Citrus spice syrup

a delicious base for all kinds of drinks! place chopped pineapple or lemon along with some mint in a glass. muddle (mash), add citrus spice syrup, top with club soda or/and drink of choice. for a party,...

Yogurt dessert

this is a fantastic turkish dessert to be remembered.

Almond sunshine citrus

from toh everyday light meals cookbook and they suggest serving it with pork for dinner, but i think it would be equally as good for breakfast or brunch. make sure you allow time for this to be refrigerated...

Lemon syrup

this is a simple and wonderful recipe! use to make drinks, add to cakes, or make lemon mint spritzers and lemon royales! adapted from food & wine magazine(2002)

Sugar and spice glazed lemon tea scones

delightful light and lemony glazed scones with just a hint of spice! these are even more delicious when split and spread with lemon curd - and maybe a dollop of cream for good measure! these would be wonderful...

Slice of lemon pie

this was a winner in a pillsbury bake-off back in the 60's. it became one of mama's favorite desserts to fix for company and sunday dinner. it is wonderful.

Beets with lemon sauce

we enjoy beets, fresh or canned, & this recipe was found in the thanksgiving cookbook, 1991.

Chocolate lemon cream bars

"a jazzed-up chocolate cake mix forms the layers that sandwich is a lemony cream cheese center in these bars." from taste of home by: renee schwebach

Citrus tea punch

i've become fond of tea-based punch, and this one sounds wonderful with or without the vodka! hubby says rum. why not? :) i'll be trying this when i'm spring cleaning. (minus the vodka? lol!) from fine...

Lemon vodka

when i saw the episode of ricardo doing this lemon vodka, i knew i had to try it. it's so yummy. you have to try it. the bottle has to be in a dark area for at least 7 days.


healthy and delicious middle eastern salad. tabouli is a very simple salad that call for very little ingredients, but amazingly big on flavor.this salad is a delicious companion for everything from barbeques...

Cote d azur fruit and greens salad with honey lemon dressing

crystal blue water, bright sunshine, and warm air redolent with lemon blossoms; this is the french riviera! bring just a little of that ambiance to any dinner with this gorgeous salad. the dressing is...

Creamy crunchy chicken

this is a 4 year old's delight. my daughter (and everyone else) loves this chicken. she will eat it anytime, anyplace. how can you go wrong with ritz crackers and chicken?

Mile high lemon pie

this pie's texture is as airy as a cloud and almost that high! very creamy and lemony. cooking time does not include chilling time.

Lemon chocolate tart

published by the toronto star and originally from anne lindsay's new light cooking. this tart is quick and easy to make. while it's baking some of the chocolate crust will rise to the top and leave a...

Tangy party punch

this pastel punch is always a hit at receptions and parties. recipe comes from taste of home.

Kurdish lemonade

for best results you will need omani lemons which are in fact sun dried limes. in persian the same name is used for limes and lemons (limoo). lemon would be called "limoo zard" (yellow lime). so when...


basboosa are thin semolina squares covered in a honey and lemon syrup. very middle eastern, this goes great with some sweet turkish coffee or some mint tea.

Tropical curried fruit

fresh fruit makes a delicious accompaniment to grilled or broiled chicken and fish. serve this dish hot or at room temperature.

Strawberry watermelon lemonade

refreshing on a warm day.

Citrus chicken with sesame and ginger

if you're having people round and don't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen, this delicious entree actually benefits by being prepared the day before serving.

Lemon blueberry pancakes

these are a nice change from your everyday pancakes. the lemon, blueberry, buttermilk flavors go nicely with the brown sugar, but plain sugar is fine. also, i thought that the pecans are a nice touch,...

Lemon mint tea

a refreshing tea for you to enjoy! prep time does not include chill time.

Lemon tassies

i love to have ready-made tassies in the freezer. if unexpected company drops by, these are great to have on hand. the recipe #59854 is excellent.

Lemon berry trifle

finish off a meal with this light, refreshing treat.

Low fat lemon poppy seed muffins

a great low fat muffin with a nice hint of lemon.

Lemon ketchup

this is an old condiment recipe that uses methods that might have evolved since then. for example, a food processor might be preferred now. from the western cookbook chapter of the united states regional...

Crazy salt

i posted this recipe for the request of those that are asking what crazy salt is, recipe #7542. a recipe i adopted. you can add 1 teaspoon of msg which i'm not a fan of. this are made with dried herbs....

Poppy seed biscotti

you can make orange biscotti by substituting the lemon zest and extract with orange.

Browned butter glaze

use this old-fashioned glaze for a lovely nutty flavor with a touch of lemon. incredibly quick and simple! goes great on pound cake or anywhere else. from country living

Cranberry mustard

lovely with pork, chicken, relish, meat and cheese platters. prep time includes first resting time.

Lemon daisy

the non-alcoholic version of the daisy drinks, all of which feature grenadine.

Lemon cream scones

i originally found this recipe on the back of a c & h sugar bag. i like it because it has a light lemon flavor without being overly sweet.

Lemon tart with almond crust

"our state products an abundance of lemons, and everyone is always looking for new ways to use them. this beautiful tart is my delicious solution to the excess-lemon problem!" submitted to taste of home...

Libyan cheese dip

this is a popular appetizer served in libya! can't remember where i got the recipe!

Creamy limoncello

smoother and creamier version of the standard limoncello. this recipe comes from gourmet. this needs to stay chilled and will keep for one month.. make sure to note the prep time. this needs to sit...

Shaker style sliced lemon pie

this is a decadent lemon pie, just simply delicious,very hard to resist!!

Aloo achar potato salad

this recipe is from krishnarpan restaurant, dwarika's hotel, katmandu

Chicken breasts in cucumber and lemon sauce

a lot of steps but certainly worth the effort for a special dinner. i believe the recipe originally came from bonappetit. prep time does not include draining the cucumbers.


another concoction i came up with after making my recipe #299834 as the base. if you like tangerines or mandarin oranges you'll enjoy this one. preparation is much like making a mojito, only with the citrus...

Cran raspberry sauce

this is from i am going to try this on thanksgiving.

Rosehip tea with cranapple lemon honey hagebutten tee

delicious, healthy and comforting rosehip tea with added cranberry and apple juice, lemon and honey. enjoy! rose hips (hagebutten) are a wonderful source of vitamin c.

Lemon curd marbled cheesecake

this is from epicurious. mmmmmm i love lemon cheesecake! cooking time includes chilling.

Blueberry lemon jam

i love the combination of blueberry and lemon, so i can't wait to give this a try. from ball home canning products. it assumes you know safe and proper canning procedures.

Cranberry lemon cupcakes

from 125 best cupcakes recipes.

Gingered peach pear no cook freezer jam

not sure if this is a new product, but i got a sample of ball simple creations no cook freezer jam fruit pectin at wal-mart along with some recipes. more info at

Citrus cooler

easy and yummy--no cook time, just chill time.

Meyer lemon and navel orange marmalade

this is a sweet marmalade, with just a hint of bitterness. it is not strongly bitter like seville orange marmalades are, but it has just a touch of bitterness which i think sets off the sweetness nicely....

Basil mojito

i love fresh basil! this is the right time of the year to enjoy the warm weather with a refreshing cocktail. enjoy!