Make ahead scrambled eggs for a crowd

so good & easy could be made the night before, then cooked up for brunch. this came from my mom

Kentucky scramble

i've seen many versions of this recipe, but this one really caught my eye. you can change up the veggies any way you wish. note: don't let the corn keep you from making this breakfast dish -- it really...

Creamy oatmeal berry swirl

you know the story. you go to the store and buy that variety pack of instant oatmeal. the kids get their favorite flavor and you're stuck with the bag of regular. ick here is a way you can jazz up...

Eggs avocado

fun to share with guests for breakfast, friends after the show, or anytime! friendly, filling fare at any hour. great with parmesan french bread. i like to add cream cheese and diced tomato to mine....

Fresh corn salsa frittata with hash brown crust

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: this mexican inspired dish is a perfect mix of fresh and hardy. i love the hint of spice, the crunch of the hash brown crust and the zing of the lime juice....

Pre made breakfast quiches veg or meat wheat free dairy free

a quick and easy way to take breakfast on the go, after the gym etc. can make it wheat-free, dairy-free, and can easily be made vegetarian if wanted. made in muffin tins so they are travel size and easy...

Migas de guerrero

this beats the hell out of regular scrambled eggs. i have my boyfriend's family to thank for this one. adjust the amount of cheese and jalapenos to your taste.

Noodle omelette

i created this for my kids. it's very quick to make and they love it. you can use any flavoured 2 minute noodles although i have only ever used chicken. the cheese can be optional, i have made this without...

Sausage mushroom breakfast casserole

guests for breakfast?this easy casserole serves a crowd of 10 to 12.relax with friends while your entire breakfast bakes in one dish.i found this on a recipe card for meat dishes at walmart!

Hungarian omelet

from "prairie home cooking" a book i picked up at the library but its on my christmas wish list. make sure to use the sweet hungarian paprika not the hotter more bitter kinds.

Bacon and egg tacos

this makes a great weekend brunch, all ingredient amounts may be adjusted to taste, i also add in a pinch of cayenne pepper to the eggs, the baking powder will make the eggs very fluffy, you may omit if...

My breakfast frittata

breakfast frittata. eggs baked together with cheese and other ingredients to create a very pizza-like breakfast dish. very good and easy to modify with your own ingredients. i came up with this method...

Omelet in a mug

this is my 8 year olds favorite breakfast.

Scrambled huevos rancheros

spicy egg breakfast. use mild salsa for the kids and then kick it up for yourself with some tabasco sauce.

Breakfast egg nests

looking for more versatile breakfast recipes? i got this from vegetarian times.

My super easy microwave omelette

who says you have to spend a long time cooking a tasty, healthy, filling breakfast? not me! you can easily double this recipe, just use a bigger bowl. feel free to change up ingredients too; these are...

Chili omelet

my kids love this omelet.

Omelet pizza

ideal for brunch or lunch or supper! it's diabetic friendly and gluten-free. it's not my recipe: i am saving it from a local s a sunday times supplement, foodweekly (may 6, 2012). i tweaked the recipe...

Middle eastern herb omelette

this is from "herbs and spices the cook's reference" by jill norman. this substantial omelette, something like a spanish tortilla, is called a kookoo in iran and eggah in the arab countries. a tablespoon...

Southwestern breakfast casserole

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: a wonderful breakfast casserole that is great for brunch and hearty enough for dinner too.

Crustless broccoli and cheese quiche

weight watchers: 1 point per serving

Ham and cheese omelet roll

a rolled-up omelet cooked in the oven.

Spinach frittata

found this on simply recipes. if you've never been there, go check it out. wonderful food blog with lots of great photos, directions, and extra tid bits of information. this is another tasty recipe from...

Oven omelette

good for breakfast or even a quick dinner. yummy!!

Loaded scrambled eggs for a crowd

my dh loves this. i hate to cook before breakfast but sometimes i make it for him, and the rest of the crew, because i love him. the ingredients are a little variable so don't hesitate to make substitutions...

Apple cranberry omelette

this is a wonderful breakfast for the day after thanksgiving or any day when you want to use up leftover cranberry sauce (try it with cranberry sauce with apple cider recipe#78078 or any whole berry cranberry...

Menhaden turkish omelette

just a little something i found in a magazine.

Bacon egg and simply potatoes hashbrown bake 5fix

5-ingredient fix contest entry. this recipe is super simple, can be made ahead of time, and tastes great. i first tasted this at a pot-luck lunch at work years ago. over the years i have added bacon and...

South beach scrambled eggs

i don't do omelets. i do put lots of stuff in my eggs. this is the easiest breakfast to keep my husband and myself satisfied for awhile. i usually prep the peppers and canadian bacon ahead of time to...

Sudden quiche lorraine

this is a simple quiche recipe.

Breakfast pita pockets

tasty bacon, egg and veggies in pita bread

Angel puff

a simple twist on a breakfast casserole. you can add bacon, chopped ham, or fresh broccoli... a great dish to be creative with. this recipe cam from the angel of the sea bed & breakfast in cape may,...

Indian spicy scrambled eggs

i found this recipe in an indian cookbook and adapted it a little bit to suit our tastes. my fiance calls this the best way of making scrambled eggs. scrumptious!

Italian frittata

this is a low fat version made with skim milk and egg substitute, plus packed with veggies.

Fluffy creamy no fail omelet

here it is, the secret to the perfect omelet: cream cheese! from kraft, slightly modified.

Huevos pericos colombian scrambled eggs

once upon a time i lived in colombia for a year. this was my favorite breakfast there. serve with buttered toast and cafe con leche (coffee with hot milk). this recipe duplicates that taste memory for...

Country omelet

this delicious omelet should be served open-face and not folded.

Ham frittata

great for a quick meal with left over ham! lots of taste.

More vegetable than egg frittata mark bittman

this is a healthy frittata from mark bittman's new york time's column) with more vegetables than eggs. you can use whatever veggies you like or have on hand. if you use asparagus or broccoli, parboil...

Muffin frittatas

i got this on a card at the taste of home cooking school. it's from the american egg board and i'm putting it here for safekeeping. the card says that you can bake these and refrigerate and rewarm in...

Pumpkin frittata

this slightly tweaked, warming recipe, with its combo of yam, pumpkin & carrot, comes from the simply healthy lowfat cookbook, 1995.

Healthy kale breakfast frittata

this is a recipe that i found on another website and made a few of my own adjustments.


a german "farmer's breakfast" that i found on the web in my search for zwt recipes.

Easy mushroom and cheese frittata

frittata is an italian version of an omelet that has the vegetables mixed in with the eggs and since it is not folded but served open face, it is easier to handle. it may be baked in oven or cooked on...

Cajun scramble with andouille sausage

a yummy sounding breakfast from the johnsonville sausage company. while this sounds like a great breakfast, it would make a perfect dinner, too, accompanied by a nice green salad.

Omelet for two

from: barefoot contessa at home

Make ahead ham and cheddar egg dish

this is a great breakfast or brunch dish that you can prepare the night before and pop into the oven the next morning. i love this dish because it allows you to socialize with your guests in the morning...

Chicken frittata southwestern

i think this came from a pillsbury recipe, but quick & easy enough for me.

Baked corned beef hash and eggs

this is a tasty way to use your leftover corned beef. my leftover corned beef had some carrots in it so that to was included in this hash!

Classic egyptian omelette

a quick & easy recipe for an egyptian style omlette - great for breakfast or with a fresh salad for a light lunch.