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Top recipes for "Independence-day"

Citrus coleslaw

this coleslaw is a family favorite of mine for anytime of the year. i have a very picky 9 year old son who will not eat any type of salad but he loves this recipe....

Cow pies

chocolate alert !!!

Cowboy coffee rub for grilled steaks

from "the healthy beef cookbook," found in june, 2006, country home magazine. sounded too interesting to not post or try!


a lovely drink that makes me think "summer"

Chocolate cherry cake

i love this cake! my mom used to make it for me all the time. my two favorites; chocolate and cherries!

Fudgy chocolate chunk brownies

a big hit at a recent cook-out. they were gone before we had finished bbqing the main course!


traditional mexican dip that can be used as a topping or with chips.

Chocolate plunge

i was sifting through some of my mother's recipes. hope you like it! sounds delish!

Diana burger

the most tender, juciest, delicious burger you'll ever eat with an explosion of cheese inside.

Top secret reicpes version of kfc wings by todd wilbur

from the colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. the honey barbecue wings are tasty . after...

Creamy fruit salad

fruit and pudding salad

Creamy lemonade pie

summer is almost here and i love lemonade when it is hot! this will be good to eat!

Easy clam dip

this recipe is my husbands favorite and it is very easy to make.

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Curried egg salad with caramelized onions

this dish was part of a menu that monica bhide had where she had eighteen guests, eight different diets,- and one cook to try and please them all. monica's newest cookbook is modern spice: inspired indian...

Red hot blue potato salad the original

i've searched for this recipe for several years, ever since i worked at the red hot & blue restaurant in savannah, ga. i finally managed to get ahold of the store manual's recipe, and this is scaled down...

Cocktail bomb

this is a super yummy drink and it looks great to. the first time i was served one of these i remember i had to know everything that was in it so i could make it at home.

Cornucopia salad

i saw this on paula's home cooking. i've not made it yet. may try for this weekend. please let me know what you think! (sounds really odd.)

The one and only barbecued brisket

anyone can master a "real" barbecued brisket. i think that beef brisket was the reason the barbecue process was invented. we have some great bbq joints in texas and i think this recipe is as good as any...


no this not the secret recipe to make your car run. this is called gasoline because it is very strong. tread with caution. only the bravest individuals can drink this!

Cocktail nuts

from farmer's almanac

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Cold cream of cucumber soup

this is a recipe by beth elon, who has a column every other week in our local paper. in our house it's just not friday night dinner unless there's soup, but with the weather being so hot lately, i haven't...

Barbecued baby back ribs

from paul kirk, the baron of barbecue, kansas city, missouri. on the menu for labor day.

Easy chutney chicken kebabs

i have not tried this, but it was in today's newspaper and i wanted to share. with bbq season practically here, i thought this was a great recipe to have on hand. prep time includes overnight marinating,...

Chocolate crispy bars rice krispies

great for a get together or a easy snack. easy for kids to make too

Fourth of july salad

i received this recipe after having it at a 4th of july party. hence the name for this different 7 layer salad. this is a great tasting and looking salad. when i make this salad for just us, i keep...

Chunky cheese dip

this recipe came from a neighbor who would always bring it to 4th of july cookouts. i have never met anyone who does not like it.

Cold asparagus with pecans

easy, delicious and can be made a day and a half ahead of serving time so this is terrific for entertaining. from the junior league centennial cookbook.

Dirty banana cake

the 'dirt' on this cake is that it's wonderful! actually, it's the coffee frosting...a 3-layer banana cake filled with banana buttercream and iced with that wickedly dirty frosting...2die4!

Cinderella beef short ribs

oh my goodness, these are awesome! from the cookbook, smoke and spice.

Beef enchiladas

the sauce on these is very rich and full of flavor. everyone's favorite!

Coconut funfetti ice cream cake

who knew melted ice cream could make such a delicious cake? this is lightly flavoured with coconut and is a hit at parties... it's fabulous for making cake balls too!

Crusty sausage filled bread rolls

these easy and tasty sausage rolls are great for get togethers - a hit with the guys!

Easy baked beans tastes like you slaved for hours

great baked bean--tastes like you made them from strach, but no one will know--if you don't tell them.

Cucumber orange salad

the sesame oil in this salad gives it an interesting flavor. you might not ever think to combine cucumbers, oranges, and peanuts, but so far it's been a hit with the kids

Herbed pasta salad

a simple pasta salad that comes together in no time at all.

Cilantro tuna dip

an unusual dip that has people scraping the bottom of the bowl. serve with tortilla chips and adjust the heat to your taste. great with margarita's.

Spicy sauteed zucchini

my husband, who loves spicy foods, came up with this one night to combat his dislike of zucchini. he's changed his mind about zucchini, now. ;)

Pepsi fizz

great drink for summer parties. tastes like that certain drive-in's vanilla cokes, but with a punch.

Healthy tossed salad

we had this for tea last night which is why i could get a photo of it. i love tossed salads and this one would be one of my favourite. healthy and yummy. what more could you want?

Creamy coleslaw with bell peppers red onion

although i usually think of coleslaw as a summertime side dish, it seems to go really well with my super bowl spread. i serve pulled pork with baked beans and some of this lovely, creamy coleslaw, then...

Dilly dijon potatoes

this recipe is one i adapted from a kingsford grilling book. you can cut back on the dill or dijon if you like. it is a simple recipe with lots of flavour. prep time includes marinating time

Easy cherry jello

very simple, but tasty!

Double or two crust lemon pie

i have been searching for a double or two-crust lemon pie for years and finally found this at bakingbits. if anyone else out there does not like meringue, this pie is for you!

Chocolate eclair cake

this chocolate eclair cake is so simple. once you make it, your family will ask for it again and again! i hope you enjoy it as much as i do. this travels well, and is a big hit at parties and picnics....

Spoon pizza

i used to throw this together on some of our houseboat trips. the boys would devour it in minutes-lunch or dinner. its, very easy, inexpensive and a kid pleaser!

Drunken meatballs with crock pot instructions

i found these on another website ages ago ad they have since become a regular at my parties. you can use any bourbon but i have done well using southern comfort.

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