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Top recipes for "Pancakes-and-waffles"

Double chocolate mexican brownie pancakes

for the true chocoholic! this was published in the local paper.

Coconut waffles

recipe is from better homes and gardens.

Waffle of insane greatness

this recipe is courtesy of aretha frankensteins. i got it off of the food network website.

Classic waffles

this is a no-fail recipe. fluffy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. you can also substitute regular milk for the buttermilk and they turn out just as good! i have a belgian waffle maker...

Dutch babies lightened up

i grew up eating "dutch babies" as we called them. like a german pancake. i lightened up this recipie using half the margerine, and trading out some of the eggs for egg whites.

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Apple honey dutch baby

posted for 2005 zaar world tour. recipe from taste of home recipe site.

Coconut and corn griddle cakes

i found this little gem in a 1978 cookbook called

Coffee pancakes

something different for breakfast.

Chocolate pancake

this recipe will leave you mouth watering! this is a delicious filled chocolate pancake which is just right for any meal! and it is easy as a pie! so take a look and make your own! do not forget to share...

Cranberry walnut pancakes

a specialty recipe from the 1774 inn in phippsburg, maine. i usually prefer waffles to pancakes, but these look so good i had to post the recipe here for safekeeping.

Cinnamon sugar sticks

another easy breakfast or snack. kids love these.

Cream waffles

a danish recipe posted for zwt - scandinavia

Dees waffles

ive been messing around with several recipes and this is the combo i like best . can freeze these and heat in toaster or microwave the bacon or bananas i are optional

Cookie pancakes

great for a summer morning!

Cinnamon waffles

i grew up with homemade waffles fresh and hot from my gramma's waffle iron. my dh has been addicted to the frozen pre-made things that pass for waffles these days a little while back i made real,old fashioned,...

Cinnamon belgian waffles

light fluffy waffles with a light cinnamon flavour. they are delicious reheated in the toaster.

Colossal custard pancakes

not your typical pancake! one pancake will feed 2-3 people depending on their appetite. my kids love these with fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt on top instead of the usual maple syrup.

Dutch apple pancakes

these are not your normal pancakes. let them puff up as big as you want it just adds to the flavor and fun for young kids. this was a family favorite found in a vegetarian cookbook my mother had but...

Crepes suzette

this diabetic recipe is a tasty morning surprise. recipe can be doubled. 1/2 protein exchange 1/2 bread exchange 1 1/2 fat exchanges 1 fruit exchange and 1/4 milk exchange

Clean whole wheat crepes

these are a nice hearty crepe. the whole wheat flour gives it more body and texture, which lends itself well to savory or sweet fillings. i adapted this from a regular simple crepe recipe to include almond...

Yummy gingerbread pancakes

this is from family fun magazine. the whole family likes 'em! they're not overpoweringly gingery - just the right amount of spice.

Dutch baby german pancake

wonderfully easy delicious pancakes

Cornmeal rye waffles

adapted from king arthurs flour site and kt made blog if you dont want to add sugar honey or real maple syrup works well also

Crepes for two

i'm only cooking for two now and always on the look out for recipes that can be reduced to smaller portions, i.e., not easy to split one egg. i fill my crepes with marmalade, roll and sprinkle with powder...

Crispy waffles

this is a much better recipe than the traditional one which uses milk/buttermilk. these waffles come out much crispier and are naturally low in fat, hence no 'diet' food yuk-iness. to cut calories, i use...

Copycat ihop swedish pancakes

some of my best memories of my grandmother, were in the kitchen. one summer growing up i spent a week with my grandparents and she taught me quite a few recipes. we baked cookies, made candy, pickles and...

Homemade waffles

i got this recipe from my good friend teresa. they taste so good. :)

Creme brulee pancake

this pancake has the flavor and texture of a rich creme brulee dessert. watch it puff up as you cook it before it settles into a rich, thick pancake. cut it into thick wedges and serve with a sprinkle...

Dairy free gluten free pancakes flapjacks

this is my version of the traditional flapjack for north america for people with diet restrictions. don't be fooled though, this breakfast staple tastes great and will satisfy just about anyone.


these are the crepes my co-worker from france made us at work one day for a treat. they were delicious. she said that this recipe can be cut in half and can be used for sweet or savory crepes.

Cinnamon vanilla pancake syrup

it's great for when you don't have pancake syrup in the fridge because most if not all the ingredients are already in your pantry. i'm not sure where the recipe came from except that a friend gave it...

Cola pancakes

i have not tried this yet--maybe someone with a sense of adventure will give it a try.

Easy cinnamon roll waffles

the best thing about them (besides the utter yumminess) is that they are so easy. from living well spending less.

Corn and bacon pancakes

good for breakfast, lunch or a sidedish. my grandma used to make these for sunday dinner all the time. serve with extra bacon and maple syrup if desired.

Potato farl

traditional welsh recipe from my nan.

Crunchy delicious waffles

for a long time i tried to find a recipe for waffles that would make them crunchy on the outside, not limp and soggy. these are great, i got the recipe from "the joy of cooking"

Tiger waffles

resembles belgian waffles but easier, and moister than a pancake. i did not want to buy and store a separate waffle maker, so i use a george foreman meat grill. it is also easier than making with a waffle...

Cornmeal pancakes with honey and black pepper

adapted from a recipe by sydney oland at serious eats.

Apple cinnamon dutch baby

i found this recipe on a site called food for tots. looks baby friendly. a wonderful light egg soufflé that kids are sure to love and it's easy to make! dutch babies also make a good dinner meal accompanied...

Dutch puffed apple pancake

i've not made this but it sounds to good not to post.

Cinnamon oatmeal pancake

from bon appétit magazine october 2007.


this is a traditional finnish thick oven baked pancake

Orange cinnamon french toast

these french toast are so yummy. i made it with only 4 slices of bread. from taste of home guilt free cooking cookbook.

Coffee creamer pancakes

i got bored with regular old pancakes, surprising i know so i added to the possibilities! yay!

Cornmeal pancakes with honey cinnamon butter

these pancakes are so delicious! --- yield is only estimated depending on the size of pancakes.

Cornmeal hoecakes

these cakes are named as such because the batter was smeared on the blade of a clean, buttered hoe and then held over the fire until done.


found this in a sort of promotion for st. patrick's day and it was actually really good. they turn out quite well if you fry them quickly and pop them in the oven.

Vegan pancakes or waffles

these are absolutely delicious!!

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