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Top recipes for "Marinades-and-rubs"

Mbs steak ale marinade

this is supposedly the same recipe as the chicken/steak marinade from the old steak and ale restaurants! my mom makes this all the time - she'll leave her boneless chicken breasts in this for up to 3...

Churrasco argentine grilled meat marinade

this is a marinade for the churrasco dish. in argentina, where this style of cooking developed, "churrasco" actually refers to many types of meats prepared on the grill. it's also popular with nicaraguans....

Dr pepper chicken marinade

i grew up with dr. pepper and therefore will use it in just about anything i can. this makes for a pretty good chicken marinade. i've also added a can of tomatoes before, but didn't like the texture.

Cowboy coffee rub for grilled steaks

from "the healthy beef cookbook," found in june, 2006, country home magazine. sounded too interesting to not post or try!

Spicy lamb chops with tomato cucumber raita

these lamb chops provide a powerpunch of flavor that is toned down by the coolness of the tomato-cucumber raita. it's spicy and refreshing all at the same time! feel free to cut down on the curry power...

Easy italian chicken marinade

this is so easy and good. a favorite way of ours to grill chicken in the summer!

Mexican fiesta dip mix in a jar

another great mix that makes life easier (see also "my" hot mexican rub recipe #132796). i included this as part of a gift basket for my friend and of course i had to try it before giving it away. too...

Citrus salad dressing or marinade

another great dressing/marinade from good seasons, using their italian salad dressing mix. they recommend it atop a salad with chicken, fruit and nuts or as a marinade for asparagus, shrimp or chicken....

Texas steak marinade

this will make any cut of beef taste great. try it and i know you'll love it, my family does.

Thai marinade

this is a great marinade that is full of thai flavours and works so well with all kind of meat.

Dry rub for salmon

this has a subtle spicy sweet flavor that is a nice compliment to the salmon.

Grilled lamb kebabs with cumin and cinnamon

i love this lamb dish. the flavors sound unusual, but they compliment the meat nicely. i first tasted this last summer at a cook out. i begged for the recipe and got it from the hostess.

Coffee molasses marinade

use this to marinate and baste chicken, spareribs or other cuts of pork. marinate at least overnight. prep time does not include marinating and cooling time.

Teriyaki marinade for chicken or beef

delightful marinade. great for fondue.

Cuban garlic sauce

a great marinade, dip for chips or veggies, & a sauce for meats. i would eat this stuff on just about anything. i usually dump everything into the blender and puree it until it is smooth.

Vinegar hot sauce for pulled pork

every experienced barbecuer has an opinion on sauces/marinades/rubs. this marinade is made for a pork butt that has already been cooked on a hickory smoke grill with a dry rub. this recipe is from the...

Harissa oil

i am a spice wimp but my husband loves hot and spicy food. so, i am proving my love for him and putting this recipe in my collection to make for

Citrus honey marinade

good marinate for fish steaks or chicken. remember not to over-marinate your fish!

Jerk wings

hey mon, these are good! a nice change from traditional hot wings.

Cubano marinade

a citrusy marinade for chicken, pork or fish.

Blueberry pomegranate infused red wine vinegar

coordinates with recipe#381946, recipe#365773, recipe#379251, recipe#383219, and recipe#379221 and i was unable to buy this vinegar from our small town grocery store so i developed my own with the help...

Basic kiwi marinade

kiwi has a natural enzyme that helps tenderize tougher cuts of meat. this recipe came from the kiwi cove lodge, in british columbia. posted for zaar world tour, new zealand!

Moroccan rub

this recipe has been submitted for play in zwt9 - morocco. recipe from cookbook the complete illustrated book of herbs. this rub brings the exotic into our homes, hope you will enjoy this tasty rub....

Yemen rub

from eipcurious. good on vegetables and meats. good as part of a gift basket if labelled and put in an attractive jar or tin.

Tikka marinade

spice up your dinner with this zesty tikka marinade! great with chicken, pork and prawns. serve with basmati rice

Citrus garlic salad dressing marinade

a garlic and citrus vinaigrette. so simple to make. i also use this on cooked veggies such as green beans or broccoli. it also works great as a marinade for chicken or pork before grilling.

Indian spiced rub

this rub makes enough for 2lb meat, poultry or fish and goes especially well with chicken, lamb and firm white fish.

Grilled chicken breast with oriental marinade

just a nice way to cook chicken.

Dry rub for sirloin steaks

printed this from a long forgotten website in the 1990s. have not tried; posted for safekeeping so i can clean out my paper recipe files. :)

Electric chimichurri sauce

inspired by a sauce recipe taken from cuisine at home magazine, this robust and pungent chimichurri is great with anything cooked on the grill. the electric green color radiates and is an appropriate...

Garlic teriyaki marinade

awesome marinade for steak! make it as garlicky as you like!

Mexican chipotle marinade

great for marinating chicken or pork. packs a punch!

Coriander mint chutney

this is a delicious, fresh-tasting chutney from madhur jaffrey's indian cooking. i love it! i generally serve it with any indian meal i make, but i think it's equally delicious served along-side a grilled...

Tuscan chicken marinade

simple and delicious marinade.

Ouzo marinated greek cheese

ouzo-marinated greek cheese

Dilled broccoli

got this recipe from a co-worker and have made it often. one of the few ways i can get my husband to eat broccoli! this recipe can be halved, as it makes alot.

Citrus dressing

from 1001 low fat. try this on a beet salad or as a marinade for chicken.

Apple cider vinegar marinade

good use of that healthy, tangy nectar.

Finger lickin good chicken marinade

i got the recipe for this incredibly tasty marinade from a neighbor at a cookout 17 years ago. i haven't found a better marinade for my chicken since then! i use it in baking chicken, but i mostly use...

Bribe the ranger marinade

our family was swimming at a park in a small, new england town and, not realizing that it would close at 7 pm, i hadn't hurried about getting our chicken grilled. the ranger who apologetically told us...

Jamaican jerk brine for chicken pork

kosher salt, which is preferred due to it's lack of impurities if using table salt use 1/2 the amount.

Sugar and spice turkey breast with peach chutney

this recipe is from razzle dazzle recipes and is a restaurant recipe from defrancesco's.

Marinated grilled steaks

this recipe is from a local paper, it produces a very tender flavourful steak. increase the marinade for more than 2 steaks.

Lime cumin marinade for chicken or shrimp

here's a simple, flavourful marinate for chicken or shrimp.

Dijon pork chops with red wine vinegar and herbs

for the broiler from a food emporium recipe card. these can also be grilled.

Chicken skewered with ketjap manis

this is a recipe from indonesia from a learning packet at my dd's culinary school. i have added approximate cooking times. i have not tried this recipe but my dd has indicated to me that she liked it.

Shish kabob marinade steak or lamb

from favorite recipes of our first ladies, 1971. this one was submitted by mrs. stanley hathaway of wyoming. i haven't tried it yet.

Spanish rub

two kinds of paprika, cilantro and lemon give spanish flair to pork chops, tenderloin or shrimp. from '' and posted for zwt5 and zwt8.

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