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Top recipes for "Long-grain-rice"

Chicken kabuli pulao afghanistan

afghanistan's national dish. my family likes this version very much. modified from recipe#59168.

Cranberry edamame wild rice salad

a healthy, tasty and pretty dish. perfect for a lunch or even as a side dish to some poultry or pork for a dinner party. you can either use leftover wild rice (which is what we did), make your own or...


bf and i went to the casino the other night and the chinese section of the buffet had a dish by this name. i knew it was rice and very rich and that i needed to find a recipe for it! this is it!!! i did...

Traditional bahraini chicken machboos machbous

machboos is a dish of rice & meat, popular in many gulf countries & across saudi arabia. here is a version which is traditionally made in bahrain. if you don't have any buharat / baharat spice mix, there...

Curried salmon and rice slice

this is very very good, my aunty's recipe--we love this in my house. this may seem like a lot of ingredients, but it is too good to miss out on.

In the pantry tuna rice casserole

my 2 sons grew up on this casserole. young children, especially like this. not spicy, but creamy. the ingredients are usually in everyone's pantry, hence the title. lol

Coconut papaya rice

for safe keeping have not tried yet

Dill rice

from southern living. you could also use orzo or brown rice.

Chicken and green beans in spicy peanut sauce

gotta love this dish. one of our all time favorites. cooks notes: substitute baby spinach for green beans. we also like to serve with basmati rice.

Curried spinach soup palak shorva

rich, smooth and thick, perfect for when the weather starts to turn frosty. make enough to have leftovers the next day -- it is even better when the flavors have time to meld together. from "fields of...

Rice atole mexican rice pudding arroz con leche

my mom adapted this from several recipes she found, in an attempt to copy the arroz con leche that we had while i was studying in merida, in mexico's yucatan peninsula. the bakery sold it in little plastic...

Beef chop suey

easy to make, and also very adaptable. chop suey is the classic chinese-american dish. this one's mainly a vegetable dish with beef added for extra flavor.

Dosas indian rice and lentil pancakes

in response to a request, i haven't tried these, but they sound intriguing. this is an indian lentil and rice pancake. the mixture needs to soften and set for sometime, you'll need at least 1 1/2 days...

Diabetic rice pudding for two

my husband loves rice pudding, but he's diabetic (we both are). this is a simple recipe which only makes enough for two servings. he can't pig out! i usually set aside cooked rice just to make this for...

Copycat sizzler rice

i concocted this recipe for my friend who loves the rice pilaf served as a side dish at sizzler steakhouses. you can tweak the seasonings to your preference and adjust the amounts of lemon juice & chicken...

Cheesy tuna and rice dish

inexpensive recipe from carnation evaporated milk.

Classic creamy greek rice pudding

this is comfort food at its best, especially during these uneasy times. you can serve the pudding with a dollop of homemade whipped cream (and even a maraschino cherry on top.) to make it look really special...

Costa rican white rice

this is the way my suegra used to make rice every day in costa rica.

Brown basmati rice basic preparation

a lot of people seem to have trouble with brown rice, getting the texture right and so on. this is the way i have figured out, with a little help from a madhur jaffrey cookbook, and i can honestly say...

French rice

this recipe is from "green hills garden club cooks...favorite recipes from vicksburg, ms" (june hebler). excellent side dish!

Cheesy salsa rice

this is a quick and delicious side dish that i make all the time to serve with mexican food. i know it's not authentic, but my family loves it!

Easiest ever paella

think paella's too much of a challenge? think again, this easy recipe makes it foolproof and is full of fantastic flavor.

Creamy lemon rice

this is a delicious rice dish that is easy to make and goes wonderfully with fish or chicken. the cream can be eliminated, and the rice is still delicious.

Buddha rice vietnamese for zwt 9

this is another recipe i found at a cooking-by-country website & is further proof that the countries of cambodia, pakistan, thailand & vietnam share a common affection for the use of coconut milk across...

Pomegranate and almond rice

simple, easy, tasty way to improve the flavour and colour of a rice dish. this adds a little sweetness to a curry, and when you bite into the pomegranate seeds they just burst with flavour.

