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Top recipes for "Malaysian"

Curry puffs

malaysia and singapore's version of the empanada

Clay pot chicken

a delicious spicy chicken with a delicate hint of coconut. the tomato and coriander really make this dish! and it's really simple to make and easy to prepare ahead of time!

East meets west rojak fruit salad

i found this recipe on cyberkuali. it's very refreshing and delicious. the dressing is wonderful!!

Coconut basmati rice

this is from the

Malaysian indian dalcha

this recipe originates from south india and was taken by muslim immigrants to malaysia. it is a wonderfully warming and nourishing lentil and vegetable curry with a tantalising flavour, but with such a...

Gordon ramsay's malaysian chicken curry

this recipe came highly recommended and intrigued me as the spice combination was different to any curry i have made. which if i may say so myself, is a few. that and the fact our household loves a good...

Malaysian portuguese eurasian yellow curry too easy

too simple. children love it too! this is an authentic portuguese-eurasian yellow curry, as my mom lives in the only village-settlement for portuguese-eurasian of malaysia.

Hokkien mee

this is one of my favourite malaysian recipes. this dish is best made just before serving.

Cape malay mango atjar south african mango chutney

this easy to make and flavourful south african preserve is wonderful with curries, stews and casseroles - and i have also used it in toasted cheese sandwiches as well! atjar was introduced to south africa...

Singapore burgers

i originally found this recipe online, but i tried it and gave it some of my own touches, and it was really good!

Stir fried chicken with mango and peppers

this is from heartsmart chinese cooking, by steven wong. every single recipe in this book is delicious, and since i can't post them all, you should just buy it. the recipes are great because they taste...

Red chili shrimp

based on the malay dish called sambal udang. really spicy but not too hot and yummy with white rice or coconut rice and thickly sliced cucumbers to cool your tongue. it doesn't look impressive but given...

Curried noodles with pork

quick and easy recipe to use up some left over pork. usually if we're making a pork roast or pork on the bbq we will save some, and then make this recipe with the left overs. it's very easy to make,...

Fish exotica

one fine day, i sat down and wondered to myself how i could create a colorful dish, using fish fillets with refreshing ingredients, spicy yet appetizing. here it is; hope you like this. i have created...

Chicken and vegetables congee chok

this is totally and utterly comfort food for asians. posted this recipe for skipper/sy. it is a total self-creation that has become a staple in my family. we actually have craving for this. a total balanced...

Malaysian laksa

laksa is a malaysian soup made from laksa flavour spicy curry, coconut cream, noodles, prawns/shrimp, chicken and lots of fresh toppings. this recipe is considered to be a cheat version because it uses...

Sticky pork chops

a mouth watering yummy pork chop asian style. double the recipe, you'll want more. :)

Sticky rice with mango and lime

found this recipe on donna hay's cookbook titled

Spicy roast chicken

you can also do this delicious, spicy chicken dish with chicken pieces instead of a whole chicken. another option is cooking on the bbq (it's terrific!). the chicken needs 1 day in the marinade for best...

Mashed banana fritters

it's a popular malaysian snack that's traditionally deep-fried, but here i am pan-frying it in a smidgen of butter or cooking oil. that works too and it's way healthier. ^_^ children love it, too, as...

Malaysian style oxtail soup

this broth is so flavorful and so authentic. it tastes sort of like the vietnamese

The raffles hotel original singapore gin sling cocktail

the singapore sling is one of those wonderful drinks that we probably have all heard of, but perhaps have never had. and because this recipe is often incorrectly recorded in most recipe books, even if...

Steamed palm sugar custards

extremely rich!! you will be rolling your eyes to the back of your head at the wonderful taste and fragrance you will experience with this wonderful asian custard. i cannot get over how simple and delicious...

Bbq duck and ramen soup

love this simple but delicious noodle soup on a cold wet rainy day. great meal in one. total comfort food.

Creamy chicken or prawn curry

this is based on an australian weight watchers recipe. it's very healthy and low fat but tastes like it isn't! i often double the sauce and use it to cook up a 500g bag of defrosted frozen prawn meat....

Beef kurmah curried beef

this is a malay curry and it is really good as it can be frozen.

Singapore rice noodles

this popular rice noodle dish has moved up the malay peninsula to china and became an important part of chinese cuisine. make sure all the ingredients are prepped before you start to cook. this recipe...

Straits ginger tea

there is some bite to this! you can drink it hot or cold.

Malay beef rendang

the most simple recipe to make rendang, but it still taste delicious. you can use the same ingredients and directions to make chicken rendang (enough for 1 whole chicken). try it & you wont't regret

Banana coconut pudding

children love this cooling, malay-influenced pudding. very easy, and soothing after a spicy meal.

Prawn pad thai

this is a great and quick meal. wow your guest, they will think that you have slaved over this for ages.

Quick satay sauce

a recipe from jill dupleix. can be served with steamed vegetables and /or beef/chicken/lamb skewers.

Stir fried kai lan or broccoli

this is one of our favourite and healthy dishes from asia. use vegetarian oyster sauce for vegan version.

Ayam siow peranankan chicken in tamarind sauce

a classic peranankan (chinese with malay heritage) recipe i got off women's weekly magazine to which i had made some adjustments. yummy stuff esp if the taste of sweet brown sugar contrasted with the subtle...

Malaysian chicken curry

i love these tender chicken pieces in fragrant coconut curry gravy. when served with hot coconut rice and fried anchovies, it's called nasi lemak. (check out my recipe for the rice). i'd like to think...

Authentic balinese indonesian satay chicken

this is amazing! i got this recipe from a lady i met on my honeymoon in bali. it's indonesian home cooking so it's more authentic than the satay you could try in the restaurants. to make this dish quicker...

Terong belado eggplant with chilli sauce

eggplant south east asian style.

Malayan pork with satay sauce

posted for zwt ii. adapted from the new york times cookbook.

Malaysian tofu satay

this could also be made with any other meat sub such as seitan, or with real meat like chicken or beef.

Easy light coconut rice

this recipe is so fragrant and creamy, nobody can guess that it uses chicken stock to reduce fat/calories without reducing flavor. it is mild enough to be paired with any dish yet tasty enough to be eaten...

Sweet chilli prawn cakes

these prawn cakes are a great appetizer or small finger food to serve with drinks. they can be made in huge batches, all shaped and kept in the freezer. and when you need them (which will be often), just...

Sambal nasi lemak

you may use the same ingredients (exclude anchovies) to make squid sambal, prawn sambal, chicken sambal, etc.

Easy polynesian marinade

this is an incredibly simple marinade, but delicious! my dad got it from a polynesian friend at work- it goes great with tofu, chicken, or any other meat, and is very easy to remember and double.

Aromatic chicken rendang

a traditional malay dish, rendang is a specialized dry-ish curry that is made distinctive by adding dry-fried grated coconut towards the end of cooking time. it is made with chicken or beef (this takes...

Spicy chilli

traditional malay condiments that goes well with almost anything especially deep fried item

Passionfruit and orange sago

i found this recipe after eating this at a restaurant "china doll". i prefer asian desserts as they are light and refreshing and don't seem to have the calories nor guilt - but actually probably do! cooking...

Lamb curry malaysian eurasian style

this is equivalent to a kas kas curry my grandmother used to make. the gravy is delicious.

Malaysian lime coconut swordfish

recipe from cooking light.

Coconut curried tilapia

i made this one day by accident for lack of a curry paste. i was forced to create my own and it has become a favorite in my household.

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