Crock pot slow cooker or stove top chicken spaghetti

a versatile and tasty dish, either simmered on the stove 1 - 2 hours or in a crock pot for several hours while you're away. this recipe is equally good served over rice. serve with a large green salad...

Deluxe hamburger casserole

we stopped making hamburger helper when we found this recipe. it's easy to make and very cheesy.

Crock pot chicken over pasta

another simple dish that is sure to please.

Crispy topped macaroni and cheese

this is simply delicious italian cuisine. so tasty, so easy to make and great for the whole family!

Italian lasagna

i developed this recipe after spending some time in sorrento. there are hundreds of recipes for lasagna but this one to me and my friends is as close to authentic as i can get and still satisfy the american...

Cowboy spaghetti with cheese sauce rachael ray

i saw rachael ray make this on her show and i thought it looked delicious. i made it tonight and it was outstanding. the jalapenos definitely add a lot of spice to the cheese sauce, so if you have little...

Couscous bake

this is a simple meatless dish, and easy to make, courtesy of america's best one-dish recipes.

Fried ravioli

this is a recipe for a easy fried ravioli.

Creamy chicken pasta and broccoli bake

a tasty one dish meal from kraft. they kept it quite light, and it's still creamy and comforting. you can use any shaped pasta and try to go for the high fibre ones. smart pasta has the most fibre, but...

Creamy spaghetti

i found this on a package of philadelphia light cream cheese and it sounds good. it uses jarred sauce and cream cheese, i can't wait to try it.


this cous cous is the best side dish type of cous cous i have ever had the chance to experience. this is best with spicy lamb sausage (merguez) or grilled beef and lamb.

Crock pot lasagna

real lasagna after a hard day's work! serve with garlic bread and a salad.

Sausage and mushroom lasagna

this is a recipe from "woman's world" magazine, january 24, 2006. it is a great variation to regular lasagna. great for potluck or church get togethers.

Creamy cold pasta

if you like cold pasta treats, try this one i came up with myself :d

Durn good spaghetti sauce

who doesn't love spaghetti with meat sauce? i love cooking from scratch, but sometimes when i have a craving for this dish and not much time, i cheat and take bottled or canned sauce and add to it.....magnifique!...

Crab aroni salad

this is an awesome pasta salad! the only pasta salad my husband ever requests. the original recipe was a shrimp salad, but i like crab better. when i double the recipe i sometimes use half crab and half...

Creamy chicken and mushroom fettuccini

very easy chicken and pasta dish. i always get compliments when i make this. this recipe is for 2-3 people, but is easily doubled.

Ez cheesy taco mac

short on time and ingredients, i whipped this together with what i had on hand. it beats hamburger helper hands down, even my picky teen had seconds! didn't think to take a picture until the pan was...

Classic spinach lasagna

this recipe is from the cookbook

Penne a la vodka with broccoli

some added ingredients make this tastier than the traditional recipe. source: family circle

Creamy beef and macaroni

this is easy and quick. i don't remember where i got it from, but i've had it for years!

Curried rice noodles

indian curry spices mixed with asian noodles and sauce create a colorful, exotic noodle saute that is quick to make. from the moosewood low fat favorites cookbook. if rice noodles are unavailable, use...

Magic soup

i don't know what it is...this soup cures what ails ya. a recipe for authentic jewish penicillin (chicken soup) tweaked by a sympathetic goy. i make a big pot of this when cold & flu season hits and freeze...

Cold orzo salad

serve cold. great side dish. season as you deem fit.

Duck sugo with pappardelle

ohhhh for the love of duck. if you use my recipe on this site for roast duck with apricot glaze, you will have a lovely duck stock, as well as some decadent duck fat. i love to enrich my duck stock further...

Red spaghetti

this is a dish i threw together one night (actually, i was on bed rest in the last weeks of my 1st pregnancy). we loved this dish so much - it was a huge hit. it's a basic spaghetti dish, but dressed up...

