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Top recipes for "Jewish-ashkenazi"

Cholent d or

this cholent is a very special veggie cholent that i have spent the past 9 months or so trying to perfect. cholent was always something that i looked forward to having, but when i went vegetarian, i found...

Corn rye bread

this classic jewish delicatessen rye bread doesn't actually have any corn in the dough, though plenty should be used on the baking sheet. it should be dense, but not dry, and the crust should be crisp...

Chocolate hamentashen filling

this recipe makes a perfect hamentashen filling - it is almost a brownie consistency. it doesn't ooze out like so many jam/jelly fillings and doesn't burn like a chocolate chip filling. yummy!!

Chocolate gugelhupf

a delicious variation.

Crispy fish sausages

a delicious hungarian dish that we just love! serving size and yield is a guess.

Creamy oatmeal

a decadent twist to oatmeal.

Crock pot chulnt

i finally got a crock pot so i decided to try a recipe for chulnt. it's a hearty mix of beef, beans, and barley. great on a cold rainy night with fresh baked bread.

Dill pickles

i started making my own pickles when i discovered how easy it was to do so. now i can make them as hot or as mild as i like.

Crock pot country chicken soup

major comfort food in our house!

Chopped liver italian style fegato alle uova sode

adapted from cucina ebraica, flavors of the italian jewish kitchen, by joice goldstein. although this spread resembles the traditional jewish american chopped chicken liver found in delis, it includes...

Corn latkes

corn latkes? yes, corn latkes. why should the humble tuber have all the fun? these are tasty variation on a hanukkah favorite. so good, you shouldn’t wait ‘til then to make some. depending on your...

Chocolate hamentaschen

i've been told these are almost like brownies. a fun twist on a traditional cookie. cook time does not include freezing the dough or cooling the cookies. you will have extra filling left that you can...

Classic apple haroset

i found this recipe while searching for new dishes to introduce for the zaar world tour of 2005. with the holidays coming up, i've decided to post it though it is as of yet untried. use the shredding...

Crock pot russian cabbage soup

my own rendition of the hearty sweet and sour soup that reflects my russian-jewish heritage. measurements are approximate and should be adjusted according to taste.

Non dairy pareve cheesecake

this is so good... the fact that it contains no dairy will just be your little secret.

Jewish coffee cake in a bundt pan

this moist cake is a request by family members at holiday gatherings. you'll love the moist texture.

Chrain with beets red horseradish

i make this every year for passover, a special spicy treat on top of homemade gefilte fish. i would make it more often, but i'm really sensitive, and this makes my eyes burn and tear - consider that a...


easy to prepare, no machines required!

Kreplach i

posted by request, this is joan nathan's version. alot of work, but sure brings back childhood memories.

Tzimmes deluxe

this is a mystery dish! - i cannot find the origin of where i got this recipe, nor can i find out the meanig of

Passover pizza

this recipe was invented in response to a request. i've been making passover rolls for years, i don't know why i never thought of turning the dough into pizzas!

Meat cholent

religious jewish people are not permitted to cook on the sabbath. however, dishes prepared in advance may be kept hot in a previously lit oven. in central europe, one of the favourite sabbath dishes...

Not chicken soup

this veggie chicken soup is based on a mollie katzen recipe. instead of discarding the vegetable i sometimes mash them, add some eggs, oil and matzo meal and make them into a kugel.

Cookie dough hamantashen parve

this recipe came from my synagogue's women's league cookbook. after i made this recipe i knew i had a winner when my children begged for them at every meal.

East side new york half sour pickles

posted as per a request for amberngriffinco. this is from "eat, enjoy! the 101 best jewish recipes in america" this was from frank kachman, valley stream, ny. this takes 2 weeks to be pickled.

David the latke king firestones crispy latkes

these perfect latkes (potato pancakes) are from molly o’neill's classic, "the new york cookbook". the recipe is from her friend david firestone who hosts a latke party every hanukkah in queens. serve...

Brisket for a beginner

this is our favorite rosh hashana main dish. the smell of this dish cooking is incredible and the meat will fall apart.

Mocha chocolate cake for passover

as per janice brady's recipe request, this is a recipe for passover, but you can make it throughout the whole year substituting flour for the potato flour.

Vegetarian sweet and sour cabbage soup

modified from the ny times by, who adapted it from the national. i put my spin on it by using vegetable broth, and adjusting some of the measurements. if you have smoked salt, by all means...


jewish holiday cooking. string bean and meat stew.

Banana nut matzoh kugel

passover comfort food.

German apple cake versunkener apfelkuchen

epicurious | october 2000 the world of jewish desserts this is one of the many types of apple cake popular throughout central europe. i have seen apple cakes, a traditional rosh hashannah dessert,...

Saffron challah

a traditional jewish sabbath/holiday bread, enriched with the color and flavor of saffron. toast it to bring out the floral notes of the saffron. also makes great french toast, especially when a day or...

Old fashioned pot roast gedaempfte fleisch

from jewish cookery by leah h. leonard. i haven't tried it yet but it sounds familiar except for the green pepper.

Classic apple charoset

this is the way i have prepared my charosis for the last 30 odd years. originally in the fairmount temple cookbook. my children liked this after the seder, during the week.

Egg salad plus

a dear friend loaned me a copy of "miriam's kitchen" in which the author describes her mil's cooking. one dish that fascinated me was egg salad with fried onions, since all the egg salads i had ever...

Chinese jewish passover stir fry

another one of my favorite recipes from the cookbook it tastes too good to be kosher. i've made this every year since i got the book as a present in 1997. we're not fans of passover noodles and we don't...

Cinnamon raisin swirl challah

from artisan bread in five minutes a day by jeff hertzberg and zoe francois.

Apple cider brisket

from "adventures in jewish cooking" by jeffrey nathan. i found this in the paper. cook and serve the next day which i didn't include in the cook time.*variation in "jewish cookery" by leah h. leonard...


i got this recipe from tv food network. cooking time includes 3 1/2 hrs of cooling time.

Farfel cookies

great for passover

Sweet lentils

i received this recipe from a co-worker. she loves it. i haven't tried it yet. the ingredients seem interesting. she says it has a wonderful aroma and sweet flavor. a written quote from her "this is a...

Broccoli cauliflower kugel

this is a beautiful and delicious dish that will enhance any shabbat or holiday table

Homemade authentic gefilte fish

gefilte fish is the traditional first course of the passover seder meal in ashkenazic homes. horseradish is the accompaniment. the combination of fish listed is only a suggestion, and other proportions...

Baked latkes 2

this is baked but the oil gives it that crispy fried taste--wonderful any time of the year.

Tuna croquettes

i was gearing up from the zaar world tour. when looking at some jewish cooking websites i stumbled onto an old favorite and then realized it wasn't posted here. so, here goes, feel free to adjust seasonings...


from enchanted broccoli forest. tsimmes is a festive jewish dish that combines vegetables and fruit; savory with tart and sweet. there is no official recipe, but one thing all versions have in common is...

Israeli winter fruit cup

posted for zaar world tour 2005. oranges and bananas are a great combo, and i like the idea of adding some sweet red wine to a fruit salad! from the jewish vegetarian year cookbook. have not tried this...

English matzoh pudding

this is a dessert kugel that is perfect for passover

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