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Top recipes for "Kosher"

Mashed garlicky potatoes with portabello gravy

the creamy texture of these mashed potatoes is achieved without using cream or milk. the secret is to use the cooking liquid to moisten the puree, adding just a small amount of butter or olive oil to provide...

Preserved basil

this came about when i had more fresh basil in my garden than i knew what to do with it. i posted a question to the cooking q&a board and with the help of jenny sanders, this recipe came about.

Easy ambrosia parfait

this is supposed to make 10 servings, but i have seen civilized people turn into wild animals and attack the bowl before i've even managed to serve the stuff out!

Crock pot amaretto chicken

this has wonderful almondy taste to it.

Dill pickles

i started making my own pickles when i discovered how easy it was to do so. now i can make them as hot or as mild as i like.


the history of this dish is a little fuzzy for me. my grandfather & grandmother came from romania and i always cooked this for my grandfather. my father also enjoyed eating this, and i remember that they...

Chocolate orange squares

this recipe comes from the jewish holiday feasts cookbook and is a recipe for purim. times are guesstimates and do not include cooling time.

Crock pot country chicken soup

major comfort food in our house!

Coconut jelly

this is a two layer jelly. this is a gelatin type of dessert made with agar agar.

Cranberry raisin scones

usually i find scones too dry but these are very moist! serve them warm from the oven with butter & preserves - or make a day ahead & store in an air-tight container. you can use just cranberries or just...

Chocolate peanut butter pieces

one of the simplest and most delicious recipes around.

Salmon with sage butter root vegetables in parchment

a beautiful one-dish meal with gourmet flair. all the ingredients are placed in a packet of parchment paper, which seals in moisture and allows the juices of the fish and the butter and spices to flavor...

Chopped liver italian style fegato alle uova sode

adapted from cucina ebraica, flavors of the italian jewish kitchen, by joice goldstein. although this spread resembles the traditional jewish american chopped chicken liver found in delis, it includes...

Crock pot chicken greek style

i'm not greek, but love the food. this is my take on one of their dishes. update: after the first two reviews of chicken being a little dry (perhaps breasts too thin), i suggest stacking dinner as follows...

Crock pot creamy orange cheesecake

i had this at a friend's house and it was exceptional!

Crock pot chicken paprika low carb

low carbing it? this makes a great supper, and it's so easy just to prepare in the morning and it's ready when you come home hungry for supper! i've doubled the recipe and froze the chicken breasts in...


my friend rachel was visiting from israel last week and made a delicious pashtida for us. unfortunately, she left before i could get her recipe, though i will try to track it down. while looking for...

Chocolate mousse pie can be made non dairy

i get rave reviews and many requests for this recipe when i serve this. it's delicious and creamy! since i made up the recipe, you might have a little chocolate mousse mixture left over - enough for two...

Cumin potatoes

this is a regular family favourite that we serve with moroccan or lebanese style meals. or greek or italian-whatever we feel like i guess! and we love these so much, 2 spuds each is almost not enough!

Corn with squash

posted for zaar world tour 2005. my bf made this dish tonight, with the freshest zucchini and corn on the cob, it was delightful. he reduced the oil from 4 tablespoons to 1, and sprinkled liberally with...

Orange date banana oatmeal

zesty! this is from although very tart, this has a sweet depth to it with a nutty overtone. i use more nutmeg, and find the salt, although optional, should be used. i will try subbing...

Colorful coleslaw vinaigrette

great colors and a nice change from coleslaw with mayo.

Easy coleslaw

this is a very easy, very yummy recipe for basic cole slaw.

Apple kugel passover

this comes from a 1963 cookbook published by a local chapter of b'nai b'rith women. this is a divine sweet kugel, worthy of making through the year and not just at passover.

To die for nutless carrot cake

carrot cakes don't need nuts in them to be good! try this version of a recipe i originally found in chatelaine mag. don't be put off by the length; it's no harder than any other carrot cake!

Guilty chicken shnitzels

i call these baked chicken breasts "guilty" because i'm always looking for fat-free recipes. but it's quick and simple and a great people-pleaser - can't beat that when you're pressed for time. suggestion:...

Creamy spinach with smoked gouda gratin

to make sure this gratin is rich & luscious, be sure to squeeze all the excess liquid from the spinach before adding the bechamel sauce. bechamel is a classic french white sauce made by stirring milk into...

Crock pot russian cabbage soup

my own rendition of the hearty sweet and sour soup that reflects my russian-jewish heritage. measurements are approximate and should be adjusted according to taste.

Butter bean hummus

like zaar needs another hummus recipe.......but-this is different cause it's made from butterbeans (lima beans) instead of the usual chickpeas. found the recipe on the net a while back and have made it...

Non dairy pareve cheesecake

this is so good... the fact that it contains no dairy will just be your little secret.

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake pie

this chocolate topped raspberry cheese pie looks very elegant and yet it is so easy to make. why not impress your friends &/or family? you won't be sorry. i found this

Decadent chocolate chip cookies for kisses

the insanely decadent chocolate chip cookies will garner many kisses from your housemates and lover.

Chrain with beets red horseradish

i make this every year for passover, a special spicy treat on top of homemade gefilte fish. i would make it more often, but i'm really sensitive, and this makes my eyes burn and tear - consider that a...

Confetti cookie mix

another neat gift idea that i'll be handing out this season.

Easy brazilian collard greens

this is a fast and simple way to cook collards that results in a bright, lively flavour. recipe is from gourmet magazine (sept. 2007) and works with mustard greens too.

Asparagus peas and basil piselli con asparagi e basilico

a simple, spring-time umbrian recipe from ursula ferrigno published in this month's gourmet magazine. peas can be shelled and asparagus cut 1 day ahead and chilled, covered.

Cubana rum

i saw this on the food network and had to try it-this delicious cocktail can be easily doubled, tripled, etc.

Citrus pumpkin pie in a nutty crust

a healthier version of the old favorite.

Garlic mashed potatoes and cashew gravy

a savory dish for the holidays. always a winner.

Crock pot brilliant red pears

wouldn't this look perfect as a valentine's dessert? sounds tasty, too!

Jim n nicks bbq alabama white sauce

this recipe is from the jim 'n nicks bbq chain located in the southeast as well as colorado. not regularly available at the restaurant, it is offered during their taco tuesday special on one of the featured...

Cucumber mint raita

yet another recipe from shawn sidey and celelbrity kitchens. refreshing accompaniment to any bbq meal. i suggest adding yogurt a little at a time. mine came out a little too


easy to prepare, no machines required!

Sprouts hummus sandwich

i don't like hummus, but i used roasted pepper hummus on this sandwich and liked it anyway!

Warm chanterelle salad

i love going to different websites to find new recpes. this is from

Chocolate peppermint sauce for two

this is great over ice cream, but it's also wonderful poured over angel food cake or pound cake. try orange extract or maple extract, too; you can really have fun with this sauce depending on how many...

No bake pie

this pie is really good to serve during the spring and summer. being a person who does' t like yogurt, this pie is definitely an exception, and very easy to make. enjoy! :)

Comforting and silky vegetable soup

this soup was created for the ready set cook #3 contest. when i saw the list of vegetables, they just cried out silky soup! perfect for a winter's lunch!

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