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Top recipes for "Hanukkah"

Christmas bubble bread

if your looking for a easy tasty holiday bread then look no further. this bread recipe is very simple and packed with flavor. i love the combination of the dried cranberries and the golden raisins with...

Double ginger cookies

these are intensely flavored, you have been warned! you get little bursts of ginger depending on how finely you chop the crystallized ginger. these cookies freeze well.

Deli style brisket crock pot

this one is a big favorite in our house. makes a great gravy -- perfect for sopping up with a hunk of rye bread!

Cinnamon flop

yummy and easy! kids and adults love it :) i don't remember where i got this recipe...i just have it written on an index card, but it has been requested of me many times. makes 2 - 9 inch cakes, so there...

Cranberry pear and ginger relish

very flavorful and low fat.

Easy butterscotch chip chocolate cookies

these are soooo easy and quick to make and no one ever believes that they are not from scratch and that they start with a cake mix! these work with peanut butter chips, white chips etc. too.

Easy ambrosia parfait

this is supposed to make 10 servings, but i have seen civilized people turn into wild animals and attack the bowl before i've even managed to serve the stuff out!

Dump truck cakes

enjoy this fabulous dessert in cake or cupcake form for breakfast lunch or dinner!!!!

E z doughnuts

this recipe came from my son's cub scout pack. these doughnuts are a favorite treat on camp outs, for both the kids and adults!

Devils food drop cookies with cream cheese frosting

these are really good, but they take a little effort compared to drop cookies because of the frosting. it is worth it--great holiday cookie.

Corn latkes

corn latkes? yes, corn latkes. why should the humble tuber have all the fun? these are tasty variation on a hanukkah favorite. so good, you shouldn’t wait ‘til then to make some. depending on your...

Low fat pumpkin roll 2

this is another great recipe, but because it uses 5 eggs, it is not low fat as my other posted recipe (low fat pumpkin roll). what you can do is make the other loaf, and use the icing from this one also....


incredibly $rich$ delicious candies :o) that are sooooo easy you would never know it by their taste. they are so awesome that everyone will think you slaved all day making them!

Homemade bread

a recipe i have made since i was three with my mom and brother. great for kids, because they will like to punch down the dough and can even shape it into teddy bears, like we did!

Citrus pumpkin pie in a nutty crust

a healthier version of the old favorite.

Chocolate potato doughnuts

love chocolate doughnuts. these freeze well if you'd like to keep extra on hand.

Chunky apple spice cake with vanilla butter sauce

this cake is good, i mean really good. if you use real vanilla extract the flavor is amazing. i have had a friend just pick at an entire meal because she knew i was serving this for dessert.

Holiday gumdrop cookies

don't limit yourself to the holidays, these cookies are good for all year round.


this is the original crisco doughnuts recipe. i found it in an ad in the october 1916 issue of american cookery. cooking time is per doughnut.

Crock pot roasted garlic

this is a great method for roasting garlic, so it can be ready when you start cooking in the evening. i've even done it overnight and started cooking in the morning. roasted garlic goes great with mashed...

Crisped parsnips

from food and drink magazine. goes well with poulty and is a nice alternative from the more typical vegetable side dishes. reheat on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes at 350 degrees if necessary.

Paula's pumpkin cookies

it's like taking a bite out of the holiday season!

Krispy kreme doughnuts

i got this from my child's high school home ec teacher! yum!

Cheese ball 2

this is another family recipe along with cheeseball 1. this is also very good. cook time includes the chill time. hope you enjoy.

Sweet potato boats

this makes a great fat-free side-dish. you can substitute chopped apples for either the raisins or the cranberries.

East side new york half sour pickles

posted as per a request for amberngriffinco. this is from "eat, enjoy! the 101 best jewish recipes in america" this was from frank kachman, valley stream, ny. this takes 2 weeks to be pickled.

Soofganiyot hanukkah doughnuts

from faye levy's international jewish cookbook. - "fluffy doughnuts without holes similar to these are known by many names; i've seen them as bismarck jelly doughnuts, krapfen, and in france as boules...

Falafel fried

you can serve falafel as a appetizer with tahinah for dipping or as a sandwich in pita bread with lettuce and tomatoes with tahinah and hot sauce

David the latke king firestones crispy latkes

these perfect latkes (potato pancakes) are from molly o’neill's classic, "the new york cookbook". the recipe is from her friend david firestone who hosts a latke party every hanukkah in queens. serve...

Cranberry applesauce no sugar added

this is a vividly pink, wonderfully tart cranberry applesauce. makes a great condiment for savory foods such as meat or potato pancakes, and also wonderful when eaten alone. it has no sugar added, thus...

Cinnamon buns famous pa dutch sticky buns

this is a wonderful amish recipe. i sometimes add chopped walnuts in with the filling. yummy :)

Ultimate chocolate cake

this is the epitome of chocolate cakes.

Crueller doughnuts

nice and crispy doughnuts that are enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Potato doughnuts

do we know how to use potatoes in idaho or what?? you'll love this way. doughnuts are good any time of the day!!!!!!

Chocolate babka

this yeast bread tastes heavenly and looks fantastic. everyone will wonder how you got the chocolate filling into such an elaborate pattern. but the best part is how great a slice tastes when warmed in...

100 year old new zealand lamb dish i have used deer w this

a unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. it has a kick...

Delicious sane baked sufganiot doughnuts for hanukkah

this filled with oil holiday can be more enjoyable with those amazing sufganiot. they have less than 30% fat and they are so delicious, you won't believe they were not dipped in oil. you can make them...

Garlic and herb roasted potatoes and squash

oven-roasting vegetables brings out maximum flavour, in my opinion. i eat these like potato chips - can't stop at just one.

Apple cider brisket

from "adventures in jewish cooking" by jeffrey nathan. i found this in the paper. cook and serve the next day which i didn't include in the cook time.*variation in "jewish cookery" by leah h. leonard...

Cinnamon drop doughnuts

another "mix" recipe from pancake mix. i suppose any kind of pancake mix should work. very fast snack/treat for the kids!

Chocolate cherry cordial bars

these bars are the ultimate treat. with chocolate and cherries you can't go wrong (in my opinion :).

Kurdish kubbeh khamoustah

stuffed dumplings in soup


i got this recipe from tv food network. cooking time includes 3 1/2 hrs of cooling time.


yes, you read it correctly, this is shplo. no festive bukharan meal is complete without shplo. this marvelous rice dish, which generally contains onion, pieces of lamb and/or chicken, carrot slices, and...

Curried sweet potatoes in coconut milk

i found this recipe on a site that was promoting an asian-flavored thanksgiving. even though we don't really celebrate the holiday per se, we adore sweet potatoes and we love indian cuisine, so why limit...

Persian tahdeeg rice and potatoes

this is my daughter nomi's all-time favorite way to eat rice. my friend debbie, who is married to a persian, makes this for her every time we're over at their house for a meal. i figured i was going to...

Baked latkes 2

this is baked but the oil gives it that crispy fried taste--wonderful any time of the year.

Crispy crunchy sweetcorn fritters

i first saw ainsley harriott do this on tv, and it's become a favorite in our family.

Crock pot dry rub brisket

not sure where i copied this from. haven't tried it yet but it's for safe keeping and for you to try.

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