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Top recipes for "Lemon"

Christmas tea

this is my grandmother's recipe for a delicious hot punch for the holidays, which she always called tea. i always make this for holiday parties, and the aroma is wonderful. to make it even more festive,...

Citrus ice cubes

another one from rick stein's fresh foods cook time is freezing time.

Depression lemon pie

my granmother made this. it melts in your mouth .

Turmeric tea

recipe from and they adapted it from a recipe found on this week our organic fruit box has fresh turmeric so i am going to try this out in the morning!

Spiced blueberry fool

may/june issue of organic style magazine features three beautiful fresh berry desserts, including this blueberry fool. (a fool is an english dessert that is made of sweetened, crushed fruit, folded into...

Citrus sangria

the wine shop i work for recently had a sangria party for our customers. this was one of the recipes we used. it is best to allow this to sit overnight (add ice just before serving) but if you're in a...

Classic lemonade ice pops

in ‘200 best ice pop recipes’

Cranberry lemon shortbread cookies

a nice flavourful shortbread! i make these for christmas, nice to add to the cookie trays for friends and neighbours. source: inspired by compliments magazine

Dutch 75

this is a take-off on a drink called a french 75, which uses champagne. that has been replaced with beer in this recipe. "the hops and carbonation in the beer worked well with the lemon juice to make a...

Citrus soda

refreshing lemon-lime soda. for the warmer weather of the southern us regions.

Self saucing citrus pudding

recipe from australian delicious.

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Citrus mint tea

found this on splenda's webpage. it is really really good! especially if you let it set. it seems to get better and better the longer it sits! i added some pineapple rum to it, a a tub of crystal light...

Dubai lemonade

i was reading about this refreshing drink and not having had it, and needing some drinks for na* me game, here we go. it is a blender drink without alcohol.

Creamy crunchy chicken

this is a 4 year old's delight. my daughter (and everyone else) loves this chicken. she will eat it anytime, anyplace. how can you go wrong with ritz crackers and chicken?

Danish apple pudding

a flavoursome danish apple pudding with hazelnuts, honey and lemon. this dessert can be made well ahead of serving time as it is served chilled. hazelnuts although high in fat contain mostly monosaturated...

Citrus bouquet tea

from canadian living; dh has started drinking alot more tea, and this recipes is simple and delicous! add honey and sugar, as desired.

Daiquiri pie

a pie that tastes as good as its sipping counterpart. so refreshing and easy to make.


healthy and delicious middle eastern salad. tabouli is a very simple salad that call for very little ingredients, but amazingly big on flavor.this salad is a delicious companion for everything from barbeques...

Curried mussels

this classic mussel recipe is adapted from jubilee restaurant in ny city where it is served with amazing frites. i found this in dan's papers, july, 13, 2007, in silvia lehrer's column.

Lemon cheese

this recipe came over with my grandmother from england. it is great as a spread on toast, or use for filling in frozen pre-baked tart with whipped cream for a quick and easy dessert for unexpected...

Citrus slice

adapted from a kiwi cookbook

Dandelion jelly

this is a beautiful golden, clear, delicate, tasting jelly. avoid the bitter milk in the flower stems, and any green parts it is unpleasant! great for gift giving. if you want to add more color add a couple...

Citrusy radish and cilantro salad

modified from woman's day magazine, may 2013. cook time is time for the dressing flavors to meld.

Creamy lemon pie

i got this recipe somewhere on the internet. creamy and very lemony.

Creamy lemon rice

this is a delicious rice dish that is easy to make and goes wonderfully with fish or chicken. the cream can be eliminated, and the rice is still delicious.

Clear lemon jelly filling

from recipe goldmine. for use in a jelly roll cake.


a greek lemon-honey cheesecake-type dessert pie. if necessary, cream cheese can be substituted for mizithra or mascarpone, and other types of mild honey can be substituted for thyme or orange blossom....

Citrus tea punch

i've become fond of tea-based punch, and this one sounds wonderful with or without the vodka! hubby says rum. why not? :) i'll be trying this when i'm spring cleaning. (minus the vodka? lol!) from fine...


refreshing drink! this can be used as a sour mix for mixed cocktails, just omit the last step of water.add to a punch.make a lemon-limeade by mixing half lemon and half limes.pack it into a thermos for...


middle eastern lemonade is something i've often drunk - and loved - in middle eastern restaurants, but this is the first recipe for it i've come across. the lemonade i've been served in middle eastern...

Crazy salt

i posted this recipe for the request of those that are asking what crazy salt is, recipe #7542. a recipe i adopted. you can add 1 teaspoon of msg which i'm not a fan of. this are made with dried herbs....

Citrus cooler

easy and yummy--no cook time, just chill time.

Crock pot lemon chicken with carrots

i love crock pot recipes, and this one looks like a real winner! it's supposed to have a great sweet and sour flavor. i plan on trying this soon using boneless, skinless breasts. i found this on another...

Lemon daisy

the non-alcoholic version of the daisy drinks, all of which feature grenadine.

Delicious lemon tart

i found this recipe in the frugal gourmet celebrates christmas. he calls it "nellie's lemon tart" and credits a friend of his from toulouse, france for gifting him this recipe as his favorite. it sounds...

Lamb chops with a curry cream sauce or rack of lamb

the cream sauce can be serve with a raw or grilled vegetable platter. great on a salad. the picture is a baby rack of lamb with these ingredients.

Spring thyme salmon

from mccormick.

Cran raspberry sauce

this is from i am going to try this on thanksgiving.

Citrus salad dressing or marinade

another great dressing/marinade from good seasons, using their italian salad dressing mix. they recommend it atop a salad with chicken, fruit and nuts or as a marinade for asparagus, shrimp or chicken....

Cote d azur fruit and greens salad with honey lemon dressing

crystal blue water, bright sunshine, and warm air redolent with lemon blossoms; this is the french riviera! bring just a little of that ambiance to any dinner with this gorgeous salad. the dressing is...

Delicious indian chickpeas pulao

a simple, tasty and easy recipe i like:)

Orange vodka

no need to buy flavored vodka when you can make your own with fresh orange or lemon. from

Lemon sorbet

this will kick you taste buds in the butt! very tangy and yum. i use a melon baller to scoop it out of the container and put it in very small bowls as you don't need much. if you have a thing for sour...

Creamy spinach with smoked gouda gratin

to make sure this gratin is rich & luscious, be sure to squeeze all the excess liquid from the spinach before adding the bechamel sauce. bechamel is a classic french white sauce made by stirring milk into...

Lemonade plus

i found this recipe on another site over 5 years ago and have been making it every summer. the added fruits really make a difference in taste. it does, however, get a bit bitter near the end of the pitcher--if...

Smoothie king lemon twist copycat

this is a copycat recipe of smoothie king's lemon twist smoothie with strawberries. i haven't tried sk's banana lemon twist, but i assume that half a banana substituted for the strawberries would be about...

Butterflied chicken with herbs and sticky lemon

this recipe, submitted by elise lalor from issaquah, wa, was the 2009 judges’ choice and $10,000 winner(representing the pacific region) in the 2009 chicken cooking contest put on by the national chicken...

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