Decadent fat free chocolate treat

this recipe is perfect for those watching their middles! one of my favourite breakfast or snack recipes for those cold winter, or cooler fall mornings. it is superb as a fat-free dessert option too! this...

Chow mein noodle cookies

another family favorite.

Rudolph chow

easy chocolate mix. great for gifts or to have around the house to snack on.

Crab butter

this is a quick and easy spread. make up to 2 days before needed. i got this recipe from my sister. where she found it, i don't know. i make this recipe for parties, family gatherings, and picnics.

Double peppermint bark

based on a recipe from the mccormick spice company. i haven’t tried this yet.

Creamy potato and bacon soup

quite simple, not alot of work involved. produces a wonderful soup full of flavour! i made this recipe a few weeks ago on a very cold day. as for preperation of the bacon, you can choose to cook it in...

Warm milk for sleepness nights and sore throats too

if you are having trouble falling asleep this will nod-you-off in no time flat, and also works wonders for a sore throat too! please adjust the sugar to taste, you will *love* this!

Clares blueberry corn mush breakfast

a little something i came up with when i wanted a change from my daily oat bran. tastes like a blueberry corn muffin!

Cup pudding

this is an ideal dessert for two. this is made in no time and can be cooked and left in the microwave whilst eating the main course. serve with custard sauce if so desired.

Chocolate haystacks

when you make these you will not be able to eat just one. these are so good and fast and easy. my family goes crazy when i make these and they are gone in a minute. hope you try these

Oatmeal base and variations healthy low fat oatmeal guide

in this recipe is the perfect and easiest microwave oatmeal base along with 21 variations you can choose from. its the perfect breakfast guide! you get variation without spending hours searching up differant...

Delicious low carb cornbread

this is my very favorite low carb recipe! it's so easy to prepare, and it's done in only 2 minutes in the microwave. the best part is that it only amounts to 1 carb per slice!!! there isn't a trace of...

Quick and easy cream cheese pie

this dessert is a favorite in our family-- we use it for family reunion's, party's, and all our "get togethers". my mom taught me how to make it-- i'm not sure where she got it from though.

Dilly dijon potatoes

this recipe is one i adapted from a kingsford grilling book. you can cut back on the dill or dijon if you like. it is a simple recipe with lots of flavour. prep time includes marinating time

Easy baked apples

you can also bake these in the oven, but this is very good if you want to do then quick.

Cup a rice

if you're on a money budget, fat budget, or time budget, this is a great lunch or dinner for you.

Chocolate coconut brownies easy microwave fix

this recipe is another sweet treat from *microwave cooking* by lorna rhodes & is sadly the final recipe i’ll be entering from this nifty cookbook. the intro boasts that “these are so quick that you...

Chocolate crackles

this recipe is from the website. the picture on the website is beautiful.

Diet haystacks

these aren't exactly healthy, but they are much better for you than the butter-laden, fried noodle variety of haystack cookies. from hungry-girl. cook time includes chill time. (1 stack - 71 calories,...

Chunky chocolate caramel pecan brownies

completely gooey decadence! you can substitute walnuts for the pecans if you prefer.

Easy as microwave chocolate fudge

yummo!! 3 minutes in the microwave is all you need for this one.

To die for nutless carrot cake

carrot cakes don't need nuts in them to be good! try this version of a recipe i originally found in chatelaine mag. don't be put off by the length; it's no harder than any other carrot cake!

Cinnamon tortillas

quick snack that the kids will love.

Cinnamon cookie bars

i like this recipe because it is so simple to make. i read that cinnamon is very good for you. i found a cinnamon cookie here, but i didn't like that it didn't hold together. i took a recipe of mine and...

Coconut brittle

this recipe is in response to a particular request for coconut brittle.

Chocolate mocha pudding

you can add nuts or orange pieces to this. try it with rum or an orange liquor. just reduce the amount of milk by the amount of liquid added. top with whip cream and a cinnamon dusting.

Cookies frosting

hi, my name is jane and this recipie will make your cookies taste amazing!

Creamy carrot and scallion baked potato topping

this recipe is from a great, long-gone magazine called good food. it is very filling and great if you are on a low-calorie diet.

Perfect easy microwave applesauce

this applesauce freezes wonderful!

Creamy apple raisin oatmeal

from betty crocker. my kids love oatmeal, and this is a good, and healthier substitute to those sweetened packets.

Creamy berry pie

a simple yet delicious dessert found in this months issue of family circle.

Chocolate mint wafers

using vanilla wafers in this recipe turns an ordinary cookie into something fantastic!

Veggie medley

i am a carnivore at heart. i was the child who never ate her vegetables. a couple of years ago, my husband and i started trying to eat healthier. this meant turning my kitchen into a laboratory. i came...

Easy asian style low fat microwave steamed fish

dead easy fish, always tasty and good! the flavours are vietnamese/thai/balinese. you can add any other favourite asian flavours to the marinade, get creative! australian measurements used (1 t = 20mls)you...

Almond raspberry jalousie

from woman's day, november 2003.

Corn and potato soup

a fast and easy microwave soup. most households will have the ingredients on hand. use dried herbs instead of green onion and try yogurt or ordinary cream instead of sour cream

Chocolate cups

compliments of taste of home. you need about 1 inch foil or paper cupcake cups ( these little suckers are small compared to the regular sized cups). can usually be found at a party or dollar store. you...

Stuffed microwave mushrooms

very very easy recipe that takes no time at all to make. salmon, crabmeat or capers can be added to the filling. this great served with a salad or as an entree.

Chocolate peanut butter marble cake

this is a cake recipe that i found on and thought it was worth sharing. i made it a few weeks ago for my cousins birthday and decorated it as spongebob squarepants! it was awesome! everyone...

Microwave scalloped apples

delicious cooked apples with just the right amount of sweet and tart. this is a favorite recipe that is very easy to make (especially if you have an apple peeler).


shaved chocolate into this drink would really top if off. you can also serve this warm. this tastes like a peppermint pattie, yummm.

Breakfast tacos

this is a very traditional texas breakfast, and quick to prepare. it can be prepared in advance, and filling ingredients and tortillas heated in the microwave in the morning. when the ingredients are set...

Lemon buttered salmon

enjoy. lemon-buttered salmon (microwave)

S mores treats

this is another cereal box recipe that my family has fallen in love with! enjoy!

Diabetic broccoli in garlic sauce

from - delicious!

Easy clam dip

this recipe is my husbands favorite and it is very easy to make.

Chocolaty coffee milk

this is easy and very tasty. it wakes you up but without that excess coffee taste--just a bit. it's perfect for chocolate lovers.