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Top recipes for "Pitted-fruit"

Date drops

this recipe came from a 'card' many years ago cut off of a box of c&h sugar! the cooking time is an estimate, depending on how many cookie sheets are in the oven at the same time!

Coral cooler

this pretty drink is also refreshing. i use fresca soda and it is one of my favorite sodas. i was thrilled when i found this because even though i like drinking it from the bottle, this is a special...

Date ginger loaf 4 ingredients

this is from gourmet simple!

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Drunken cherries

this makes a wonderful gift, especially around the holidays with its vibrant color. this should be stored for 8 hours before eating (in order for the flavors to develop) and last up to 1 week. it is...

Cozy fuzzy vodka

an adult way to enjoy a peach with a friend. i also learned that the juice of a ripe peach works very well with bourbon ... but that is another recipe.

Date filling for hamentaschen

i can't always find date filling at the market. so i am posting this in case i ever need a recipe for it. recipe from food down under. filling should be refrigerated, and you may freeze it as well.

Creamy peach freeze

i think this recipe was from mr food on tv. it's a delicious treat that you will long for in the summer! for best results, chill for at least an hour before serving! (cook time = chill time)

Danish cherries

a sweet scandinavian recipe adapted from moosewood cookbook. enjoy!

Crazy spumoni

a twist on traditional spumoni created by "the cooks must be crazy" for zaar world tour 4.

Damson plum jam

if you are lucky enough to find them, get your hot little hands on some damson plums. they are small and sour when fresh, but make the absolute best plum jam in the world. i have listed two different options...

Easy and deliciously peachy cinnamon toast

one of the favorite's here at the farm, this peach cinnamon toast is super easy to make and truly wonderful. each year, we have a brunch at the farm and this is always one of the first dishes to go!

Cherry swirl coffee cake

there's nothing like a little piece of sweet coffee cake to go with your coffee or tea in the morning! and this is a great one if you like cherries and almond flavor together. if you're like me, you can...

Chokecherry syrup

i finally found a recipe that thickens like syrup! great on pancakes.

Coconut cherry scones

i tried these after seeing the recipe on the back of a land o lakes low-fat half-n-half container and they are yummy.

Date appetizers

delightfully simple and a great combination of flavors and textures in a small package. features medjool dates, creme fraiche and candied ginger.

Date nut bread

this is the last recipe you will ever need for date nut bread. better than the very expensive store purchased loaves. great with cream cheese. very impressive served at a brunch or as a snack, my kids...

Quick and easy cream cheese pie

this dessert is a favorite in our family-- we use it for family reunion's, party's, and all our "get togethers". my mom taught me how to make it-- i'm not sure where she got it from though.

Date and ginger tea loaf

this recipe comes from dana jacobi, author of the joy of soy and recipe creator for the american institute for cancer research's "stopping cancer before it starts." i haven't tried it yet, but it looks...

Easy avocado salad

incredibly basic, yummy avocado-based salad; it's one of my new favorite dishes now that i'm on a restricted diet. dairy-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, and low carb. i like this recipe because the avocado...

Easy fresh cherry pie

i came up with this recipe by not reading the directions carefully on a cherry pie recipe i found one day, and thought i had ruined the pie. but the end result of that "mistake" was the best cherry pie...

Jewel jam

from darlene kosmman very old recipe has cherries and strawberries

Duck sauce from scratch

if you enjoy canning try this recipe for duck sauce. it yeilds 8 cups, and is easy to make when the plums and apricots are in season.

Hershey's chocolate cherry fudge

source: hershey's website

Sugar and spice turkey breast with peach chutney

this recipe is from razzle dazzle recipes and is a restaurant recipe from defrancesco's.

Cherry rolls

this is adapted from the company's coming appetizers cookbook. my fiance picked to prepare these. he loves cherries and he loves bacon. how could he go wrong? he didn't! these little ditties are fantastic!...

Patriotic dump cake

an extremely easy recipe. simply dump all the ingredients in and bake. don't fret, it still tastes good.

Peach royale

"this frosty beverage is a great way to add milk and fruit to your child's diet."

Dried cherry and almond cookies with vanilla icing

from giada on the food network, these cookies are part of the 12 cookies of 2009. delicious combination of two of my favorite flavors!

Peach and prosciutto salad

a recipe from chatelaine magazine: wedges of golden peaches and slivers of italian prosciutto liven up this summery salad. it's great as an appetizer or side dish.

Cherry kuchen pronounced ku kah by my family

old family recipe for a coffee cake with fruit topping from a region in russia where a community of germans lived. this is my father's version of the recipe which is almost sugar-free. very good served...

Sure peach pound cake

this peach pound cake recipe uses peach jam to add to the flavor. be sue to start this in a cold oven.

Diabetic frozen peach yogurt

my husband loves this recipe for frozen yogurt as he is a diabetic. i use low-fat yogurt, you can use regular yogurt for a creamer consistency. cooking time is freezing time. recipe is made for electric...

Dates wrapped in bacon

simply made hors d'oeuvres that are crisp and chewy, savory and sweet.

Cherry crunch dessert

this recipe came from my cousins in oklahoma years ago. ****the cherries are packed in cherry juice or water, not in thick pie filling***

Plumi moos

a german/mennonite delight. my father in law's favorite. great for kids or with ice cream. jars well. you can use to medium sized bags of mixed dry fruit instead of measuring.

Peaches in champagne

suitable for parties and also dinner for 2.

Cherry mousse

this is a quick and easy way to enjoy fresh cherries when in season. recipe is from a local magazine, sabrossa, which is a southwest dining guide.

Peach loaves

i got this recipe from borzynski's farmers market in sturtevant, wi...

Cool and creamy banana split shakes

these shakes really do taste like banana splits! great surprise for the kids (and adults).

Cherry salsa

from "plum gorgeous" by romney steele, published in a local paper. fresh sweet cherries combine with jalapeno, honey and pepper for a sweet-hot salsa, great with chicken, turkey, pork.

Peach bellini jam

this fantastic jam recipe originally came from a better homes and gardens canning magazine, as did the tip about making peach bellini floats with it. i added the butter to help tame the foaming. use your...

Apricot peach pie

this is a delicious pie and quite easy to prepare, even for a novice baker. it's great in the winter when fresh fruit isn't always available.

Cherry jello salad

my grandma always made this every time we would visit. it's been one of my favorite jello salad recipes since i was a little girl.

Peaches cream pie

this pie is delicious! this is a great dessert to serve at a bbq cookout! i get compliments on it all the time!

Israeli charoset

charoset is used at the passover seder. this recipe is originally found in

Stuffed avocado tex mex style

guacamole is good stuff, but sometimes it gets a little over-used and boring. if that happens or if you just want a change of pace, try using this tasty and so-easy-to-fix version of a stuffed avocado...

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