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Top recipes for "Northeastern-united-states"

Cran appledorf

a wonderful and easy side dish to serve with poultry. comes together in minutes and has a very attractive presentation.

Coarse black pepper cheese bread

my family loves this bread! i like to serve it especially with soups and sometimes along with dinner. this is the bread i make when i don't use my bread machine. this recipe came from a good cook in our...

Coffee and cream oatmeal cookies

classic soft and chewy oatmeal cookies with a hint of coffee and cream. the cream component is white chocolate chips. who knew?! from bake your day. the original recipe called for all white chocolate...

Crab imperial

one of my favorite dishes to enjoy any time i have the opportunity to travel to the tidewater area of maryland.

Amish noodles

this is my dad's favorite noodle recipe. he makes them for thanksgiving and christmas every year. cooking time is actually the drying time. these can be frozen in zippy bags and used, as needed.

Dried beef casserole

here's some good, down-home pennsylvania dutch cooking for you--dried beef is very popular here. this recipe proves there's more that you can make with it besides 's.o.s.!' serve with salad or a green...

Crockpot nutella hot chocolate

if you’re a fan of nutella go grab the crockpot, it’s time for some crockpot nutella hot chocolate! crockpot nutella hot chocolate is the perfect addition to your winter parties, family gatherings,...

Downeast fish chowder

just lovely served with pilot crackers or hardtack (recipe #143900). from the the new england chapter of the us regional cookbook, chicago culinary arts institute, 1947

Dinosaur bbq mutha sauce

i usually make a 1/2 recipe of this great barbeque sauce. it's from the dinosaur bbq cookbook.

Crazy good cranberry baked oatmeal

ok, for all of those out there who are crazy about cranberries this recipe is crazy good and best of all, it is really good for you! this is the most delicious baked oatmeal you'll ever have. the berries...

Crab hash

serve this as a satisfying main dish for lunch, brunch or even a hearty breakfast.

Cranberry walnut pancakes

a specialty recipe from the 1774 inn in phippsburg, maine. i usually prefer waffles to pancakes, but these look so good i had to post the recipe here for safekeeping.

Detox salad

packing a powerhouse of nutrients, this light & energizing salad will have you bursting with energy. it makes a lot so you can enjoy it all week long for easy, energizing lunches.don't skip the currants...

Cranberry shiver

refreshingly sweet and tart! you can make this ahead and freeze until serving. adapted from taste of home magazine.

Crummy halibut

the topping on this fish is real crumbly, you may lose some of it getting it to the plate. but just spoon it on the fish, it tastes great!

Coconut crisps

from the jr. league of portland maine's cookbook-rsvp.

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Chocolate mint fudge

i'm a bit of a sweets addict and this is one of my favorite recipes for fudge.

Cinnamon apple jelly

this recipe is really spicy and sweet!

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook


this is a copycat recipe my girlfriend and i made. it's originally from a restaurant here in new brunswick, called stuff yer face. it's basically potato chip nachos.

Christmas ham in the slow cooker

perfect for a special weekday meal or for cooking your ham when the oven is taken up for the holidays. i love slow cooking ham on especially on sunday's while at church. there isn't anything better to...

Chocolate peanut butter globs

chocolate chips, pecans, peanut butter chips-it had me there. from the barefoot contessa show, wedding anniversary(her and jeffrey's 45th!). she's replicating a delicious cookie from a restaurant in...

Dutch meat loaf

this recipe comes from an older, but local church cookbook of family favorites. while the meat loaf is pretty standard, it is the sauce that intrigued me. we especially like it and i hope you will as...

Cranberry walnut chickpea salad sandwich

delicious but with a sweet flair that you'll fall in love with! this will hit the spot and satisfy your craving for a chunky, sweet, peppery, crunchy style sandwich. full of texture and flavor, it's a...

Acorn bread

very tasty, with a distinctive texture. great for thanksgiving! american colonists in the northeast used all available food sources- acorn bread is an adaptation of a native american recipe which was somewhat...

Classic creamy greek rice pudding

this is comfort food at its best, especially during these uneasy times. you can serve the pudding with a dollop of homemade whipped cream (and even a maraschino cherry on top.) to make it look really special...

Classic meat loaf

bhg,scott peacock recipe, adapted as suggested. i happen to love meat loaf, and this recipe is one of my all-time favorites.

Delicious roasted cauliflower dish

absolutely delicious cauliflower roasting technique, produces gorgeous coloring and flavor to this relatively dull tasting white vegetable. loved by all (even the picky eaters). set it and forget it and...

Cranberry sauce whole berry

this recipe is the one my aunt used to make and we love it. we do add a bit of cinnamon but you dont have to.

Crab pizza

stoke up the fire and serve this pizza with salad and a nice bottle of white wine. romance abounds!

Crab omelet

it seems that i often have crabmeat left over after making crab cakes or other crab dishes. this is a great way to use it up the following morning. this recipe can be halved.

Maine clam chowder

creamy and good. from the cookbook, "maine ingredients".

Classic homemade chicken soup

this is an old fashioned chicken soup the way my grandmother made it. she passed it down to my mother and then to me. since this is a handed down recipe, the measurements aren't exact, and it's more...

Cream wafers

these yummy cookies are so cute and very delicate. my family has always made these cookies at christmas time, and made a red and green filling. but i found that making them once a year wasn't enough, so...

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake pie

this chocolate topped raspberry cheese pie looks very elegant and yet it is so easy to make. why not impress your friends &/or family? you won't be sorry. i found this

Clam fritters

we dig up our own quahogs at a local beach - ferry beach, maine - my son-in-law brings in just-caught lobsters from his boat-we pick up fresh corn at a farmers market -scrub a few potatoes and we're on...

Chocolate doughnuts

just as easy as plain ones to make. superb doughnuts.

Pineapple cloud pie

a co-worker brought this in for myself and my wife to try. i was apprehensive at first (i don't usually like pies) but was completely won over on my first bite! i came home from work and started searching...

Corned beef brisket w veggies horseradish pressure cooker

my favorite corned beef with cabbage recipe, prepared in an 6-quart or 8-quart pressure cooker. i applaud toula patsalis, "the pressure cooker cookbook", for this gem, to which i have added the pickling...

Clam diggers

southern living; my dad's favorite drink.

Crock pot pork and sauerkraut

traditional pa dutch new year's day meal. serve with mashed potatoes. :)

Almond cream with fruit

elegant, but so easy dessert.

Potted elk roast

decent grazin'.

E z pound cake

a simple little cake that keeps well. serve with berries and cream if you want a fancier dessert. i like it best on its own with a cup of hot tea.

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