adapted from

Cran appledorf

a wonderful and easy side dish to serve with poultry. comes together in minutes and has a very attractive presentation.

Cheese tortellini with cherry tomatoes

this simple and delicious pasta dish is adapted from vegetarian times magazine. one thing i didn't change was the onion powder - i rarely cook with it, and i didn't substitute it here only because i was...



Danish christmas red cabbage

in denmark it is traditional to serve a cooked pickled red cabbage for the christmas eve dinner. this is my grandmother's, and it is so easy to make and will be a great side dish to any roast duck, turkey...

Dairy free asian inspired coleslaw

this is a fresh, crisp coleslaw that my sis and me came up with one night to go with our dinner. its referencing some asian flavours and we think its really yummy. i hope youll enjoy it, too!

Collard gravy

the greens are up in the garden! i love collards and they go well with potatoes, so i modified a creamed collards recipe to simplify it. turned out deliciously.

Colorful sauteed vegetables

this has a very pretty presentation and is a good way to get in a bunch of veggies! you're welcome to use whatever greens you would like, including cabbage. this can be vegan if using only olive oil...

Double t blt

another recipe i've discovered in my quest to find reasons to use oven-dried tomatoes. this was developed in the chicago tribune test kitchen.

Creamed kale

i got this out of family circle magazine november 2013. can't wait to try it!

Crispy spinach

something yummy and different. the trick is to have the oil really hot before putting the spinach in and the spinach will not absorb a lot of oil. it is a good starter as it is light. the oil should be...

Creole collard greens

a simple collard green recipe represents cajun cooking. found in a regional cookbook.


i work in food service and one of our cooks made this one night. i loved it and asked for the recipe. it's exceptional.

Orange lacquered duck

i got this recipe from the chef, a local resteranteur.

Crispy kale

womans day november 2009 *yet to try*

Crunchy bok choy slaw

i found this recipe on while searching for recipes using bok choy as an ingredient. i haven't made this yet, but it sounds delish and easy to prepare. if you try it before i do, please share...

Coconut spinach

hope you like this! it's different with a capital d!

Curried spinach soup palak shorva

rich, smooth and thick, perfect for when the weather starts to turn frosty. make enough to have leftovers the next day -- it is even better when the flavors have time to meld together. from "fields of...

Diced potatoes with spinach

a simple, spicy (but not too much) side dish, adapted from madhur jaffrey's world of the east vegetarian cooking. i didn't have quite enough spinach on hand when i made this, so i added about half a can...

Curried egg salad with caramelized onions

this dish was part of a menu that monica bhide had where she had eighteen guests, eight different diets,- and one cook to try and please them all. monica's newest cookbook is modern spice: inspired indian...

Fourth of july salad

i received this recipe after having it at a 4th of july party. hence the name for this different 7 layer salad. this is a great tasting and looking salad. when i make this salad for just us, i keep...

Dill pickle salad

very unique flavour mix. great with spicy dishes and ribs.

Crock pot short ribs and cabbage stew

a beefy, sweet, spicy un-thickened stew topped with short ribs. try mashing up your potatoes in the sauce with a fork - a left over penchant from my childhood.

Clubhouse pepper jelly chicken salad

this pepper jelly chicken salad is a tpc louisiana clubhouse favorite.

Dolly parton coleslaw

my grandma never cooked from recipes or even owned a cookbook. this is the one and only written recipe that anyone ever knew her to use, and it is delicious. southern ladies know their coleslaw.

Dan dan noodles with pickled mustard greens

these aromatic dan dan noodles in a spicy soy-based sauce are wildly popular at south beauty. a small bowl of them will customarily arrive at the end of a meal—especially in the summer when, paradoxically,...


lambsquarters are generally considered a weed. you have probably yanked them out of your own flowerbed and never knew that they were good to eat. they taste like swiss chard. be sure not to over cook them....

Crisp side salad

found this recipe in quick cooking. recipes states: "the light dressing craig miller serves over his crunchy combination of colorful salad fixings contains just a hint of sweetness. i like to make the...

Collard greens

i have been experimenting with collard greens for several years and found that this is the best way to make them. i hope you enjoy them as much as we do. they are a little time consuming but well worth...

Collard wraps with herbed cashew spread roast peppers

depending on the size of your collard green, these make cute appetizers with a lovely mediterranean vibe. although fully vegan, they do not taste "healthy" as they are full of flavor. even my vegetable...

Dandelion casserole

it seems like a lot of greens but they cook down to almost nothing.and if you want you can replace the dandelion with spinach. i use hot sausage which gives this a real kick, but if you rather go for mild...

Deli style cole slaw

a variation of a bbq mainstay. a basic creamy cole slaw with the addition of dill pickles, a touch of mustard, and caraway seeds. adapted from cook's country.

Easy cajun chicken caesar salad

i got this recipe from the safeway website, which was posted by melissa bellemare. it's really delicious and the cajun-spiced chicken adds quite a nice flavor kick to a plain caesar salad.

Creamy colcannon

a traditional scottish dish made with mashed potatoes and cabbage. i've seen other recipes for this which call for parsnips and carrots. this particular one does not. great comfort food.

Creamy pepper tomato spinach with peanut butter

pepper, tomato and spinach flavored with peanuts! this is an african dish!

Classic layered salad

arrange this stunning retro salad in a clear bowl to showcase its colorful layers. i have a clear glass covered cake plate which makes into a punch bowl...perfect for presenting this salad.

Creamy spinach

this is a tasty and quick way to make creamed spinach. you can use fresh spinach too.

Napa salad chinese cabbage no ramen noodles

napa was on sale this week so i ended up with more than i could readily include in a stir-fry. i decided to search here to see if it could be used in a cole-slaw or salad but all i came with was a dozen...

Crock pot greens and chicken

a simple light meal in the slow cooker that is bold in taste. mustard greens, especially, have a bold, peppery flavor. i like to use the pre-washed, packaged greens that have the long, thick stems removed...

Dixie ham stew

a down-home delicious stew that my family loves.

Bon appetit salad

my name is king chief 9. i have created a salad that is not only healthy but good for your body's metabolism. eating salads like this speeds up the metabolism. with this salad you get protein and a meal...

Corned beef brisket w veggies horseradish pressure cooker

my favorite corned beef with cabbage recipe, prepared in an 6-quart or 8-quart pressure cooker. i applaud toula patsalis, "the pressure cooker cookbook", for this gem, to which i have added the pickling...

Eastern nc collard greens

once the first frost kisses the collards, they are ready for picking. we get entire plants, cut at the base like cabbages from certain roadside stands & use 'em all! big flat heavy leaves are every bit...

Day 1 crock pot collard greens

this is for a diversified rotary diet.

Collard greens with black beans

this is a simple nutritarian style meal that uses commercial pasta sauce and canned beans. you can reduce prep time by using frozen collards, onions and mushrooms. the dish doesn’t take the whole jar...

Cider glazed chicken and cabbage

you can find a video on how to make this at from the irish pub cookbook by margaret m. johnson

Dole tropicasian salad

from dole... posted for safekeeping so i can throw the box away! looks good, i just don't usually have bean sprouts on hand.

Delicious easy spinach and strawberry salad with feta

this is a simple salad to put together but big on flavor! --- you can also make this using salad greens mixed with fresh spinach, i just purchase a smaller bag of prewashed spinach for this, prep time...

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