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Top recipes for "Middle-eastern"

Dubai style shawarma

shawarma is an arabic pita wrap overflowing with shaved chicken or lamb. a crunchy tabooleh or fattoush salad accompanied by either tahini or hummus completes this middle eastern street food.

Crunchy noodle kugel a la great aunt martha

posted and developed by melissa clark, in the new york times on 9/12/2007, for rosh hoshana. not at all for the health conscious.

Dajaj salona

from ya salam cooking blog for name game oman a chicken curry dish with pumpkin potatoes and lots of other veggies , i think you would not need to add chicken if you are not a meat eater or need something...

Middle eastern semolina and saffron bread

saffron, turmeric and semolina flour give a lovely golden color to this crusty, dip-ready bread. prep time includes rising

Cypriot pumpkin soup

not all pumpkin soups are american - some versions come from cyprus, too! try this on a cold winter night, or any time of the year, really.

Almost hummus

not the way i've been taught to make it, but it's wonderfully flavorful. i use canned garbanzo beans, because it is much faster than using the dried ones, which must soak for a bit before cooking. if...

Traditional bahraini chicken machboos machbous

machboos is a dish of rice & meat, popular in many gulf countries & across saudi arabia. here is a version which is traditionally made in bahrain. if you don't have any buharat / baharat spice mix, there...

Dilly fish

a very tasty recipe for fish and a way for me to use all the dill in my garden. this is from a non-cooking friend, who found this recipe for a potluck dinner she attended. she got raves for this and i...

Turkish pilaf

did you know that authentic turkish rice pilaf is supposed to be a bit sticky? well, it is. so, for a nice change of pace, give this one a try. posted for zwt 6.

Couscous basics

this is a easy basic recipe for couscous making it light and fluffy, not gummy. be sure to allow the couscous to absorb the water. it's a tiny pasta made of ground semolina flour. add spices, fruits,...

Israeli halva

flaky, creamy, sweet sesame (tahini) goodness. this recipe uses the proper temperatures to achieve the perfect texture of halva.

Turnip pickles lebanese style

in response to a request. these are great with a falafel and a beer!

Cinnamon saffron coffee

this is my current favorite coffee. i created it for my taste inspired by the amazing spices and flavors of north africa and the middle east. it's a bit indulgent and something that you can very easily...

Stuffed grape leaves persian

serves six as a meal or 12 as an appetizer.

Falafel with tahini and cilantro sauces

this is a great vegetarian dish for lunch or dinner!! crisp on the outside, tender in the middle. add more pepper flakes to the cilantro sauce is you like more bite.

Egyptian red lentil soup

this soup is considered to be a tradition for breaking the ramadan fast in egypt and is a traditional "middle eastern peace recipe". i got this from a middle eastern living blog and decided to share it...

Stuffed vine leaves with cheese dressing rsc

ready, set, cook! reynolds wrap contest entry. my slightly dressed up take on an old mediterranean classic. great as an appetizer or a side, but my wife and i eat these as a main course as well. the timing...

Dubai lemonade

i was reading about this refreshing drink and not having had it, and needing some drinks for na* me game, here we go. it is a blender drink without alcohol.

Kookoo sabzi

posted by request, recipe courtesy mrs. soheila amiri.

Easma kufta

i was given this recipe by a former coworker who was armenian. whenever i bring the leftovers to work for lunch, everyone is popping into the breakroom to see what smells so delicious!

Rice with lentils and dates

from the new book of middle eastern food, posted for zwt iii, north africa and the middle east.

Creamy indian lentils and rice

this is a recipe from cooking light. it doesn't say what kind of lentils to use, but from the picture, i'd say brown, or puy.

Dried fruit salad

a lovely mediterranean recipe often used to break the daily fast during the month of ramadan. can be prepared in advance.

Honey halva

middle eastern style cake that is rich and delicious. from rodale's basic natural foods cookbook.

Spicy beef flatbread with yogurt cucumbers

this dish can work as a side or a main. it's especially great for impromptu guests.

Ma amoul

these are delicious arabic biscuits / pastries, they can be made with a variety of fillings, including pistachios, walnuts or dates. they are often eaten in the middle east as a celebratory food, for example...

Couscous curry

this recipe is really a good main dish,kinda exotic :-) it came from cooking light magazine

Eggplant and pomegranate stew with beef or lamb

adapted from may s. bsisu's fantastic book, "the arab table," this recipe for a hearty and exotic stew features classic arab flavor combinations and is very filling and healthful. note: ground beef may...

Tuna croquettes

i was gearing up from the zaar world tour. when looking at some jewish cooking websites i stumbled onto an old favorite and then realized it wasn't posted here. so, here goes, feel free to adjust seasonings...

Carol's hummous

a recipe i learned from two lebanese friends. this is my family's most requested dish at get-togethers.


greek easter soup.

Garlic paste

this is another lebanese secret old favourite. but get the toothpaste ready. love this on chicken when bbq'd or grilled. try it you'll love it.

Cream kunafa

delicious cream filled middle eastern sweet. this kunafa receives tremendous compliments on its sweet & savory combination and is requested very often. you may use 2 1/2 - 3 "small" cans plain keshta for...

Dajaj ma jawz

a nice chicken and walnut dish from arabia. (i increased the spices and that made it more appealing to me, at least)

Tabouleh raw

from "the world goes raw cookbook" by lisa mann. cooking time includes marinating time, but does not include time required to sprout wheat.

Gers ogely traditional kuwaiti cake oil free

this recipe from my mother's aunt, its old traditional kuwaiti style cake, the recipe is too easy and its oil free cake, only you have to get right way before and after baking. the best way to have...

Maraba tamer date jam

i love north african flavors, they always offer enticing and exotic (for me) things that add a real sparkle to everyday foods. this little treat comes from: "from the lands of figs and olives" by habeeb...

Kukye sabzi

an iranian omelet made with greens. may be halved. if you just slice the lettuce thinly, it can then be pulled apart into strips.

Cranberry applesauce

a wonderful compliment to many dishes. also a great side for the "2013 thanksgiv-ukkah", as it goes very well with recipe #509834. super easy to make and yummy. i hope you enjoy this recipe.

Turmeric tea

recipe from and they adapted it from a recipe found on this week our organic fruit box has fresh turmeric so i am going to try this out in the morning!

Grilled lamb kebabs with cumin and cinnamon

i love this lamb dish. the flavors sound unusual, but they compliment the meat nicely. i first tasted this last summer at a cook out. i begged for the recipe and got it from the hostess.

Toros salad

from the blog "surfing the world cuisine". the name derives from the taurus mountain range that stretches from antalaya to adana, and in turkey it is served typically with kebabs. i thought it was very...

Drstevers filipino stir fry

i developed this recipe for my wife: a labor and delivery nurse. she is on her feet for 12 hours a day and must eat on the

Sfiha arab pizza

these delicious, exotic pizzas are traditional in lebanon and syria. they make perfect appetizers or entrees.

Brussels sprouts with pomegranate molasses and meyer lemon

rearranged a little bit. source unknown. meyer lemon only, please!

Roasted chicken al kabsa saudi gluten free

al-kabsa is considered a national dish from saudi arabia. this is my tasty adaption of a recipe found on i serve this with recipe #369045 and fresh salad.

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