Citrus ice cubes

another one from rick stein's fresh foods cook time is freezing time.

Low carb caesar salad dressing

this did not over power the salad. most caesar dressings do.

Citrus margarita

a fresh tasting margarita! if i am using a premium tequila, i don't salt the rim since i think it takes away from the flavor of the tequila.

Citrus soda

refreshing lemon-lime soda. for the warmer weather of the southern us regions.

Cuban chicken

from mom's test kitchen blog --

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Oasis smoothie

i love smoothies for dinner in the summertime here in the desert. this is one that i put together that really tastes great! hope you like it!

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Coconut creamed corn

from eatingwell: july/august 2008. creamed corn goes tropical with coconut milk, cilantro and lime juice. we love this with the kick of crushed red pepper, but it's great without it if you don't enjoy...

Culto a la vida cult of life a rum cocktail

dark rum is created by a longer aging process and different casks from that of light-coloured, drier white rums. look for words like "aged" or "anejo"" on the bottle. the spirit inside will have rich...

Fresh lime

so simple and so good!

Daiquiri pie

a pie that tastes as good as its sipping counterpart. so refreshing and easy to make.

Citrus sunrise

"using pink grapefruit sections rather than plain ones gives this chilly tangerine sipper an extra jolt of sweetness.

Cuban special

this is a signature cocktail from toronto canada's lula lounge, a glamorous latin nightclub.

Cucumber lime agua fresca

found this in family circle magazine

Crunchy thai salad

here's a healthy and tasty way to get your veggies. this makes an easy appetiser for four people or you can turn it into a main dish for two by serving a piece of cod or thinly sliced pork fillet over...

Orange mango margarita

i made this up to use some things hanging out in my fridge. it's strong but fresh and fruity. easily multiplied for more than one serving.

Cranberry bomb

my dh just mixed this up for me.

Coconut lime squares

these are great-tasting.


great cocktail...make sure to serve some snacks with this! recipe from the chicago sun-times.

Cool lime pie

tart, creamy and refreshing for the hot summer days.

Candied lime slices

right after joining rz, i tried & was not able to find a recipe for candied limes, but chef neta kindly helped me find this 1 at the food network website. twice since then questions have come up about...

Lemonade plus

i found this recipe on another site over 5 years ago and have been making it every summer. the added fruits really make a difference in taste. it does, however, get a bit bitter near the end of the pitcher--if...

Lime chicken nachos

i adapted this recipe from one in a book that came with our george foreman grill. it is really easy to make and tastes great, even left over. cooking time includes marinating time.

Lemon sorbet

this will kick you taste buds in the butt! very tangy and yum. i use a melon baller to scoop it out of the container and put it in very small bowls as you don't need much. if you have a thing for sour...

Citrus sangria non alcoholic

an alternative to the adult sangria that everyone can enjoy at your next fiesta!

Watermelon basket fruit salad

since these are basic instructions, the number of servings will depend on the size of your fruit. it can serve a big crowd.

Pineapple lime jam

i found a recipe similar on all recipes, but i did not like how long it took to cooked down. i like chunky jam and do not like to stand at the stove that long. so i changed it to use pectin instead. cooking...


middle eastern lemonade is something i've often drunk - and loved - in middle eastern restaurants, but this is the first recipe for it i've come across. the lemonade i've been served in middle eastern...

Plum jam with lime and ginger

plum jam with a zesty kick from the juice and zest of limes and fresh and dried ginger.

Limon mojito

this mojito is great. i used the soda water to top up. from the 501 must-drink cocktails

Margarita pie

i haven't tried this pie yet, but it looks good and sounds like it would be a really light refreshing summer dessert. if you try it first, let us know how you like it. bake time is freezing time. prep...

Tuna steaks with pineapple sauce

a caribbean inspired recipe that goes well with either tuna or swordfish steaks. perfect for the grill too. serve with an island style rice pilaf. prep time does not include marinating time.

Citrus spice syrup

a delicious base for all kinds of drinks! place chopped pineapple or lemon along with some mint in a glass. muddle (mash), add citrus spice syrup, top with club soda or/and drink of choice. for a party,...

Fajita spiced oven potatoes

this is my latest attempt at creating a tasty but fairly low fat 'fry'. i was aiming to have them be mexican inspired which is why i went for the lime instead of lemon in the mix.

Lime parfait pie

this makes an impressive looking pie. a lovely summertime dessert.prep/cook time does not include the crust.

Almond sunshine citrus

from toh everyday light meals cookbook and they suggest serving it with pork for dinner, but i think it would be equally as good for breakfast or brunch. make sure you allow time for this to be refrigerated...


a drink from the bar eclipse, at le cap, south africa. taken in a book.

Yoda soda

my kids make this year round. it is from the star wars cookbook. definitely double or triple the recipe to serve more than 1. cook time is prep time.

Brazilian limeade

the baptist college i attended my freshman year had a special program where students from brazil could come and study through a missions program. this is a recipe from carolina, one of my best girlfriends....

Fresh lime trifle

this sounds really good -- i haven't made it yet, but the steps are quick and easy. we love key lime pie, and a lime trifle sounds like the next best thing. from a recipe card courtesy of my neighborhood...

Spiced cranapple crush

from bhg. this was a nice drink, a little bit different.

Salmon salad with chive vinaigrette

source: better homes and gardens prep time is 1 hour soaking time and 20 minutes for the prep.

Brunch punch

a good juice punch for your sunday get-togethers. your guests could add some vodka or rum to their individual glasses, if desired.

Mango lime salsa

from 365 easy mexican recipes

Lime fluff

my friend stacy enders makes this and is a big hit! thanks, stacy for the recipe;o)

Tangy party punch

this pastel punch is always a hit at receptions and parties. recipe comes from taste of home.

Kurdish lemonade

for best results you will need omani lemons which are in fact sun dried limes. in persian the same name is used for limes and lemons (limoo). lemon would be called "limoo zard" (yellow lime). so when...

Fresh limeade and tropical pink limeade

these recipes come from one of my favorite chefs; rick bayless. if you like limes you will like these 2 drinks; soooo good!