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Top recipes for "Mussels"

Cioppino seafood stew

what makes this distinctive is the mediterrianean-style mixture of tomatoes, basil and oregano with plenty of red wine and garlic-a base which makes the finished dish very strong and heady indeed.

Curried mussel and butternut squash soup

in the middle ages, flemish cities were at the crossroads of the northern spice routes, and brewers and cooks both took advantage of exotic spices. according to food & wine, you'll see that influence in...

Curried mussels

this classic mussel recipe is adapted from jubilee restaurant in ny city where it is served with amazing frites. i found this in dan's papers, july, 13, 2007, in silvia lehrer's column.

Cozze mussels

this delicious recipe was taught in an italian cooking class i attended. green lip mussels are sold frozen - possible subs for the mussels are swordfish or tuna.

Clam chowder using canned clams

15 minutes is all you need for this recipe!

California cioppino

i found this recipe in the newspaper about 15 years ago. i modified it a bit and have served to my very best friends. absolutely the best. rather expensive but worth it!

Creamy norwegian fish soup

when we lived in norway we used to eat lots of fish...this recipe reminds me of a fish soup which was very common there. you can use other fish and shellfish. the potatoes and tomatoes are ingredients...

Anything goes seafood chowder

a rich chowder that is ready to serve in 30 is an easy recipe to double or triple.

Creamy mussel soup with fiery rouille

this is a lovely soup for a winter dinner party!or any type of gathering of friends and family.

Seattle mussels mariniere

after having a wonderful dinner of mussels in a seattle restaurant, i came home and tried to replicate the lovely dish. after several attempts at replication, i came up with one as close as i could. it...

Authentic valencian paella

this is the typical, rich rice dish from valencia, located on the east mediterranean coast of spain. it is a mix of recipes i found on and this is the real paella...

Thai seafood stew

hot and spicy- reduce curry paste if needed

Valencia paella

found this in the cooking light magazine and while it looks a little complicated, it sounds wonderful. once i can gather up all the ingredients i can't wait to try this. there's another recipe by this...

Seafood pasta drizzled with truffle oil

taken from the january 8/03 issue of the toronto star; posted on behalf of a request for recipes using truffle oil. apparently, this recipe originated with emeril lagasse.

Perfect paella

this is a rachael ray recipe so you know it is easy and good. the combination of chicken, chorizo, and sea food mixed with the spices and rice make this a wonderful dish. i am not a mussel fan, so i...

Mussels with chorizo tomato and wine

this is an emeril recipe that got rave reviews from my family. we love mussels, and here in holland they are locally cultivated. so during the season we try to have them once a week. i try new recipes...


i learned how to cook and season mussels from a greek cookbook i own. i've added fresh lemon juice to this mix as well and garnished with fresh parsley and lemon slices when serving guests.

Mariscada aka caldo de siete mares

this is served all over mexico, central and south america. it is delicious anytime during the year and is popular served as a brunch.

Lobster corn boil

i got this a while back from our city newspaper.

Creamy mussel soup

a delicious light soup makes a great starter.

Mussels italiano

this is another recipe from my italian sister in law. its good with italian crusty bread to mop up the broth. prep time includes soaking. based on some queries from other chefs, i'm expanding the directions...

Mussels fra diavola

this is an oldie but a goodie

Shellfish paella

my own variation of a popular one-pot meal. the addition of pepper flakes adds a bit of zip to an otherwise fairly bland dish. serve with chunks of baguette, italian bread or pita. of course, plenty of...

Olive garden seafood portofino lower fat

this is a good slimmed down version of olive garden's seafood portofino copycat. it doesn't come out quite as buttery flavored, but it is still super creamy and flavorful. if you like, add some other...

Mussels vinaigrette

fantastic appetizer !! these mussels are heavenly!!, do lots, they will go quickly,

The cannery's mussels

i haven't cooked this recipe (i've had it though), but found a postcard tucked in a cookbook with the recipe on it; i got the postcard when i dined at the cannery in vancouver bc back in 1979. i don't...

Sarasota's creamy mussels over pasta with herb bread

easy and flavorful. a rich creamy broth which can be served over angel hair pasta and crusty bread slathered with a herb butter. now you can make your own butter, however, you can also buy a stick of...

Thai mussels with jasmine rice

this is a yummy fragrant thai dish that can be served by itself or with jasmine rice. if serving as is i would probably up the mussels to 3kg as mussels are very light and not all will open.

Brown rice paella

i found this on the web. i love paella...specially after a trip to spain. but i switch to brown rice a few years back, so i wanted to have my paella and my brown rice. i did a search on the web and found...

Stir fried mussels with chili garlic and basil

from the smeg cookbook. the white wine can be replaced with chicken stock, and if you can't find sambal oelek, you can substitute with chili paste.

Mussels with garlic white wine

the creamy broth this creates is terrific. i guarantee it will be sopped up with bread or a spoon. anyone not like mussels?? recipe says it is for four but try it for two. it will not be wasted!!

Mussels in green sauce

i first got this recipe a couple of years ago from my son's school cookbook project. it's been a cheap and filling meal that always makes splash with friends and family.

Spanish style mussels

fresh mussels in a tasty light sauce that anyone can prepare. it's a good idea to have some fresh, crusty bread to mop up all the sauce.

Steamed mussels with coconut milk and thai chiles

from food and wine magazine - these mussels make a great appetizer or add some crusty sourdough bread and a salad and make a meal. they are just a litte sweet and just the right amount of spicy! use a...

Peruvian style mussels

try something different the next time you have mussels. this is especially attractive if you have some pretty shells to serve the mussel and salad mixture on.

Fragrant steamed mussels in vermouth with herbs and shallots

i love moules/mussels, plus they are low in fat and high in minerals, making them very healthy! this is my own version of the traditional french moules mariniere. the vermouth adds a complex and sweet...

Steamin mussels

new zealand is a large producer of mussels from the south pacific, so the new zealanders sure know how to cook them. make them their way for guaranteed sweet, plump mussels every time. please note that...

Mussels in zucchini basil broth

gourmet | august 2006

Beer steamed mussels

wonderful steamed mussels. full of flavor. a large chunk of your favorite bead is a must to soak up the beautiful broth. we have cut recipe half with no problems and i'm sure other added sea food would...

Croatian dalmatian red risotto fishermans risotto

this is one of the simple meals, but also rich with flavour, spices and satisfactory for your stomach. you can use any kind of “frutty di mare”, or pieces of fish.

Mussels portuguese style

this is the only way my husband wants his mussels prepared; it is a regular around our house. instead of steaming the mussels in a white wine, garlic sauce - red wine is used. yum.

Creamy mussel and leek appetiser

we went out to eat right after christmas and ate at one of our favourite hotels that do a sunday brunch. i tried this mussel dish that they served in little espresso cups that was totally gorgeous. i told...

Oven roasted mussels

i found this recipe in one of my bon appetit magazines. it is so delicious. it is a true treat, as mussels can be expensive.

Campania style mussels

these juicy mussels are very easy to prepare. fresh tomatoes, capers, lemon juice and lemon zest provide the backbone of this traditional dish from campania. lovely with crusty bread and also with fresh...

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