Corn muffins with sweet red peppers

compliments any bbq, great taste!! from canadian living mag.

Rotisserie eye round of beef

summer is grilling time and i love an outdoor grill with a rotisserie. here is what i did with a small roast and i wanted to share with you.

Extreme melt in your mouth steaks

not only are these these most delicious steaks they are so tender you can slice them with a butter knife! --- of coarse you may use any cut of steak desired, i prefer rib-eyes --- plan ahead the steaks...

Texas beef fajitas

daddy's fajitas. great for a spontaneous fiesta or even a quick weeknight meal. these fajitas can go from the fridge to the table in 20 minutes. or even packed in a cooler for camping!

Churrasco strip steak with chimichurri sauce

this citrus and pesto like recipe is from one of our favorite local restaurant's "dinosaur bbq". it is using their bottled marinade. for those who have received a package from me, i have included this...

Costa rican marinade

this marinade can be used with beef, chicken, or pork. posted for zwt 4 - south/central america and found on recipe goldmine's website.

Delicious easy steak

i love to grill...and everyone loves my steak. it is so simple, and delicious. it never fails when we have company over that someone asks me what i put on my steak.

Bbq d gin gar chicken

this recipe was a runner up in the 1979 gilroy garlic festival cookout submitted by helen headlee. it is wonderful

Cowboy coffee rub for grilled steaks

from "the healthy beef cookbook," found in june, 2006, country home magazine. sounded too interesting to not post or try!

Grilled new potato packet

another good and easy recipe from jazz it up by adding chopped garlic cloves and fresh cracked black pepper to packet with the water and oil. or substitute dressing with your favorite...

Crab burgers

this recipe by rob rainford is super easy - it is made with canned crab meat and uses products found in most pantries. please note that the refrigeration time is included in the cooking time.

Door county style fish boil

although an authentic fish boil is served with melted butter, the simple dill sauce in this recipe is a little healthier. serve with coleslaw and dinner rolls. some fish boils also serve corn on the cob...

Easy cheesy pizzas on the grill

from an old pillsbury cookbook. i suppose you could use your own pizza crust recipe as well. toppings can obviously vary according to taste.

Citrus marinated pork chops oamc

adapted from "prevention's freezer cookbook" by s. sanders. can be made without freezing first, just be sure to marinate chops at least 6 hours before cooking for best flavour.

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Crazy patties

a delicious and slightly zany take on your usual meat patties... really great for burgers.

Diana burger

the most tender, juciest, delicious burger you'll ever eat with an explosion of cheese inside.

Easy bake salmon

very good, quick and easy; perfect.

Super bowl burgers

posted in response to a request.

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Dilly dijon potatoes

this recipe is one i adapted from a kingsford grilling book. you can cut back on the dill or dijon if you like. it is a simple recipe with lots of flavour. prep time includes marinating time

Tiger waffles

resembles belgian waffles but easier, and moister than a pancake. i did not want to buy and store a separate waffle maker, so i use a george foreman meat grill. it is also easier than making with a waffle...

Citrus sage chicken

a family favorite. i always use chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken, 4-6 of them is about right. the recipe calls for 2 oranges, but i usually only need one.

Cowboy burgers

this recipe is from kraft.

Grilled veggie pizza

a fresh alternative to the "usual" grill items. the grill adds a smoky-like flavor that adds to the overall taste of the pizza. could easily be made with meat--just add cooked meat such as sausage or hamburger...

Cola burgers

different but has fabulous flavor.

Easiest peanut dressing for fruit in the whole world 2 ingredie

honestly, i don't even know if this qualifies as a recipe, but i tried this today and just had to share it with zaar. using peanut butter "altered" this way makes a little bit go a long way, without compromising...

Easy chicken tandoori

nicer then the paste from a jar! can also be completely baked on the barbecue, but be careful with the heat! the marinade can also be used for fish, large prawns or lobster, but leave out the chilli powder...


this is an indonesian dish that i actually had in the caribbean. it's marinated meat on skewers and is delicious cooked on the grill! i always serve it with peanut sauce and's a family favorite!...

Coca cola ribs

this is a peppery southwestern-inspired spice rub and with a sweet and tangy glaze. recipe is from woman's world.

Grilled prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe

this brings the typical prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe to the next level!!! crisping the prosciutto and juicy tender warm cantaloupe. almost as easy as none cooked version. this is wonderful along or add...

Grilled cumin marinated swordfish

an excellent grilled fish recipe that i serve with other grilled vegetables and lemon rice pilaf. yum! marinate time is 30 minutes.

Cran rosemary grilled chicken thighs

i had a bottle of mike's hard cranberry lemonade that got opened but didn't get drunk so i got creative with this marinade. the tang of the cranberry complemented the rosemary beautifully and the sugar...

Lamb chops with a curry cream sauce or rack of lamb

the cream sauce can be serve with a raw or grilled vegetable platter. great on a salad. the picture is a baby rack of lamb with these ingredients.

Spicy chicken sausage kabobs

i made this combination up tonight for dinner and it worked out very well for us. a little spice with a little sweet. feel free to use any veggies you would like. this is what i had on hand.


a turkish variation on a much-loved middle eastern dish said to have been invented by the ladies of the sultan's harem - to win his favours!from one of my favourite cookbooks the complete meze table.

Cinderella beef short ribs

oh my goodness, these are awesome! from the cookbook, smoke and spice.

Smoked cabbage

this sounded delicious and wouldn't take up much room when smoking meat. recipe source: saveur (april 2004).

Bbq cantonese pork tenderloin

this dish can be your main meat serving or as part of a buffet.

Cowboy kabobs

great as an appetizer for a barbecue. prep time includes chill time and time for soaking skewers.

Cochinita pibil

this is a mayan recipe for an incredibly delicious "pulled pork" for tacos. we make this at the restaurant i work at, ciudad d.f. in dallas, but i actually like this recipe better. it comes from 'tacos'...

Barbecued baby back ribs

from paul kirk, the baron of barbecue, kansas city, missouri. on the menu for labor day.

Thai chicken grilled

the delicious red curry sauce makes this grilled chicken out of this world.

Creole wedding chicken

i have no clue as to why this is

Chicken teriyaki skewers

great served with rice as a main course or use as appys with dipping sauce. soak the skewers while the chicken is marinading to save time. these go very quickly on an indoor grill but are equally as...

The one and only barbecued brisket

anyone can master a "real" barbecued brisket. i think that beef brisket was the reason the barbecue process was invented. we have some great bbq joints in texas and i think this recipe is as good as any...

Bbq pork steaks

best ever pork steaks...cook these just they're ribs.

Easy chutney chicken kebabs

i have not tried this, but it was in today's newspaper and i wanted to share. with bbq season practically here, i thought this was a great recipe to have on hand. prep time includes overnight marinating,...