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Top recipes for "Hand-formed-cookies"

Cinnamon cookies

only makes 16--believe me, it won't be enough. they are kind of like a snickerdoodle, only better--i think with the addition of cinnamon chips. they are great for the times you do not want a lot of cookies...

Chocolate lulus

these unusual cookies have a bold, dark chocolate flavour, but really get their secret kick from the unrecognizable addition of pepper. try these when you are not in the mood for an overly 'sweet' cookie....

Chocolate peanut butter cookies

i clipped this from a magazine -- can't remember which. it is credited to 'the inn at cedar falls' in logan, ohio.

Coconut logs

these are like a shortbread cookie.


this is an almond butter cookie that melts in your mouth! an old scandinavian recipe,i have been making this cookie for over 50 years: it was one of the first ones that my swedish grandmother taught me...

Dutch letters

these are a cross between a pastry and a cookie. they never last longer than a day around here. they are flaky, buttery almond delights! they are not hard to make, just a little time consuming--but...


a christmas tradition handed down from my great grandmother. some people call these sand tarts or wedding cookies, we called them cocoons because of their shape. whatever you decide to call them, they...

Christmas surprise cookies

these are a hit for christmas parties and get togethers. they are very rich but very addictive. leave some out for santa!

King ranch polvorones

taken from a bag of king ranch young pecans and placed here for safe keeping to make for a cookie bake at my daughters school.

Chocolate sticks

another recipe from oetker baking is fun i love this book and i have to finish recording the recipes before returning the book its owner.

Double chocolate kisses

these cookies/candies look both easy and scrumptious...a winning combination. my mouth has not yet actually tested this recipe, but i'm going to find an excuse to make them in the near future. recipe courtesy...

Crunchy peanut butter cookies

after many trials, this is the best peanut butter cookie i've tasted. just a bit different than many of the others but the shortening used does make for a different cookie; crisp and crunchie. as with...

Double ginger cookies

these are intensely flavored, you have been warned! you get little bursts of ginger depending on how finely you chop the crystallized ginger. these cookies freeze well.


i am famous for my cookie plates every christmas. i am always looking for different cookie recipes. this one adds a chocolate twist to the traditional snickerdoodle recipe.


from simply delicioso with ingrid hoffmann on these are a mexican sweet that i have had a fairs and carnivals. i was thrilled to see it on tv and how easy they were to make using puff pastry....

Cracker cookies

wow! these are outta this world tasting! my favorite cookie. so simple and quick to make. i usually make the icing more of a glaze, but you can make it thicker if you like. delicious!

Cocoa bombs

these are my attempt to make a chocolate version of mexican wedding cake cookies. (my son named them.) in my experiments i felt that using half butter and half margarine made for the best texture, but...

Date nut balls

really easy to make, and so good.

Chocolate mint snowcaps

these delicious minty cookies are simple to make using a store-bought cake mix. whip them up for a fast, festive treat during the holidays!

Hamantaschen best ever

a friend gave me this recipe for hamentaschen, the traditional pastry of the jewish holiday of purim. the filling is more likely to please an adult than a child. to use up all the filling takes somewhere...

Cookies n cream kiss cookies

Coconut flour peanut butter oatmeal cookies

i took a coconut flour peanut butter recipe i found online and added more ingredients. i love the taste and the texture!

My buckeyes

everyone has their own version, this is mine and favorite too! a candy or a decide.

Chocolate hamentashen filling

this recipe makes a perfect hamentashen filling - it is almost a brownie consistency. it doesn't ooze out like so many jam/jelly fillings and doesn't burn like a chocolate chip filling. yummy!!

Cinnamon favorites

this is an awesome cookie recipe my mom made for me growing up. it has pennsylvania dutch roots, great for the holidays or for a treat.

Cinnamon balls

a light and flaky cookie made with ground almonds and cinnamon and rolled in confectioner's sugar. i haven't made these yet, but thought they sounded interesting. found on the pogo game site.

Coconut balls

easy to make, kids favorite treat after school.

Easy butterscotch chip chocolate cookies

these are soooo easy and quick to make and no one ever believes that they are not from scratch and that they start with a cake mix! these work with peanut butter chips, white chips etc. too.

Cakey spice cookies

these are delicous, thick, chewy little buggers that have very simple ingredients you can usually find in your kitchen! according to your taste you can also use vanilla, chocolate, or caramel chips for...

Cool whip cookies

these are amazingly moist, chewey and delicious! during prep, the dough is really sticky. i use food prep gloves when i roll the cookies into balls; or i cover my hands in powder sugar first. i got this...

Ma amoul

these are delicious arabic biscuits / pastries, they can be made with a variety of fillings, including pistachios, walnuts or dates. they are often eaten in the middle east as a celebratory food, for example...

David arquette cookies

my friend gave me this recipe and i guess she served to david arquette at a band rehearsal and he loved them so she named them after him.

Chocolate hamentaschen

i've been told these are almost like brownies. a fun twist on a traditional cookie. cook time does not include freezing the dough or cooling the cookies. you will have extra filling left that you can...

Danish mandel kager almond cookies

a christmas favorite. easy to make

Almond butter buckeyes

this buttery and nutty chocolate confection was inspired by the nuts that fall from ohio's famous buckeye trees. come holiday time, they are produced (and consumed) in mass quantities in "the buckeye state,"...

Cocoa pecan crescents

another one i tried over christmas. delicious results!

Easy bake oven peanut butter cookies

another inexpensive alternative to prepared mixes. these ingredients are always a staple in my house and therefore we are always ready to bake in the easy bake!

Christmas peepers

this is a recipe my family has made at christmas for years. the marshmallows are so nice and gooey inside the chocolate cookie.

Lincoln logs

this is one of my dad's favorite cookies that i make for christmas every year. they are not an overpowering maple but you can definitely tell they are maple. for the maple frosting, see the other recipe...

Colossal chocolate chip cookies

monster cookies! you may want to half these if you don't have a heavy duty mixer. cooking time depends on the size of your oven and the number of cookie sheets you have. cooking time is 8-10 minutes...

Crispy spiced ginger cookies

food and wine magazine got the recipe for these crisp, spicy cookies from pastry chef elissa narrow. the cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Coconut snowflake cookies

this is a wonderful no-bake cookie ball with a crispy peanut butter, rice krispies and nut center covered with coconut. maybe more a candy than a cookie. very tasty!

Chocolate mint sugar cookie drops

adopted from the recipezaar account.

Betcha can t eat more than one oatmeal cookies

these delectible morsels are like breakfast in a bite! i substitute organic ingredients making them somewhat

Cauldron cookies

from a wiccan website that i plan to make for the next sabbat. the site itself said: this recipe yields about 36 cookies which can be served at any of the eight sabbats, as well as at esbats and all other...


little chocolaty things. yum.


found this recipe in a high school reference book about various world countries. this apparently is a popular cookie made in romania. i just made these for the first time and they were pretty sticky....

Original nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies

this famous classic american cookie is a treat no matter what the age or occasion. enjoy it with a glass of cold milk.

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