Cube steak with mushroom sherry sauce for two

modified from eatingwell, march/april 2010. cube steak is a tougher cut of meat pounded to make it tender. it cooks quickly and is inexpensive—perfect for a weeknight dinner. look for sliced mushrooms...

Drunken mushroom soup

mushrooms and vermouth - who knew they'd taste so good together? very good, broth-based soup where the mushroom flavor really shines, since there's no cream or milk. it's also vegetarian but could be made...

Country soup

a family favorite on a chilly night. serve with bread and it's a meal in itself.

Chicken noodle delight casserole dinner

full of vegetables, noodles, and chicken. topped off with melted butter, cornflake crumbs, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Corn with mushrooms

a nice way to dress up plain old frozen corn. easy to make.

Salmon with sage butter root vegetables in parchment

a beautiful one-dish meal with gourmet flair. all the ingredients are placed in a packet of parchment paper, which seals in moisture and allows the juices of the fish and the butter and spices to flavor...

Heart healthy pizza topping

for one 12 inch pizza. from "cooking a la heart"- delicious heart healthy recipes from the mankato heart health program, 1988.

Clam stuffed mushrooms

from the star of texas cookbook by the junior league of houston. here for future use. sounds like an easy appetizer.

Crock pot minestrone soup

i found this on another site-sounds tasty & healthy!

Tumbleweed mushrooms

sauted mushrooms like tumbleweed restaurant

Countess mushrooms

history in the baking again. i can taste this with pasta. i'm not sure about the 2 teaspoons chicken broth but, oh well,leave it out if you want a vegetarian meal.

Chop chop beef stir fry

this is from hungry girl, and according to her only has 293 calories vs the 437 that calculates! don't know where the discrepancy is since there isn't added cooking oil? yet it still manages...

Crock pot cantonese dinner

if you feel like a chinese type dinner, this is a good one.

Creamy chicken and garlic picnic pasties parcels with boursin

delectable litle pasties or pastry parcels filled with tender chunks of chicken breast and french boursin cream cheese, delicious! these are so easy to make, as they use cooked chicken breast, making them...


this romanian recipe proves that a meatless stew can be hearty and satisfying. it also makes delicious leftovers, serve them over rice are noodles. there are a bunch of ingredients but its worth it...

Stir fried pork soup

from taste of home.

Portobello pizzas

the pizza you love in a mushroom crust.

Double baked potatoes with mushrooms and cheese

this recipe from bon appétit is a rich, creamy version of twice-baked potatoes. they can be assembled and refrigerated one day before the final baking.

Dilled mushroom soup

delicious, fine with family lunch or supper or a winning first course when there's company for dinner.

Drstevers filipino stir fry

i developed this recipe for my wife: a labor and delivery nurse. she is on her feet for 12 hours a day and must eat on the

Creamy baked potato soup

my husband loves this hearty soup. you can make it in the summer when you don't want to heat your oven, or in the winter when a hearty soup is just the perfect comfort food. serve with a nice cheese/garlic...

Creamy mushroom stroganoff

in ‘williams-sonoma: the weeknight cook’

Turkish pilaf

did you know that authentic turkish rice pilaf is supposed to be a bit sticky? well, it is. so, for a nice change of pace, give this one a try. posted for zwt 6.

Hopel popel

this dish could be served as a brunch dish, or for any light meal or snack. when i came across this recipe tonight in a recipe book - the midweek cookbook: 200 ways with potatoes - i really hadn't looked...

Crockpot parmesan ranch mushrooms

this is a recipe i found on pinterest and made. it's so yummy.

Creamed asparagus and mushrooms

this is a decadent way to enjoy sauteed mushrooms with your asparagus. the tastes go together beautifully.

Creamy sauted mushrooms

creamy sauted mushrooms great for topping a burger or steak, wonderful as a side dish as well.

Hearty mushroom ragout

mushrooms can be as satisfying as meat because they develop earthy, bold and beefy flavors as they cook. served with pasta, this is some meal! :) adapted from rachael ray's big orange book cookbook. strict...

Croatian mushroom soup

this is northern croatia recipe. we usually use wild mushrooms ("vrganj") fresh or dried. most similar to "vrganj" is crimini. you can use any kind of eatable mushroom.

Dandelion pasta

dandelion are a diuretic as parsley is so eat this food sparingly. they are good sources of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamins a and c. you can store buy or pick your own. choosing tender leaves...

Creamy mushroom chicken casserole

this makes a delicious sauce to serve over pasta or with rice. recipe found on the internet.

Brown wild rice mushroom casserole

from the true wyoming beef cooking guide & recipe collection.

Veal medallions with french morels

morels add an intense and smoky flavor to the veal sauce. if you never had them they are very meaty tasting and worth the time to make sure you clean them well of all the grit.

Stuffed microwave mushrooms

very very easy recipe that takes no time at all to make. salmon, crabmeat or capers can be added to the filling. this great served with a salad or as an entree.

Crab stuffed mushrooms

i have always loved the stuffed mushrooms from red lobster so i created my own version which i have enjoyed even more!

Mushroom chowder

different mushroom varieties can give this soup different flavours. quick, easy and low fat.

Cilantro salmon with spinach and mushrooms

this is a new invention of mine to use up the ingredients i happened to have on hand. it is pretty healthy and oh so tasty. if you don't like cilantro you can use basil, thyme, or any other herb of your...

Beef with mushrooms crock pot recipe

serve over egg noodles with a side salad and bread sticks.

Crock pot chicken a la king

easy recipe to make for a busy day.

Vegan chili

a warm and flavorful, easy to make vegan dish. for a chunkier chili, drain the beans and rinse. for more liquid, empty the can directly into the saucepan. it has been pointed out that traditional worcestershire...

Spaghetti piccata

this recipe was on the back of a pkg. of spaghetti that i'd gotten from sam's club. it's great for a light dinner, or when you want to get supper on the table personally prefer to use fresh herbs whenever...

Mushroom risotto

this is my favourite dish to cook, and its so easy. very impressive.

Chicken gloria casserole

i got this recipe in a betty crocker newsletter, submitted to them by blogger arlene cummings (cooking with sugar). easy and delicious!

Edamame quinoa and shiitake mushroom salad

cooking light. august 2004.

Ginger soy tofu vegetable stir fry

this recipe is simple to make and very healthy! not having much time to cook when i come home from work, this dish is convenient to make and freezes well for future meals.

Spinach mushroom pasta

love mushrooms, love pasta, love spinach. need i say more?

Lushroom mushrooms

pile these on top of juicy hot barbecued steaks.

Meatball stroganoff

a simple to make - great midweek night recipe - and one that can be frozen for even busier weeknights! adapted from a scrumptious recipe i found in the june 2006 issue of the australian magazine 'super...