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Korean zucchini hobak chon

this is a vey simple and tasty way to prepare the ever abundant and cheap zucchini. to be served with a korean dipping soy sauce. recipe 191136

Dwen jang gook

a traditional spicy korean soup made with all veggies.

Chop chae korean mixed vegetables with beef and noodles

from cooking healthy across america.

Dwenjang chigae

this is the spicy korean version of beef stew. my boyfriend is korean, so i tweaked a recipe from his mother until i came up with this. according to him, it is better than what you get in korea! you...

Korean bean paste soup chigae

we love this soup at korean restaurants! it is hot and spicy and so fast to make. it's best served with rice and kimchi.

Spicy korean pork barbecue

(daeji bulgogi) - from cooking light. a distinctive asian flavor -- the caramel notes of brown sugar balance the heat of the sambal oelek and crushed red pepper). prep time does not include refrigeration...

Korean style marinated skirt steak with grilled scallions

for all my meat loving friends. :) a quick and delicious meal. you can skip the tortillas if desired. recipe courtesy of bobby flay show: hot off the grill with bobby flay episode: asian grilling

Korean seasoned potatoes 44048 51088 51312

this is a traditional side dish for korean meals.

Cold teriyaki tofu

this is delicious served as a pupu or served with salad. very simple and flavorful recipe for tofu! wonderful for a hot summer day.

Yaki mandu korean egg roll

great finger food for parties--always a hit. much easier to prepare if you have a food processor.

Korean beef

this is a family recipe my mom made for years. a korean friend stopped by one day while it was cooking and said it's the real mccoy!

Bi bim bop

from cooking smart nov/dec 2005

Kalbi bbq ribs hawaiian style

this is one of our favorite things to bbq, everyone here loves sweet meat. i have experimented for years, and this is the best, lots of input from friends, and it started from korean recipes. in hawaii,...

Ddeok gook korean new year rice cake soup

this is a traditional lunar new year dish in korea. i have seen many different recipes - the only really standard ingredient seems to be the rice cakes -- but i really liked the savoriness of this one....


found this recipe during my travels in asia.

Korean hamburgers

yes, it is one tablespoon of minced garlic! these are absolutely wonderful. serve on a bun with teriyaki sauce..... -------------- if freezing in advance, you might want to lessen the garlic just a little...

Skewered korean chicken and green onions

this recipe can be for an appetizer or as a main dish. very flavorful

Korean barbecue sauce

this is super speedy and very flavorful. i've had it for a long time; i don't remember where i got it from anymore.

Grilled short ribs

these use the type of short ribs that are cut between the bones, rather than the more common type of short ribs that are cut across the bones. recipe source: bon appetit (june 2007)

Korean beef bulgogi in lettuce wraps

this recipe is another winner from toronto star - we made it tonight and just loved it. a fun way to have the kids eat their lettuce, too. beef needs to marinate 2-12 hours, so plan ahead when making this...

Kimchi potato salad

being half korean, i am always looking for ways to fuse my love of kimchi into pretty much anything that i make. after making this potato salad, i had to write this one down. it was fabulous. this...

Kimchee chigae

delicious combination of stewed pork and kimchee. must be a kimchee lover to make this, you will notice the aroma from a mile away!

Korean salad

a terrific salad for pot lucks and get togethers. not to mention a wonderful side dish.

Gunmandu korean style fried dumplings

this recipe is the korean version of the mongolian buuz and turkish manti and similar to chinese jiaozi and the japanese gyoza.

Brown rice and barley

koreans have long embraced the healthful properties of whole grains like millet, barley and oats. this combination is fragrant and delicious! adapted from gourmet magazine(march 2009).

Butterflied korean pork tenderloin

pork tenderloin is lean and juicy when properly cooked but has a fairly mild flavor. combine it with assertive seasonings like soy, ginger and garlic in a korean-style marinade, and the results are bold...

Korean chicken in hot chili sauce

marinated chicken cooked with gochu jang (korean red pepper paste) available at asian markets. i found this recipe on the internet @ and we love it. i make it regularly.

Bulgogi korean marinated bbq meat

notes : korean red chili pepper powder

Korean style grilled short ribs

you can use either cut of short ribs for this recipe. while normally short ribs are best after a long slow cooking, here they are grilled or broiled quickly. they still come out tender and tasty. this...

Vietnamese marinade for chicken

hot, sour, salty are the main flavours of this recipe from food & wine magazine. optional sugar if you want a bit of sweet in there too. note - prep time does not include 1/2 to 4 hours of marinating...

Slow cooked korean beef short ribs

from the simple 1-2-3 slow cooker cookbook.

Korean pancakes pa jun

this came from the february 11, 2009 edition of the new york times, describing several immigrants in the area and their weeknight "go-to" staples. ji yoon yoo suggested a korean savory pancake. a tasty...

Cinnamon tea korea

this recipe was found in the 2005 cookbook, the best recipes in the world. preparation time does not include the time needed for the tea to chill.

Mul kimchi water kimchi or summer white kimchi

kimchi is typically red, high in sodium, and very strong tasting. some people find it too strong and salty. white kimchi is very nice. it has less salt, and is refreshing in the summer time, whilst...

Korean spicy chicken wings restaurant recipe

this is a fantastic recipe i came across whilst roaming the 'net! it comes from the owner of a popular korean restaurant where these chicken wings were the most popular of all his special order dishes....

Bi bim bap

bibim bap literally means "mixing rice". delicious, healthy, traditional korean dish with lots of veggies. this can be made with many different vegetables, so pick your favorite combo! most common is...

Dak bulgoki chicken bulgoki

if you love spicy korean food this recipe is for you! i cook the chicken and sauce down until it is thick and rich. you can get the korean red pepper paste in most all asian markets. i marinate the chicken...

Asian garlic sauce

from garlicky sauce is a great way to add extra flavor to stir-fry dishes, particularly seafood dishes. the seasonings for garlic sauce are available in the international food section of...

Korean crisp vegetable pancake pa jun

another great and simple recipe from mark bittman of the new york times.

Italian vegetable pancakes

this savoury "pancake" is another great and simple recipe from mark bittman of the new york times.

Korean sirloin

a tasty korean style steak. prep time does not include marinade time.

Spicy stir fried squid ohjing uh bokkeum

serve with rice and kimchi. this dish can also be made with octopus, in which case, it would be called nakji bokkeum.

Daikon salad mu saingchai

this is a very light salad from korea and something similar to one served at a local korean restaurant. you can julienne the vegetables if you have the patience but i use a japanese mandolin, it has various...

My aunt's asian pheasant

i'm ok with this, but my family really really likes it.

Beef bulgogi

got this from recipesource, but it does not have an author to thank and give credit. don't know how authentic it is but it sure is great.

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