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Top recipes for "Melons"

Summer chill

a real cool caper!

Cloudy melon

this is my husband's concoction. we were trying to use up some midori one day, and this was quite tasty!

Cool calypso dip fruit platter

yet another favored pampered chef recipe. this is perfectly delicious with any kind of fruit. creamy and simple to make, it should be a staple at any picnic or bbq. i know the ingredients don't sound like...

Cucumber and watermelon salad with hoisin lime dressing

a vietnamese-style salad that makes a refreshing accompaniment to any kind of barbecued meat.

Mango pineapple salsa

serve this sprightly salsa with tortilla chips or as an accompaniment to fajitas. it is also delicious alongside grilled fish or chicken. from williams-sonoma kitchen. we loved this salsa, and served...

Grilled prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe

this brings the typical prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe to the next level!!! crisping the prosciutto and juicy tender warm cantaloupe. almost as easy as none cooked version. this is wonderful along or add...

Crisp watermelon salad

this is a variation of a recipe from my dd high school culinary class.

Creamy cantaloupe pops

yummy! sounds like a good recipe for kids in the summer

Watermelon tomato gazpacho

a nice summertime recipe that calls for only raw ingredients and no cooking time. lovely blend of flavors with no one flavor dominating. used the blender to puree. done rapidly with no heat and would...


a tongan fruit drink which can be made from any fruit although vi, mangoes and mandarins make a good variation on the recipe here.

Turkey melon roll ups

this sweet and savory snack is my favorite way to enjoy delicious ripe cantaloupes in the summer! you can also double or triple this to make quick summer appetizers.

Creamy melon gazpacho

entered for safe-keeping. from june 2012 vegetarian times. spanish cooking combines sweet and savory in tapas and appetizers. please be sure to use smoked paprika. the melon's stem end should smell sweet,...

Big fruit salad

after an overly hearty, boring, rich, oily meat and potatoes kind of meal i really truly feel that everyone only wants one thing; something that's not overly hearty, boring, rich, and oily! that is why...

Dreamy orange cheesecake dip

this is just a little different than other cheesecake-type dips. it is always a hit whenever i bring it. and, since fruit is the best dipper, its a little healthier, too. this is from a taste of home...

Fruit dream

if you do not have a trifle bowl, you can just use a large regular bowl.

Kiddie kebabs with yogurt dip

this was in the chicago sun-times food section, and i thought it sounded cute so i clipped it. when my 3 and 4-year-old cousins came over and i wanted to whip up something nice but healthy for them, i...

Melon granita

cool and delicately flavored, this granita is an ideal dessert after a barbecue or other spicy meal. plan ahead as you'll need to start 4½ or 5 hours before you plan to serve the granita. this untried...

Cool cantaloupe soup with basil cream

this is a great summertime soup that is satisfying without making you feel full. this can be part of a summer feast! from country living magazine(june 2004)

Spanish salad

this is great on a hot day.

White melon sangria

even though it seems a contradiction for a sangria to be made with white wine (since sangria is named for its blood-red color), once you've tasted this festive thirst quencher it won't matter a bit! pieces...

Clammy yummy

this is a really awful drink.

Five fruit salsa

i found the recipe in april/may taste of home 2003. posted for zaar world tour 2005. suggested serving: as a dip for cinnamon tortilla chips, but i think it would be great served with fish! times do...

Fresh fruit summer salad

all the wonderful fresh fruit of summer, whatever is in season, makes refreshing fruit salads. i use whatever is going locally the day i make it, berries, peaches, apricots, pineapple, melons etc., mmmm...

Spring in your step smoothie raw food

this recipe was pulled off the internet.

Pink watermelon slushy

i just love watermelon and the drinks that are made from them. this is so yummy. i have added my own little addition 8) . adapted from healthy quick cook by martha stewart.

Carolina cantaloupe martini

i love cantaloupe martinis! most bars make it with orange juice but i have made it with pureed cantaloupe and it really makes a big difference. use premium quality vodka for the best martini. enjoy!

Melon and parma ham salad with mint dressing

this combination works extremely well and is tasty tasty tasty! there are 2 ways i serve this, either as a main course summer salad with cantaloupe melon mixed into salad leaves with strips of parma ham...

Watermelon basket fruit salad

since these are basic instructions, the number of servings will depend on the size of your fruit. it can serve a big crowd.

Deen brothers vermouth soaked melon and prosciutto

this is an elegant upgrade to this popular and classic first course appetizer!

Strawberry watermelon lemonade

refreshing on a warm day.

Summer breeze

this is a great summer drink! great for the kids ; )

Tortellini fruit salad

this is a very quick and versatile salad. you may use any combination of fruits. i used this for a picnic and had no leftovers. prep and cook times are estimates and do not include refrigerating time.

Chilled melon soup

a light, cool chilled soup that is a great starter coarse for brunch or lunch. from maxwell's, stowe, vt.

Cool n breezy fruit salad

beat the heat with this !

Cantaloupe sopressata and feta salad

a refreshing summer salad, from our local upscale grocery store. the sweetness of the cantaloupe balances the mild heat of the sopressata. if you don't care for feta, you could sub any fresh cheese, mozzarella,...

Cold fruit sushi with honey style dipping sauce

pineapple matchsticks are rolled up in paper-thin slices of melon for a light, refreshing dessert that is prepared in the same fashion as sushi rolls. it's important that the fruit be perfectly ripe....

Melon breeze

yummy cocktail for you!

Frothy melon juice

i heart my new juicer! here is a super healthy and refreshing frothy melon-orange juice recipe for your juicer. tastes like a melon smoothie!

Watermelon berry zinger

enliven your taste buds with this cool and refreshing drink. a great dessert. you can sub the sherbert for ice cream. you can use coconut milk instead of rum if your are not into booze.

Cream of watermelon soup

i used to work in a brunch restaurant and when this soup was served, it always sold out very quickly. it is light and refreshing and perfect at a baby or bridal shower or even a ladies' luncheon. the restaurant...

Watermelon chiffon pie

this feather-light chiffon pie has the subtle but distinct flavor of watermelon; as well it should, since there are nearly three cups of watermelon juice in the filling. that juice is thickened with gelatin,...

Grape and melon salad for fifty plus

this is a refreshing fruit salad with a light citrus dressing that will be a hit on any buffet or potluck menu. simple to make, and delicious to eat-this needs to chill for at least an hour before serving....

Watermelon water

you want refreshing??? im talking reeefresshinnng!

Melon balls with rum and lime

dress up melon balls with a flavored syrup. requires 3 to 5 hours of chilling.

Cantaloupe melba

i adopted this recipe from recipezaar and haven't tried it yet. i don't know how long it takes to make this so i estimated. sounds good.

Watermelon juice

this is a refreshing, tasty & healthy way to begin your day or anytime but it is most healthy consumed on an empty stomach. watermelon is thought to have originated in southern africa, where it is found...

Super meal breakfast salad

this salad is a a great start to your day! just sweet enough, and loaded with great nutrients! serve it with a whole grain english muffin or oatmeal to add some great "grains" to round out the meal. i...

Cream of cantaloupe soup

a very nice soup for lunch, very summery flavors. this has always turned out wonderfully.

Pineapple honeydew and mango with ginger and fresh herbs

pineapple, honeydew, mango, and crystallized ginger combine to make this refreshing fruit salad. i would serve this as a side to mexican or thai food.

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