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Top recipes for "Halloween"

Critter munch

a great halloween snack mix.

Crocodile eyeballs

great for halloween parties

Deluxe sugar cookies cookie cutter type

this recipe came from the newspaper in the small arizona town where i grew up. we use it almost every year to make christmas cookies. they're not too dry and are good even without any icing or candy...

Devils food cupcakes

based on a recipe from cook’s country magazine, february/march 2006. makes 24 cupcakes, although it can be easily halved. the editors say, “if you don’t have bar or block chocolate on hand, use semisweet...

Cinnamon apple popcorn

a great munchie for fall/winter. the kids will love it for their halloween party.

Cider cheer

apples and caramel are natural flavors that go together so well. taken from the web. haven't tried, but plan on doing so!

Creepy crawler

we had this at a halloween party where it was a big hit!

Spicy deviled eggs aka blood shot eyes

these wonderful deviled eggs are made with cream cheese, ham, and olives, and kicked up with spices for heat. this is a cute way to dress up deviled eggs for halloween but you can enjoy them anytime. simply...

Creep puffs

a halloween twist on classic cream puffs.

Dirt trifle with gummy worms

i make trifles all the time for large gatherings like my dd soccer team parties. the kids (and adults)always gobble it down. there's so many variations but this is a fun way to welcome in the spring...

Crock pot meaty cheese dip

excellent recipe for a party snack.

Caramel apple bites

these yummy cookies have an apple filling, then dipped in caramel and nuts.

Butter beer

this is wonderful. i use buttershots and it gives this a very nice buttery flavor. this would be great with a&w cream soda because of it's lack of color. unfortunately they don't carry that around here...

Ear wax wieners on q tips

posting this per recipe request. i have not tried this yet, but you can be sure that i will be doing so soon. it really does sound quick, easy and fun.

Crock pot hot apple cider

i got this recipe from the sandlake country inn on the oregon coast. they always have a hot pot of it on a table in the entrance hall for their guests. we love it!

Dark creepy gory chocolate cake

this gory devils food cake is filled with a ghostly cream cheese filling and a bloody vampire raspberry filling with a creepy hint of something oh so so so dark and secretive frosting............... the...

Mushroom bourguignonne in a whole pumpkin

a lovely dish to serve on a cool fall evening! adapted from vegetarian times cookbook, you're in for a treat! french, new england, mid atlantic

Giant glowing pumpkin cookies

think stained glass cookies for halloween.

Creepy crawly mud cups

a really fun and delicious treat that kids and adults will both enjoy. especially good for halloween or kids parties. hope you enjoy! adapted from pil halloween party recipes

Swamp water

a nutritious drink for your gremlins and goblins and ghosties ........... oh my!!!!!

Chocolate pumpkin cake and cupcakes

i found this recipe in country living magazine about 4 yrs ago. i tried it out when my ex's job had a contest requiring you to decorate, and use a pumpkin. i actually gutted, and carved a pumpkin. lined...

Butterscotch apple crisp 2

try bringing the fun of caramel apples into your kitchen with this butterscotch apple crisp. chopped nuts and oatmeal make for a chewy and delicious baked dessert perfect for crisp fall nights.

Severed hand pies

sloppy joe filling or braaains? whichever you prefer, the zombies in your life won’t be able to resist these savory pies.

Yam and marshmallow casserole

a sweet side dish which goes excellent with turkey dinner. a fairly quick dish to prepare and bake, and really tasty. you can substitute the yam for a sweet potato.

Crunchy chocolate monster brains

found this in the woman's world magazine. i thought the picture looked ghastly and would be absolutely perfect for halloween. these could also be made for an every-day snack if you left off the green...

Trick or treat dip

now here's a recipe, i would not have thought of as british but i found it on the great british kitchen website with the suggestion "why not serve this at a halloween party?" so i'm posting it as british...

Dulce de leche popcorn balls

i found this recipe after christmas while starting on collecting recipes for next year. it comes from the jolly time popcorn folks. i wanted to try them the night i found it, but didn't have the butterscotch...

Pumpkin pie moonshine

no cooking required, but a large stock pot is needed to accommodate the amount of ingredients to be combined. from in a pinch, michaela boers. great as gifts in mason jars. festive enough for halloween,...

Sleepy hollow peppermint bark

peppermint bark may be a hallmark of the christmas season, but when transformed into an insidious looking tree, it's clear it's a treat that was truly made for the month of october. bedazzled with hand-painted...

Halloween bonfire potatoes

fireworks and bonfire potatoes - what a great combo. you can have any variety of toppings for the potatoes try traditional sour cream & chives etc etc use you imagination go wild!

Hopscotch treats

i always make these for halloween and thanksgiving. a favorite of my kids.

Irish ghost

i haven't tried this but it sounds interesting.

Jack o lantern cake

while the pumpkin in cinderella managed to transform into a carriage, this sinister sleepy hollow-inspired creation does one better by taking the form of a delicious cake! you've probably heard of pumpkin...

Hocus pocus cottage cake

there are few things that set the mood better for holidays than classic movies. every year without fail, i binge watch a handful of favorites leading up to and during their respective season.  my undisputed...

Easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

three ingredient recipe for great cookies! the recipe has been passed around my neighborhood and everyone loves how simple it is.

Ghoul aid

my kids love for me to make this at halloween. i got this recipe from a homeroom mom at school. great for those halloween parties!

Koolaid yogurt dip

with two ingredients, this is ultra quick and ultra cheap for the kids for an after-school snack. it's also versatile because you can use any flavor of the pre-sweetened koolaid. i want to try the grape-flavor...

Witch hat treats

i saw this recipe and fell in love with the picture. i will definatly make these next halloween.

Witch hats

these are so cute! thought they might be a fun for everyone this halloween!

Butterfinger eyeballs

create an eye-opening experience with this chilling treat made with creamy peanut butter and crunchy pieces of nestlé butterfinger candy bars.

Banana ghouls

my oldest loves these ghoulish bananas.

Boo beverage


Halloween fun pumpkin cake o lantern jack o lantern

made from two bundt cakes, this cake makes an ideal halloween cake & centrepiece. it is both delicious & beautuful (& fun to make). to make this recipe easier & quicker, you can substitute three boxes...

Caramel apple cupcakes

two all-time favorites, caramel and apples, combine to make moist, delicious cupcakes. i found this recipe in my monthly email from land o lakes and it sounded so good that i am posting here for safe...

Spooky spiders

these are a great kid treat, for birthday parties and especially for halloween. they are a no bake and basically no cook chocolate treat!

Chocolate covered cherry mice

these chocolate-covered cherry mice are fun to create and make an adorable presentation for parties, bake sales, and of course, halloween. let the kids help by setting up a production line, and they will...

Death by chocolate cake

when i first tried this cake i got very possessive over the remaining pieces. this will be a big hit!

Halloween chili

yummy fall chili with pumpkin,black beans and turkey. i found this in a slow cooker recipe book and made it for my friends while we were carving pumpkins it is soooo good, easy and filling!

Halloween fudge

this has been a big hit at our past halloween parties. i got it from you can make this any color you want to go with whatever holiday.

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