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Top recipes for "High-fiber"

Dry enchilada sauce mix substitute

i came across a recipe recently that called for dry enchilada mix but i couldn't find it at the store. i searched around a bit and eventually came up with this recipe to use in its place. one recipe is...


a great lentil recipe, to accompany curries, a wonderful blend of spices that is a great addition as a side dish to any indian curry. made by memory after having watched the cook make this many...

Homemade taco seasoning packet replacement

this mild taco seasoning replaces one of the store-bought packets. it is super-speedy to use with only four ingredients. no preservatives, no sugar, no msg, no fuss!

Creole spice mix

base creole seasoning mix - good to give away as a gift.

Diet haystacks

these aren't exactly healthy, but they are much better for you than the butter-laden, fried noodle variety of haystack cookies. from hungry-girl. cook time includes chill time. (1 stack - 71 calories,...

Dry rub for barbecue

this is a great dry rub for any type of pork or barbecue. vary the amounts of the spices to your taste. this will lasts for weeks if stored in an air tight container.

Curry powder

from microwave entertaining

Chinese five spice seasoning

there are many different versions of this seasoning. here is another one - sans fennel, that i found in my collection of recipes. it's a nice seasoning to use on fish, chicken or pork. i have even...

Ras el hanout a moroccan spice blend by rachael ray

traditional moroccan spice blend that i found on

Apple spice tea

this recipe isn't really a complete original like some of my others since the idea of apple spice tea has been around for ages. the particular ingredients and quantities, however, are my own doing. note:...

Dry rub for sirloin steaks

printed this from a long forgotten website in the 1990s. have not tried; posted for safekeeping so i can clean out my paper recipe files. :)

Grill seasoning

lately i've seen a lot of recipes that call for grill seasoning. besides the cost (nearly $5 for a bottle), it's chock full of msg and other nasties. taking a tip from rachael ray, i've made my own and...

Chocolate leaves leaves you wanting for more

simply yummy and so very creative!

Mild curry powder

"this spice mix suits delicate vegetables." cooking light. (it is particularly good with the recipe for curried cauliflower you will find on this site.)

Smoky cajun spice mix

i like this spice mixture because it has ancho pepper and cumin in it, which adds a nice, smoky flavor.

French beans with sour cream and paprika

posted for recipezaar world tour 2006. zwt region: france.

Herbes de provence by jaques pepin

for quite some time i have been looking for a good herbes de provence recipe and this is it! herbes de provence is used in southern france. i like to use it in anything where i would normally use thyme,...

Writing chocolate

from alton brown and the food network. this is a great little tip for "writing" on your edibles. use it on cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, whatever. you're only limited by your imagination. i have also...

British apple pie spice mix

great for apple pies.found this on a romanian website.all spices should be freshly ground.

Cajun blackening dry rub

i found this recipe in cooking light annual recipes 2008. it's being posted for zwt. you can use this rub on white-fleshed fish fillets such as catfish or snapper, chicken breasts, shrimp, sprinkled on...

Santa fe dry rub

great on anything

Pasta soup mix

pea pod appetizer broth, indonesian style chicken chowder, pepperoni and vegetable soup

Gulf spices ibzar

from: "classic vegetarian cooking from the middle east & north africa" by habeeb salloum. arabian gulf

Portuguese spice blend

needed a spice blend for sausage and other recipes.

Sesame yam sticks

easy, tasty, quick. enjoy.

Canadian steak rub

this is great on bbq'ed or broiled steak.

Scottish mixed spice

this spice mix is used in baking cakes and breads. i like it sprinkled into my oatmeal.

Ras el hanout spice mix

ras el hanout is a north african spice and it's name translates loosely to "house blend". it can contain as many as 50 ingredients including rosebuds and spanish fly. this is a simple mix i'm submitting...

Spanish rub

two kinds of paprika, cilantro and lemon give spanish flair to pork chops, tenderloin or shrimp. from '' and posted for zwt5 and zwt8.

Savory blackening rub for fish and poultry

a quick blackening rub to add some flavor to fish and poultry.

Herbal salt substitute

this comes from light and tasty magazine.

Harissa paste

harissa is a common ingredient in north african recipes. didn't see a recipe for it here so i'm sharing one i found somewhere.

Herb mix for rice

from simple & delicious magazine

Rustic spice rub bulk

this is a rub recipe that i have been using the last few years for all types of meats. this is just a basic recipe. it can be easily adjusted to your own taste (start with the lower amounts of each ingredient...

Cocoa cinnamon topper

taken from "favorite recipes: quaker oat bran", which i found in an impressive sized stack of cookbooks that my mom gave me. wish she had tried some of these on us! at any rate, this stuff is great...

Tex mex spice

store in a jar with a tight lid. sprinkle over grilled or broiled meats. add to chili, barbeque sauces, soups, casseroles, mashed potatoes, etc. from the marlboro country cookbook.

Mental with lentil lentil side dish

a side dish that i adore. replace fatty, starchy mashed potatoes. be down with buttered down corn load up on protein, essential fiber, and cut the fat!

Quatre pices four spices

based on a recipe from simply french, the cookbook where patricia wells presents the cuisine of joël robuchon. per the introduction, “quatre épices, literally 'four spices,' is a classic french mixture...

Chili powder

yes, it's copycat, but it's dirt cheap and has only 4 mg. sodium per tablespoon

Roasted pecan clusters

easy, easy recipe! but don't skip the first step....toasting the pecans before adding the chocolate is what makes this recipe! from southern living october 1985 magazine.

Quatre epices four spices gascon

quatre epices comes in many versions. this combination--with pepper, without allspice or coriander, is typical of gascogny and is used in many dishes, especially in confit. i like to use whole spices...

Khichadi mixed rice and lentils

if you want to make a complete meal and something healthy, try khichdi. it is the best meal to serve to children and people recovering from illness because it is easy to digest. serve it with plain yogurt,...

Creole blackening rub

piercing holes in the meat makes the flavour better.

Creole seasoning mix in a jar

this recipe was found on the net. original poster is lort.

Eritrean berbere red pepper spice mixture

this is an easy variation of a staple of eritrean cooking. this one uses dry spices, whereas the "real deal" is made by drying ,roasting, pounding and grinding. for the ground chili, use dried (preferably...

Chile powder mix

a little different from the other posted. adapted from cooking with too hot tamales cookbook.

Cinnamon hot cocoa

a wonderful winter drink. very simple but very delicious!

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