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Top recipes for "Omelets-and-frittatas"

Puffy omelet

this is a beautiful presentation for an omelet. it doesn't look like scrambled eggs! try with you favorite filling and toppings

Cornflake omelet

this recipe comes from a little book called abc jiffy cookery. i've had it for over 50 years. i haven't tried any of the recipes yet. i'm putting them here so i can find them easier.

Crockpot breakfast casserole paleo

adapted from

Crustless crab quiche

i just threw this together and it was delicious! i made it in a muffin tray for individual servings. i am sure it would be just great in a pie dish also.

Crab frittata

yet another way to make use of those big blue crabs we are catching. 1 crab gave us 1 cup of beautiful meat for this.i can't do what i suggest in the last step as i don't have a griller (broiler) so i...

Artichoke and broccoli frittata crustless quiche

a frittata (also known as crustless quiche) is a perfect palette for colorful vegetables and strongly flavored cheeses. what i love about frittatas is that they are one of the few egg dishes that are delicious...

Crustless mini quiche

this is my version of a recipe that i found on-line. it is very versatile and can be used with ham, bacon, canadian bacon or no meat at all. it makes a very nice dish for a girlfriend brunch or lunch....

Easy core breakfast scramble

i'm trying to get into better condition with the weight watchers core program. i was craving breakfast the other day, and came up with this quick and easy dish.

Colombian eggs

my grandmother made these when i was little, i still ask her for them every time i see her. a fun way to do breakfast!

Easy cheesy herb omlette

this is a home favorite. made with simple everyday foods you can easily find in your kitchen. adding herbs to eggs is a great way to introduce a gourmet flavor to breakfasts of blah!

Chorizo frittata

chorizo is a spicy mexican sausage that can be found in most grocery stores in the west or southwest. we had this for breakfast at our best friends' home, forrest. it was wonderful, as usual! he always...

Pea and spinach frittata

i love breakfast. i start thinking about it as soon as i'm finished with desert - i know i'm crazy. i'm willing to sacrifice hours of sleep to whip up something delectable to start off my day. luckily...

Country frittata

start this on the stovetop and finish in the oven. serve in wedges for a delicious and easy breakfast dish. done in a jif.

Crabmeat frittata with tomatoes and herbs

here's a delightful open-faced omelet -- perfect for brunch -- that uses fresh crabmeat as its star ingredient!

Ciabattini frittata shoemakers frittata

the daily workers of italy have long made food that sustains them through the hours . this delicious and hearty dish will fuel your morning's work well. that goes for a relaxed week end brunch too.

E z mex tex omelet

an easy omelet to make.

Dees greek omelet

has spinach black olives feta

Feta omelet

this is me testing out how to use this site as well as adding my new favorite discovery. i have written this as if you know how to make an omelet, so if you don't just look at another basic recipe. i...

Cranky egg sandwich

crazy name - i know, but my husband is cranky most mornings and that's what we've always called it. i make this breakfast sandwich to get some protein into him and get him going. it's great when he's dragging...

Buckeye scramble

another find from 5 star tasted of the south cookbook, my adaptation. if you prefer things less spicy, then leave out the jalapeno or you could saute them along with the bell peppers to reduce their heat...

Kukye sabzi

an iranian omelet made with greens. may be halved. if you just slice the lettuce thinly, it can then be pulled apart into strips.

Three egg omelette

even if you know how to make an omelet with your eyes closed, try this! tell me if it helps you refine your technique or if it is something you would also like to recommend to fledgling cooks out there. it...

Hopel popel

this dish could be served as a brunch dish, or for any light meal or snack. when i came across this recipe tonight in a recipe book - the midweek cookbook: 200 ways with potatoes - i really hadn't looked...

