Italian lasagna

i developed this recipe after spending some time in sorrento. there are hundreds of recipes for lasagna but this one to me and my friends is as close to authentic as i can get and still satisfy the american...

Cola burgers

different but has fabulous flavor.

Cowboy spaghetti with cheese sauce rachael ray

i saw rachael ray make this on her show and i thought it looked delicious. i made it tonight and it was outstanding. the jalapenos definitely add a lot of spice to the cheese sauce, so if you have little...

Chunky cheese dip

this recipe came from a neighbor who would always bring it to 4th of july cookouts. i have never met anyone who does not like it.

Creamy spaghetti

i found this on a package of philadelphia light cream cheese and it sounds good. it uses jarred sauce and cream cheese, i can't wait to try it.

Crock pot lasagna

real lasagna after a hard day's work! serve with garlic bread and a salad.

Comfort meatballs the pioneer woman

make a double batch and keep some in the freezer for busy cold nights. make extra sauce for dipping! from ree drummond's episode potluck sunday, this has many excellent reviews!

Ez cheesy taco mac

short on time and ingredients, i whipped this together with what i had on hand. it beats hamburger helper hands down, even my picky teen had seconds! didn't think to take a picture until the pan was...

Noodleless lasagna

from 500 low-carb recipes by dana carpender.

Creamy beef and macaroni

this is easy and quick. i don't remember where i got it from, but i've had it for years!

Dirty brown rice with shrimp

another winner from the skinnytaste website. here's a tasty and healthier twist on a cajun classic, the addition of shrimp turns this into a fabulous main dish. i'd like to think of this as a cajun shrimp...

Cranberry glazed meatballs

johnston's cranberry marsh

Yes virginia there is a great meatloaf

absolutely delicious meatloaf and sauce! those who claim they don't believe there can be such a thing as a great meatloaf will love this. based on a meatloaf given to me by a dear friend, virginia strehl,...

Easiest no boil lasagna

this is the way my family has been making and eating lasagna for over 20 years.

Corn tortillas enchiladas

this was a yummy alternative to enchiladas when i didn't have any flour tortillas. you can use what ever kind of salsa you have and degree of spiciness. i used a mild garlic and lime salsa and it was...

Creamy mushroom beef soup

here is another soup to enjoy on those long cold winter nights.

Deep dish taco pizza

taco night...anyone???

Ground beef curry kima curry

this recipe is from one of my new favorite cookbooks, extending the table. the notes on this recipe say that this swahili dish is served by a restaurant in the heart of nairobi. i have only modified...

Cheesy meatloaf

this comforting meatloaf is filled with cheese. recipe is from at home cafe, by helen puckett defrance.

Dutch meatloaf a k a mince muttischen

this is a recipe from the netherlands, although mince muttischen may sound german. my mom is a rather small lady and we kids used to call her muttischen, just for fun. it means

Saucy salisbury steak

this is one that pleases everyone, from gramps to kids.

Pizza wiches

when i went to junior high school we where served this open faced sandwich on wednesdays. and this was the only day i would eat at school. i loved this so much that i asked for the recipe. i still...

Christmas meatballs

really good and juicy. recipe is easily halved or doubled.

Classic chili

from my mom. amounts are estimates

Cornbread taco bake

a second place winner in the country woman magazine.

Cranberry meatballs

my dh loves these meatballs. he eats cranberries with just about everything! this recipe came from "the best of mennonite meals".

Crock pot meatballs and sauce

this is from the thrifty fun newsletter, and it's awesome. i tried it on the stove top, and it couldn't have been easier or tastier. if you like big, juicy meatballs in a mildly spicy tomato sauce, this...

Easy italian pasta casserole

this recipe is so easy and so yummy. we have it often at my house on those busy weeknights when i'm just too tired to get crazy in the kitchen. i usually serve this dish with cottage cheese and garlic...

Coffee burgers

tired of the same old burger's? try this!

Cumberland pie

this is a very tasty comfort food dish. you can prepare it the day ahead, put the potatoes on the day you are cooking it, bake in 350°f oven for 1/2 hour and then broil as noted in the recipe.

Country goulash

my mother calls this goulash. its not traditional goulash but it sure brings my family running to the table. goes great with cornbread, sliced cucumbers and fresh green beans

Cream cheese casserole

my mom made this often growing up, it was always one of my favorite casseroles. it is now a often requested dish from my children.

Cottage pie


Easy tacos

can it be this easy? yes it can. try this and you'll ask yourself why you ever bought any of that stuff in an envelope. and make seasoning ahead? why bother, when it is just this simple?

Crock pot hamburger casserole

this is a very easy casserole for the crock pot.

Crock pot picadillo

prepare this ahead of time, plug in and cook when needed. freeze leftovers. serve over rice or use as tortilla filling (with cheese, salsa etc) or for quick burritos

Creamy taco casserole

this will get rave reviews from the family. it's easy, novel and filling. serve with spanish rice and refried beans. que bueno!

Meatballs marinara

america's test kitchen recipe

Easy cabbage rolls

i'm revising the introduction to this recipe based on a discussion with 8 polish "senior" ladies at the general sikorski hall in oshawa, ontario who were making cabbage rolls for a weekend banquet. their...

Corn pone pie

except for the time to simmer this dish, it is really very easy to make! my mom used to make this. it is supposed to serve 6, but my husband and i think it only serves 3! the corn bread recipe is good...

Creole meatloaf for zwt 9

found at a cooking-by-country (or region) website, who does not smile when they see meat loaf on their dinner table? pair this w/your favorite thick mashed potatoes & my also newly entered recipe for louisiana...

Easy beefy burritos

these are so easy and very tasty. they're great to make ahead and bake when ready. works great if you are taking a meal to someone (new mom's), they just have to pop it in the oven.

Curried meatballs

i was given this recipe by a co-worker of mine who grew up in south africa. it is from "everyday cape malay cooking" by zainab legardien. i have modified the recipe to either be more in line with our...

Cowboy supper

this is a recipe from our church cookbook.

Spinach stew

a favorite of mine. i grew up eating this and thinking that i should be as strong as popeye :). if the allspice is too much for you, use half the quantity.

Cuban hamburger

variations of this yummy burger can be found all over miami. i found this version posted at saveur. prep time includes 30 minutes chill time.

Crock pot meaty cheese dip

excellent recipe for a party snack.

Pasta fagioli soup in a crock pot

we like to eat at olive garden because of their lunch menu of soup, salad, bread sticks. i found a recipe on internet for olive garden e. fagioli soup in a crock pot. it was delicious tonight.

Chunky italian soup

wonderful hearty soup.