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Top recipes for "Pears"

Crock pot ham

a while ago someone asked for a recipe for crock pot ham, diana neal suggested doing it with pineapple and brown sugar so last night i experimented and this recipe is the result. mitchell hams are a small...

Cakey chocolate pear muffins

these muffins are very, very yummy! they are juicy from the pears and so chocolatey good! mmmm! this recipe originally was meant to make a cake, but i liked it better as a muffin. naturally this means...

Christmas pear

here is a real treat for you diabetics!!!!!! just try it out for yourself.

Ricotta with raw honey and pears

taken from the whole foods market website and posted for zwt. "sweet and healthful, this dessert bridges the seasons between summer and autumn by combining crisp pears with italian ricotta cheese whipped...

Curried pear soup


Dark chocolate pear pistachio cake

this was proclaimed the best cake ever by my family at our thanksgiving meal. it's from technicolor kitchen.

Cranberry pear and ginger relish

very flavorful and low fat.

Chunky pear and applesauce

this is our favorite way to make applesauce. it comes from the book, "baby let's eat" for heatlthy cooking for both baby and family. the pears give it a bit of a crunch, even though we don't leave the...

Cinnamon merlot roasted pears

dh and i made these as a dessert for a dinner party where we would be served merlot. everyone loved them. this is from my book, "the wine club" by maureen petrosky. i am posting the recipe as it is...

Winter pear butter

smooth, delicate pear butter is delicious on toast, popovers, biscuits and other light breads. try it on waffles and pancakes, too.

Pear and apple cobbler

i made this when i found out we were having last minute company. i had all the ingredients already so it was a breeze. i served it with vanilla ice cream. yummy. from toh quick cooking.

Crock pot brilliant red pears

wouldn't this look perfect as a valentine's dessert? sounds tasty, too!

Cranberry pear lemon jam

combine these three distinctly flavored fruits for a delicious breakfast jam. its tart tangy flavor also marries well with roasted poultry, rabbit and pork.

Viva madrid red wine pear and blue cheese toasts

an out of this world appetizer. the flavors together are fantastic. a sure fire way to impress!

Pear cobbler

wonderful cobbler!!

Orange pineapple pear butter sauce

do you remember making mud pies when you were little? this is the memories i get when preparing the pears to puree. peel, stem, cut end and then squeeze in your hands over the blender, you are left with...

Kiwi fruit salad

from simple & delicious. looks and sounds like a yummy fruit salad--i just lo-o-o-ve kiwi! the easiest way i've found to peel kiwi is to cut the very ends off, cut it in half crosswise, slide the bowl...

Pear smackdown

my beautiful friend sarah, who took things like chocolate classes in her spare time! i think this probably comes from california...

Pear chutney

good as a side with curries. this one's mellow and has the influences of east indian and the caribbean.

Pear pickles

another good one for holiday gifts-good with cheese and biscuts.

Grilled autumn pizza

a grilled, rather than baked, pizza with some unexpectedly delightful toppings. use these ideas as a starting point and get creative with your toppings... the possibilities are endless! enjoy with a salad...

Citrus pot o gold

health and quick

Spiced pear jam

from my mom's canning recipe collection. i am hopeful my pear trees will yield big time this year. adapted from southern living.

Pear custard

the maple syrup gives this dessert a mild, flavorful taste. you will enjoy this!

My favourite apple crisp

this is the yummiest apple crisp i have ever eaten. you can make it with all apples or use half apples and half pears or peaches.

Ginger pear pie

quick and easy, from a taste of home

Dried pear bread

this is a tasty way to use the dried fruit that comes in gift baskets. i substituted the pears in an apricot bread recipe that i've had for more years than i can remember. the aroma of the baking bread...

Pear and avocado salad

this is a unique and interesting combination of pears and avocados that i ran across while looking for salad recipes in my cookbook collection. i made it and was surprised by the resulting tangy sweet...

Pear and prosciutto di parma salad

this makes a lovely light lunch or a great starter salad for a classic italian dinner!

Kiddie kebabs with yogurt dip

this was in the chicago sun-times food section, and i thought it sounded cute so i clipped it. when my 3 and 4-year-old cousins came over and i wanted to whip up something nice but healthy for them, i...

Breakfast bulgur with pears

though i do love my morning bowl of oatmeal, there are days when i want to have something different. this promises all the benefits of a grain based breakfast with a twist in flavor. found this untried...

Microwave winter pear amaretto jam

i use bosc or anjou pears for this jam. this jam is quick and easy and only makes 3 cups. the recipe is from small batch preserving by topp and howard.

Halloumi and pear salad

this gorgeous salad was thought up by our friend imppa. i have since given this recipe to numerous people - i think we've served this to everyone who's visited since imppa did and made this salad for us!...

French toast with pears brie and cinnamon

a delicious twist on french toast that can be made-ahead and chilled for up to 24 hours. great for brunch, holidays, and special occasions.

Pear date compote

from alex guarnaschelli's cooking loft. serve with recipe #327541.

Muesli with pears and walnuts

this healthy, nutritious breakfast recipe comes from alice hart's wonderful cookbook "mon premier dîner végétarien". it is easy to make and also very easily adapted to your family's taste. note: this...

Hidden pear salad

this is basically jello, but it is the most incredible jello you will ever taste! we will never be able to go back to regular jello!!

Cranberry pear tart

this uses dried cranberries and fresh pears to make a quick and easy tart. serve warm with ice cream

Cinnamon honey fruit gratin

this comes from the supermarket iga's booklet the pleasures of cheese. i've actually tried this and loved it. this makes for a good dessert, especially when you're thinking of doing something low fat,...

Harvest pear crisp

this is a recipe adapted from one i found in cooking light. we only use whole wheat flour and sugar substitutes, so that's reflected in the recipe. i serve with sugar free ice cream.

Pineapple pear mold

this is one of the zaar recipes that i adopted. i hope to prepare this one soon and will post any modifications that i make to the recipe.

Pear and blue cheese puffs

i made these for new year's eve appetizers and they were wonderful. lovely blend of flavours and textures. gone in no time at all - best make up a double batch.

Pears with maple walnuts and gorgonzola

we often serve this after dinner in place of a cheese course. i don't remember for certain, but i think it's a martha recipe.

Fresh pears with parmigiano reggiano and balsamic vinegar

a splendid recipe adapted from the splendid table: recipes from emilia-romagna, the heartland of northern italian food by lynne rossetto kasper. this is best eaten right away!

Daikon salad mu saingchai

this is a very light salad from korea and something similar to one served at a local korean restaurant. you can julienne the vegetables if you have the patience but i use a japanese mandolin, it has various...

Pear apple butter

this tastes like autumn, but is great any time of year. if fresh pears are not in season, you can use canned pear halves packed in light syrup. just drain four 16-oz. cans, puree in blender or food processor...

Creamed rice honey macadamia pears

zwt7, italy. a sweet finish. from

Sweet autumn harvest pie

apples, pears and cranberries are what bring the special autumn flavor to this delectable pie. serve with ice cream for the ultimate finale to your special meal.

Poached pear delight

a mellow aromatic dessert with a delicious ginger ice cream! a good recipe to make the day before company's coming & assemble at the last minute. refrigeration time is not included.

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