Burn rice

this one came from my mother-in-law. we eat lots of rice here in brazil, and this recipe is an easy and tasty variation on the brazilian pilaf.

Brown wild rice mushroom casserole

from the true wyoming beef cooking guide & recipe collection.

Walnut garlic rice

i love to prepare this for weekend lunch !

Creamy garlic parmesan leeks and rice

a mixture and modification of several recipes i've found (#468912 & #468912). sort of a risotto, but simpler to make, good as a side. i added a leek from an extra i had after making soup. you could...

Egyptian rice for fish

this is a must have dish cooked in egypt with any kind of fish very easy and tasty and you have a choice of adding tiny pieces of shrimp to it or cumin or even raisins

Chunky minestrone

this minestrone uses reduced-sodium chicken broth, tomatoes and beans. so if you happen to be on a low-sodium diet this is a good recipe for you, though you can use regular chicken broth, tomatoes, beans...

Chicken and vegetables congee chok

this is totally and utterly comfort food for asians. posted this recipe for skipper/sy. it is a total self-creation that has become a staple in my family. we actually have craving for this. a total balanced...

Steamed rice with coconut and lemon

yummy, lemony rice. this is a great base for spicy dishes.

Country corn brown rice

been making this for years and thought i'd share. originally from my great recipes (i think). very versatile; use long or short grain and works equally well with brown or white rice.

Crock pot texas hash

a very delicious, yet simple comfort food that everyone enjoys. many, many ago, we were invited for dinner. as the hostess served this from the crock pot, i kicked my "meat and potatoes" dh under the table,...

Cuban spicy yellow rice

authentic yellow rice, cuban style, with a little bit of dh's spicy flair, without worrying about the cost of saffron. this is a must in our house. its fast, simple, so yummy, even the kids love it....

Biram ruz egyptian rice casserole

from saad fayed, birum ruz is a rice casserole served with chicken or lamb. it is full of flavor and makes an easy alternative to plain white rice.

Spinach feta rice and ham

not really a recipe name, but it is what i actually call it. very delicious. one of my favorite dishes to make with leftover holiday ham.

Bubba rice

simple rice side-dish that has a wonderful onion flavor. this recipe produces a creamy rice that goes well with chicken or pork. my grandmother (my bubba) used to make this all the time when i was a kid,...

Greek rice salad

this is a quick and simple rice salad. the creamy feta blends beautifully with the black olives. if you leave out the cucumber, this is also lovely served warm. i like the flavour as it is but if you don't...

Cuban chicken with yellow rice

a wonderful one dish meal that the entire family will enjoy. beautiful presentation with the yellow rice, green peas and red peppers.

Qormeh sabzi

iranian stew. the main ingredients are a mixture of sauteed herbs, including fenugreek, leek, spring onions, parsley, spinach and cilantro. this mixture is cooked with kidney beans, dried limes, and lamb,...

Curry dressing for rice or potato salad

this is a versatile dressing with a refreshing flavour that brings out the best in a rice salad. i am always asked for this recipe once people taste it, as rice salads can generally be very boring. the...

Copy cat panera cream of chicken and wild rice soup

i literally crave this amazing, hearty soup from panera when the weather begins to chill.... this is the closest recipe i have found to theirs. the best part is, it's ready in less than an hour!! i've...

Rice pudding for one

i'm passing this along for all the seniors and singles. i haven't tried it myself, but plan to soon as it sounds easy and tasty.

Ground pork peas and rice casserole

this is based on a great recipe from ken hom's book, quick & easy chinese cooking. he says, "this is a typical chinese dish, designed to comfort, to satisfy, and to relax the body and soul. it reheats...

Wild rice salad with raisins

a rice salad that is an absolute must with left over turkey at christmas.. this started out as a delia recipe but got edited along the way. in answer to kumquat's review, you have to ground or mince the...

Tasty mexican rice

this is my favorite recipe for mexican rice. tastes as good as any i've had in a mexican restaurant. found this recipe on the internet and am sure glad i did!

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