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Top recipes for "High-protein"

Curry salmon

an easy way to make a tasty, flavorful fish. my kids love it. sometimes i will broil this instead. we like lots of curry on it. unsure of serving amounts.

Crispy chicken fingers with spicy honey mustard

these are quick and delicious. kids love them and they go well with fries and a salad for an easy to prepare meal. serve with honey mustard and/or your favorite bbq sauce.

Easy cheese straws

yummy appetizer for a party!! these were a hit for a recent get-together we had with friends.

Crock pot cashew pork

pork with cashews.

Delicious easy steak

i love to grill...and everyone loves my steak. it is so simple, and delicious. it never fails when we have company over that someone asks me what i put on my steak.

Easter ham

i made a 10 pounder for easter sunday 2004 on the boat. i served it as sandwiches with beans, and potato salad. the problem i incurred was that when i went to place it in the oven, it was too big! i had...

Baked ham

until becoming a diabetic i always fixed my ham this way, now i use recipe #263207 and it turns out fine, but wanted to post both ways.

Chorizo con queso

this is the best con queso dip i've ever had. i got it from a great cookbook by a man named grady spears. i guarantee once you try this you will be a fan of his too.


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Chorizo dip

this is great with other mexican theme dishes. we like it with tortilla chips-some like it right on a corn or flour totrilla. enjoy!!

Crock pot teriyaki sandwiches

i love teriyaki sandwiches and this is an easy way to make the beef.

Cranberry pork tenderloin medallions

this is a recipe from carla hall (the chew) that was recently published in people magazine. i made this the other night and it was great! easy to make and something different to do with cranberries which...

Crispy fish sausages

a delicious hungarian dish that we just love! serving size and yield is a guess.

Crock pot balsamic chicken

i have been loving using my crock pot this week, so i'm not slaving over a hot stove in the heat. here is an awesome yummy recipe fantstic with brown rice, or baked sweet potatoes. (or anything really!...

Nutty oven fried fish

a great way to have fish without feeling guilty. it tastes good with tartar sauce on the side. i like tilapia, orange roughy or catfish.

Gluten free vegemite

gluten free vegemite-like stuff.

Crisp fried wild turkey breast

an easy way to cook that wild turkey your mighty hunter brings home. from texas highways magazine posted in response to a recipe request. cooking time is approximate.

Easy cheesy vegan burgers

vegan black beans easy save for later quick meal

Duck cacciatore

tim's favorite duck recipe

Easy and quick honey spice glazed pork chops

a fast, simple and very delicious weekday meal, served with potatoes or rice. this is very good!

Easy cajun chicken

i actually got this recipe from the label on the chicken years ago. it's easy and foolproof.

Canned carp

this is a historical recipe not one to be made now. always follow ball book. this is how they did fish here in nebraska. always can meat under pressure.

Triple satay

wonderful flavor. melt in your mouth tender.

Pincho moruno

pincho moruno is a moorish inspired dish that has been improved (i think) by the spaniards. it can be used with lamb or pork. i suppose you could do chicken or beef also but have never tried it with...

Mini tacos

these can be a easy appetizer or a light dinner. i received this recipe in an email from the campbell's site, and after we made these for a tasty dinner, i knew i had to share!

Chorizo a healthy version

i have always loved the flavor of chorizo, but seldom ate it due to all the fat in it. in 2004 i purchased a simple electric meat grinder and started making my own sausages. now i know what is in there....

Spicy grilled turkey burgers

i'd never tried ground turkey meat before. i got curious when our small grocery store down the road got some in and i just had to try it. i came up with this recipe through a magazine i had that my (of...

Dijon mustard pork marinade

super easy marinade for pork loin.

Dill pepper grilled chicken

when i buy buttermilk to use in baking recipes, i always have some leftover. this is a great way to use it up, and the buttermilk gives the chicken a tangy delicious taste. (the cooking time also includes...

Grilled chicken moroccan style

from bon appetit. sounds good for summer! marinating time 6 hours

Salmon fillets bathed in garlic

this is a recipe from the diabetic cookbook. it is easy and can be so elegant depending on the presentation.

Clam linguine

a very easy to make recipe that has a very nice clam taste. i developed this recipe many years ago and it has been enjoyed by all that have tried it.

Easy cornish game hens

so easy, but so delicious!

Cold chicken salad

i love this recipe - it is an old favorite of the family. my grandmother made this for me many times and now that she is gone, i have taken over making it for the family. everyone who tries it, loves it...

Crock pot chicken supreme a

from linda larsen, your guide to busy cooks @ this sounds sooo good! you can substitute different types of cheese and different flavors of condensed soup to change the flavor of this easy slow...

Curried steak with orange sauce orange ginger steak skewer

in this recipe, a portion of the steak is cut into thin strips, skewered, and seasoned (or not) to the children’s liking. the remaining portion of the steak is left whole and seasoned with a spicy rub...

Dill chicken with cream sauce

this is pretty quick to make and has a great flavor. dill is so tasty. i found this in a land of lakes cookbook years ago.

Giant burger a round meatloaf

my note beside this in my recipe book is

Easy cheesy herb omlette

this is a home favorite. made with simple everyday foods you can easily find in your kitchen. adding herbs to eggs is a great way to introduce a gourmet flavor to breakfasts of blah!

Crispy parmesan chicken strips

this recipe came from my daughter. they are so tasty--i think it is the seasoned croutons. you can use these as an appetizer or as a meal. they are yummy!!

Crunchy pork chops

this recipe is from america's test kitchen, family cookbook. i think that these would be even better with some dijon mustard mixed in with the mayonnaise.

Cameroon suya

if using a grill, try to avoid cooking too quickly or burning. posted for zaar world tour 2006. cooking time includes marinating time.

Dijon chicken

this is a simple, economical dish, which can be a oamc meal.

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