Easiest no boil lasagna

this is the way my family has been making and eating lasagna for over 20 years.

Southwest tuna macaroni and cheese casserole

i made this recipe last night with things that i had on-hand, i must say that i had no leftovers -- from my kids to their friends, me and pube....we all loved this! it's so easy that i'm a bit embarrassed...

Creamy bowtie pasta

i copied this recipe from a friend and i loved it! you can add grilled chicken, diced ham, or even bacon to make it more "heartier".

Easy 5 ingredient vegetable lasagna

this wonderfully simple recipe comes from 'the vegetarian 5 ingredient gourmet' by nava atlas.

Orzo with peppers and asparagus

really easy and fast for a great weeknight dinner for two. can easily be cut in half for one or as a side dish. substituted spinach for asparagus one's a pretty forgiving dish.

Lasagna for one

this recipe was part of a feature on different ways to make lasagne in our local paper. i based cooking time on doing in the oven, would differ for the microwave.

Classic macaroni salad made lighter

this is a great recipe for healthier macaroni salad. very creamy and lots of flavor. great side dish to burgers, such as greek-style turkey burgers, recipe #13285.

E z lasagna

lots of lasagna recipes on recipezaar but this one is very easy. i often substitute the store bought spaghetti sauce instead of making the sauce/paste combination in this recipe (i don't think you can...

Easy chicken spaghetti

this recipe is awesome because of its simplicity and great flavor! ps - it can also be an oamc recipe, just freeze it in a couple of large ziploc bags after you mix it all together, thaw overnight, and...

Creamy pasta tomato with italian sausage

i just made the one of the best creamy macaroni and tomato dish i’ve ever had! i got tired of the same old stuff and started experimenting…it’s quick, pretty cheap, easy to make and very versatile....

Rigatoni isabella

there is this wonderful italian restaurant in town, cappetto's, and this is one of their signature dishes. i enjoyed this and told the waiter how wonderful it was. to my surprise the chef came to our...

Ground turkey lasagna

a recipe from before i became kosher. i decided to make a lasagna using only ingredients that i could find at my local trader joe's (trader joe's has terrific fresh, no-boil lasagna noodles for an affordable...

Easy italian pasta casserole

this recipe is so easy and so yummy. we have it often at my house on those busy weeknights when i'm just too tired to get crazy in the kitchen. i usually serve this dish with cottage cheese and garlic...

Chorizo pasta bake

you can vary the spiciness of this dish by adding more chillies. i served this to visitors and it's now his favourite meal - she says he'd have it for every meal if she'd let him! so, i'm a very...

Cold sesame noodles

when i was a kid i loved those sticky, thai noodles that dripped of peanut butter and sesame oil. my new-ish allergy to peanuts and wheat made me work for a close replacement. this is it. **slurp** (chill-time...

Quark spaetzle

this came from another website and i adapted it for my tastes. it is a great dish to serve along side bratwurst and cabbage salad or any number of other things :) the farmer's cheese i used is a mild semi-firm...

Creamy chicken and sun dried tomato pasta

something i made the other night to use a few ingredients hiding in the fridge.

Ditalini salad

ditalini are little pasta tubes, about as long as they are wide. if you can't find ditalini, you can substitute elbow macaroni. this makes an excellent pot luck dish.

Crab alfredo

just had to try this combo. serve with garlic bread,& a salad

Moroccan style pasta salad

recipe i found on moroccan food on it states that you can add a variety of vegetables (your choice), so would i add carrots, celery along with the suggested bell pepper as my choices. here...

Surimi snack

at noon i was hungry, but didn't have time to make a real lunch. had some stuff left over from previous meals that week, so this is what i came up with. super quick, and very tasty too.

Creamy roast veggie pasta

a great creamy pasta which is low fat. i was looking for something different for my diabetic husband and he loved it, as did all the family. it's quite easy also. i have added ham & mushroom to the garlic...

Meatballs marinara

america's test kitchen recipe