Drunk biscuits

another beer biscuit recipe...quick and easy.

Corn muffins with sweet red peppers

compliments any bbq, great taste!! from canadian living mag.

Cinnamon muffins

muffins are good anytime of the day.

Churros muffins

from 750 best muffin recipes. based on spain's deep-fried doughnuts, these muffins are outrageously good, without getting out the fryers! rolling the light muffins in butter and cinnamon sugar while they...

Company muffins

a low fat delicious muffin! comes from recipes ours and others.

Cottage cheese and dill muffins

i haven't tried this recipe yet but i hope to soon!

High fiber bran muffins

from bob's red mill.

Christmas morning jewelled muffin mix in a jar

delightful festive spiced muffins, studded with jewel coloured fruit and nuts - just the thing for christmas morning! i love all types of "mixes" in a jar! soups, biscuits, spices, cookies and cake mixes...

Citrus muffins

a recipe from the issue of april 2007 of coup de pouce. these muffins have no eggs and no nuts.

Cinnamon raisin flax muffins

adaptation of recipe#123800, not sugar free (so it's paleo, not atkins) very similar to the flax4life muffins. you really need all that cinnamon but could add walnuts, coconut, carrots, etc.

Cornmeal raisin muffins

from harrowsmith cookbook- not too sweet, but not bland either.

Cranberry tartlets

this recipe came from whatscookingamerica.net. recipe says that it comes from a restaurant who serves these with their breakfast meals. these are yummy, pretty little "tarts" that are really more like...

Water cakes

a wartime recipe from the civil war recipes cookbook

Crispy bacon muffins

just an old recipe i thought i'd pass along 8)

Quick cheese muffins

quickest and easiest muffins on the block. add your choice of herbs and spices to it.

Coconut blueberry muffins

the blueberries can be replaced with cranberries, or even chocolate chips ;-)

Colonial muffins

this is a recipe i used when i had a winter lodge. it was popular on cold winter mornings, especially when they were still warm and the butter melted into them. any prepared mincemeat will do but i prefer...

Cakey chocolate pear muffins

these muffins are very, very yummy! they are juicy from the pears and so chocolatey good! mmmm! this recipe originally was meant to make a cake, but i liked it better as a muffin. naturally this means...

Very berry blueberry muffins

a recipe from splenda. i wrote 9-12 muffins. cause you'll have 12 small muffins or 9 larger muffins.

Danish puffs bisquick

a classic recipe made even easier! these mini cake-like muffins take only a few minutes to put together. the bisquick makes for a crusty top with a fluffy inside.

Double or triple coconut muffins

i love coconut and have been wanting to try this recipe from smitten kitchen. coconut oil can be found at trader joe's, costco, and most major grocery stores. i added the coconut flour to sub for the...

Cranberry upside down muffins

i love muffins, and have to admit these are special. the cranberry topping is delicious in it's own right and sets this muffin a notch above all others!

Decadent a1 swirl corn muffins a1

a.1. original sauce recipe contest entry. these corn muffins are decadent looking, but simple to make--perfect for a surprising potluck, picnic, or special family dinner. a packaged mix is dressed up with...

Campfire muffins

simple and fun muffins for the younger ones to do around the fire.

Honey carrot and date muffins

i can’t count the number of times i have made these delicious gluten-free muffins. they are quick, easy, and absolutely scrumptious. i used to “make a date” with my carrot grater on many a lazy...

Cookie muffins

fat free delicious little...ummm...errr...cookie muffins! these were a big hit with the two fourteen year olds in the house, as well as with me. and they're fat free and low on the sugar! (this is my adaptation...

Coconut banana muffins

i found this just searching around on the internet looking for recipes to add to my personal home cookbook.

Curried chicken muffins

i love savoury muffins. here's an unusual one i got off a lifestyle programme called burke's backyard in australia. curried chicken muffins - makes 12 - tastes good in lunch boxes

Corn muffins like kenny rogers roasters by todd wilbur

from www.topsecretrecipes.com. the best of the muffins at kenny rogers roasters

Easy cheesy corny muffins

this is a quick recipe that is adaptable to any ingredients you wish to throw in the bowl. some suggestions would be green peppers, red peppers, onions, bacon bits, jalapenos, etc. and just use whatever...

Double maple muffins

these maple muffins with a maple syrup glaze are divine!it really makes you proud to be a canadian. this recipe if from old welches inn bed and breakfast. try this recipe the next time you crave some "maply"...

Cowboy donuts

they are actually muffins that taste just like cinnamon topped cake donuts. this is a very easy recipe that even children can make.

Coconut cranberry muffins

you can use any dried fruit in place of the cranberries, i haven't tried it, but i'm sure it would be good.

Kona inn banana muffins

marion cunningham. the secret to these divine hawaiian muffins is using lots of bananas, and beating them into submission for an especially tender, moist result. these muffins are great keepers, and they...

Double bran muffins

healthy bran muffins from the totally muffins cookbook.

Olive oil muffins

recipe courtesy giada de laurentiis

Yankee maple corn muffins

i haven't tried this recipe yet but hope to soon!

Oatmeal date muffins

adapted from a recipe in cooking light. these yummy, filling, healthy muffins are the perfect alternative to cereal. if you don't like dates, any dried fruit will work.

Dirt bomb muffins

a cross between a cinnamon sugar doughnut and a muffin!! will try them soon!

Chocolate fiber muffins

a filling, high fiber snack that makes you feel like you're having a treat. for an extra treat, top with a ration of nutella. :)

Cream cornbread

i love cornbread with soups & chili or anything else i can think to serve it with. i have even served corn bread for breakfast. one evening while preparing the corn bread recipe i use on the back of the...

Any muffins

muffins easy to adapt depending on your preferences and what you have available.

Delicious oat bran muffins

oat bran is a dominant ingredient and they taste very good!

Oatmeal blueberry muffins

from bhg, these go pretty quick in our house.