Spinach mushroom omelet w feta cheese

hubby and i took a weekend away and i tried this omelet and really enjoyed it. when we got back i started making it for my husband who has been enjoying it ever since

Indian omelet

zaar world tour 8

Crustless broccoli and cheese quiche

weight watchers: 1 point per serving

Bacon egg and simply potatoes hashbrown bake 5fix

5-ingredient fix contest entry. this recipe is super simple, can be made ahead of time, and tastes great. i first tasted this at a pot-luck lunch at work years ago. over the years i have added bacon and...


a very unusual and interesting german omelet recipe i found while searching for zwt recipes.

Crescent sausage and potato brunch bake

this makes a wonderful weekend brunch! although i have 4 cups listed for the hash browns, you can really use any amount you wish, just make certain that it covers the bottom of the baking dish, when i...

Pasta mama

from hugo's restaurant,

Pepperoni omelet

a great cure for a hangover. serve with a few glasses of orange juice followed by a few glasses of water.

Greek omelet

this is a wonderful omelet with so many delicious flavors working with each other to produce an omelet that is healthy for you, as well as great tasting! try this for a weekend morning with a glass of...

Angel puff

a simple twist on a breakfast casserole. you can add bacon, chopped ham, or fresh broccoli... a great dish to be creative with. this recipe cam from the angel of the sea bed & breakfast in cape may,...

Fresh corn salsa frittata with hash brown crust

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: this mexican inspired dish is a perfect mix of fresh and hardy. i love the hint of spice, the crunch of the hash brown crust and the zing of the lime juice....

Shumway mansion yummy eggs

i was recently sent a very sweet "we miss you" card from friends that i appreciated very much. the well-wishings were on a card with a lovely country fireside photo of shumway mansion’s "yummy eggs"...

Danish omelet

this was a regular sat night dinner served with good crusty bread. it has a heavier texture than a french omelet, more like a frittata. good for lunch or brunch i often use slivered ham steak on top...

Protein crepes

i've tried a lot of protein pancake recipes from the internet but they usually turn out very bulky and dry for me, so i started playing in the kitchen. these are thin and moist but not *too* eggy. they...

Onion quiche crustless

a savory onion quiche without a crust. an easy make ahead meal for a brunch or light lunch. adapted from the pc insiders recipe flyer.

Hawaiian omelette

not sure where i found this recipe, but i intend to try it using an egg substitute.

Choose a flavor quiche

i have a small cookbook from bhg that has favorite recipes from 1930 til 2001. this recipe caught my eye. i have just started to make quiche and this seems like a good starter recipe. it also seems like...

Cajun scramble with andouille sausage

a yummy sounding breakfast from the johnsonville sausage company. while this sounds like a great breakfast, it would make a perfect dinner, too, accompanied by a nice green salad.

Eggs avocado

fun to share with guests for breakfast, friends after the show, or anytime! friendly, filling fare at any hour. great with parmesan french bread. i like to add cream cheese and diced tomato to mine....

Crab scramble

on our honeymoon, the bed and breakfast we stayed at in hyannis port, cape cod served this crab scramble one morning. when we left, i was so delighted the innkeeper gave us her recipe card for this lovely...


mhemmer is a spicy potato omelet from morocco that has spanish roots. the word mhemmer literally means cooked until red meaning the golden look you get from cooking things hence the way this omelet looks...

Low fat bisquick crust bacon and cheese quiche

amazingly, the quiche will form its own crust. i think this quiche tastes best when it’s made the evening before and heated up the next morning. if you use a blender instead of a whisk, process the...

Crock pot huevos rancheros mexican ranch style eggs low carb

low carb breakfast as easy as it is delicious. for a simple dinner just layer some shredded lettuce and re-fried beans onto the tortilla before the eggs.

Eggs cebolla

my mom has made this fried egg recipe since i can remember. she got this from a spice islands cook book she had many years ago. an egg is fried over crumbled bacon, fresh chives, and basil, and lightly...

Huevos pericos colombian scrambled eggs

once upon a time i lived in colombia for a year. this was my favorite breakfast there. serve with buttered toast and cafe con leche (coffee with hot milk). this recipe duplicates that taste memory for...

Spring frittata

got it in mail and i knew that this has to be tried the same day. it was an instant hit !

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