Cuban pizza

this is the most delicious homemade pizza i've eaten. it's a borrowed recipe i tweaked to make lower sodium. it is versatile. it makes a lot of sauce, so you can either make the whole lot or you can...

Coconut shrimp pizza

bring the island vibes to pizza night with this epic mashup.

Deep dish pizza

i got this recipe from jeff smith, the frugal gourmet back in 1987. he made this recipe and ran it by pizzeria uno in chicago and they smiled and nodded "it's almost as good as ours." this is easy, no...

Cottage pizza

simple. fast. delicious. alternative to traditional pizza. a healthy snack or quick meal.

Easter pizza

a great italian easter treat!

Easy cheesy pizzas on the grill

from an old pillsbury cookbook. i suppose you could use your own pizza crust recipe as well. toppings can obviously vary according to taste.

Crescent pizza

my son want pizza for breakfast this morning. he found the recipe in his 4-h book but we did not have the refrigerated biscuits. so we improvised and this is what we came up with. you can add cooked...

Heart healthy pizza topping

for one 12 inch pizza. from "cooking a la heart"- delicious heart healthy recipes from the mankato heart health program, 1988.

Very low carb to zero carb pizza

this very low carb pizza should please even the big carbers amongst your friends and family. eaten hot, it should be treated like a casserole, but cold it can held like a regular pizza slice. bonus...

Chorizo pizza

i love chorizo so when i came across this recipe, i just had to post it on zaar for safe-keeping!

Grilled veggie pizza

a fresh alternative to the "usual" grill items. the grill adds a smoky-like flavor that adds to the overall taste of the pizza. could easily be made with meat--just add cooked meat such as sausage or hamburger...

Spicy shrimp stove top pizzas

spicy and savory toppings on fresh-crusted pizzas. this sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really not that complicated. also, you can prepare the crusts and toppings earlier in the day and then assemble...

Crab pizza

stoke up the fire and serve this pizza with salad and a nice bottle of white wine. romance abounds!

Crispy tortilla pizza

simple, easy and fast way to make a pizza without waiting for dough to rise. from my food blog at:

Crispy pizza dough

it's like eating a pizza on a thin tasty cracker. i give a dough recipe for a bread machine, but you can just as easily substitute your own yeast recipe. the part you can't change is the forming of the...

Portobello pizzas

the pizza you love in a mushroom crust.

Crescent pizza bake

this sounds really good, but i haven't made it yet.

Pizza wiches

when i went to junior high school we where served this open faced sandwich on wednesdays. and this was the only day i would eat at school. i loved this so much that i asked for the recipe. i still...

Cheesy buffalo chicken skulls

a portable way to eat your chicken buffalo pizza!

Buffalo chicken flatbread pizzas

my oldest son loves anything with buffalo chicken and this recipe was no disappointment. recipe is from rachael ray.

Easy crust pizza

from the back of a pillsbury flour bag - a no knead/no toss pizza crust that even those of us dough challenged cooks can make. even though not mentioned in the ingredients, i think it needs some minced...

Thin crust pizza dough

from "robbie's recipe collection" (; tasted alot like those "mall" style thin crust ny style pizzas i like so much! i accidentally used 1/4 t sugar and it still was fine so i guess...

Bbq chicken pizza california pizza kitchen style made over

i made over version of a tasty pizza recipe recipe #155744.

Dill tastic pizza ragu

ragú® recipe contest entry. a saucy slice of heaven! a unique tangy dill coupled with a touch of heat and just a hint of salty! each bite exploding with taste! easy to prepare and sure to become a...

Sfiha arab pizza

these delicious, exotic pizzas are traditional in lebanon and syria. they make perfect appetizers or entrees.

Cuisinart food processor pizza dough

i have been trying many pizza recipes over the past 19 years and this one is the best. i got this recipe from my cuisinart food processor cook book.the main part of the preparation time is the rising of...

Cool veggie pizza

this is a pampered chef recipe that features a tender crescent roll crust topped with herbed cream cheese and crispy, coloful vegetables. make it ahead of time so the flavors can mingle.

Individual spinach pizzas

the idea for this came from my holiday friend loula. she posted about going out to dinner with her father and that he had a wonderful pizza with spinach and gorgonzola. so with her encouragement this is...

Pizza dough

a girlfriend gave me this recipe. thanks karri.

De best pizza dough

this recipe is so far the best i've made. it's so good my gf's co-workers order 5-6 pizzas on friday's for delivery, i even bought pizza boxes to deliver them.

Pie crust pizza pockets

this is not a terribly cheap recipe or a terribly healthy one so it seems a bit out of character for me! but it was created when i needed something for dinner immediately and this is what i had on hand....

Spoon pizza

i used to throw this together on some of our houseboat trips. the boys would devour it in minutes-lunch or dinner. its, very easy, inexpensive and a kid pleaser!

Pizza dough for thin crust pizza

note:this is one of the recipes i adopted in the great 'zaar ophan adoption of 2005. i hope you enjoy it.

Low carb pizza crust

pizza? on a low-carb diet? this recipe sure helps for those of us who love pizza, but hate the carbs it comes with. make sure to top with sugar-free tomato sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you like!...

Goddess pizza

so tonight i was a bachelorette for dinner, and whilst perusing the olive bar at my local market i dreamed up this pizza that my hubby would call chick food and i would call goddess fare ;). i made my...

Margherita pita pizzas

quick fix for lunch. server with a salad and you are good to go.

Thin crust pizza dough abm

thin crust lovers you are in for a treat. for exceptional pizza, go to your local home depot or lowes store and buy unglazed quarry tiles. they are very inexpensive. position your oven rack as low as it...

Passover pizza

this recipe was invented in response to a request. i've been making passover rolls for years, i don't know why i never thought of turning the dough into pizzas!

White pizza

this uses dinner rolls as a crust and 4 different types of cheese.

Garlic pizza crust

this is the best of the few recipes that is mine this started off as a mistake, turning back and forth in a cook book we make this every friday night and have pizza and movies in the living room.....

Crispy crab pizza with rocket salad topping

made for good things are cooking here!! (a non-cooking game) in the australian/new zealand cooking forum - chef #547750 wrote "i had a pizza with a base...

Breakfast pizza ii

just like an omlette, but better!

Herbed pizza dough

you can also knead this by hand if you do not have a mixer.

Spinach ricotta calzones

found this on the enfamil website. could easily be turned into a meatless meal by omitting the bacon!


a quesadilla from basque - that more closely resembles an ultra thin crust pizza. the combination of roasted peppers and goat cheese accented with fresh herbs is just wonderful in this meal. i've enjoyed...

Healthy mexican pizza

this pizza uses whole wheat tortillas as its base.. its full of fresh chopped veggies, black beans, and mango!! top with salsa for a delicious, light and healthy mexican dish!

Grilled autumn pizza

a grilled, rather than baked, pizza with some unexpectedly delightful toppings. use these ideas as a starting point and get creative with your toppings... the possibilities are endless! enjoy with a salad...

Crazy pizza

my husband and i are constantly trying to trim fat and calories. he is also a diabetic. this dish is so quick and easy and tasty. (i did add a little more cheese than it called for and i add garlic when...