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Top recipes for "Puddings-and-mousses"

Christmas crumble

a simple but totally satisfying dessert for the holidays or anytime you want a dish you can literally sink into.

Sugar free pumpkin custard

my grandmother is diabetic and i watch what i eat. i saw this recipe at, but i modified my version a bit.

Easy creme caramel pudim de leite condensado

a brazilian recipe that everyone says is better than the original, this is the one that people ask me to make again and again. it should have a texture like silk if done properly, the vanilla is optional...

Cup pudding

this is an ideal dessert for two. this is made in no time and can be cooked and left in the microwave whilst eating the main course. serve with custard sauce if so desired.

Decadent and delicious french grand marnier souffl

my favourite dessert souffle, this always brings out the oooohs and aaaahs from my guests when i serve it! please feel free to use an orange liqueur substitute if you cannot find or afford the real

Classic panna cotta

this is a wonderful creamy dessert. not as rich as flan or or other custards because it has no eggs. serve with whatever topping inspires you - fresh fruit, fruit compote, chocolate, you name it. i prefer...

Chocolate espresso mousse

who can beat the taste of espresso and chocolate combined together in this delightful dessert!

Coffee fluff

this is from one of my vintage cookbooks. sounds wonderful! chill time is not included in total prep time.

Cream brulee with strawberries

unbelievably delicious, with or without strawberries!

Chocolate dream pie

any chocolate lovers dream!!

Simply splendid rice pudding

this recipe is posted for a recipezaar member who is looking for an eggless, baked rice pudding. it's untried by me, but it sounds good so i'll likely try it soon! i found it in rose murray's cookbook,...

Chocolate yogurt panna cotta

adapted from a blogger's recipe which was for plain yogurt panna cotta (leave the chocolate out, add 1/3 cup honey). you can use any sort of fluid milk from skim to cream - the more butterfat, the creamier,...

Coconut creme brulee

from family circle and extra, super, yummy great. cooling time is not included.

Crock pot rice pudding

this company's coming recipe for rice pudding is by far the easiest one i have ever made. i might add an extra tablespoon or so of sugar next time, and maybe top the vanilla up to a full 2 teaspoons. however,...

Almond cream with fruit

elegant, but so easy dessert.

Cranberry kissel

kissels are a type of fruit soup that are popular in eastern europe. this one is made with cranberries but you can use any type of soft fruit to make it. please note: you may substitute cornstarch for...

Chocolate of the gods

this pudding's packed with a surprise ingredient. avocados are rich in healthy fat that's beneficial for your heart, hair and skin. make the pudding ahead of time and refrigerate so the flavors can mingle....

Custard pudding

my grandma has used this recipe since she was a little girl. it makes a very good, rich pudding to use in cream pies, trifles, or just for eating. if you want to reduce the richness substitute some of...

Easy banana pudding

always a big hit at holiday get togethers

Drumstick torte

taste is like that of the ice cream drumstick but with out the ice cream. very rich. prep time is not freezing time so allow for that.

Cool banana pudding

family favorite. no baking necessary.

Chocolate raspberry waffle pudding

this recipe is really sensational and no-one would believe how you made it. good enough for guests. from super food ideas july 2005.

Cottage cheese clafouti

top this delicious custard with fresh berries, sour cream, brown sugar and a little cinnamon for a delicious souffle like dessert.

Milk chocolate peanut butter mousse

this is a dessert that is great for kids. i got this out of one of my "womens" magazines. sounds really good.

Denver chocolate pudding

this recipe has been in my family for years. i always make it for special occasions.

Dairy free sugar free chocolate mousse

adapted from

Creamsicle pudding

this is an easy light recipe.

Double chocolate dessert brownie

many of us are familiar with this dessert. it's my own version i came up with after trying multiple times, looking for the correct flavor. this delicious chocolate cake like brownie tops a molten sea of...

Dreamy cappuccino dessert

my variation of a recipe i found on the kraft foods website. also try with chocolate flavored pudding! enjoy!

Chocolate kahlua mousse

chocolate mousse with a twist

Milk tart

this is a very popular south african teatime treat/dessert a plus in its favour is it can be made in advance.the traditional version is made with a puff pastry base but i find a short crust type base makes...

Strawberry rhubarb parfait

the rhubarb shoots emerging in my garden prompted me to post this recipe from christine cushing. i haven't tried it yet - but very soon! christine suggests sprinkling crushed amaretti cookies between the...

Chocolate mousse the easy way

this is super easy and very rich. it impresses my guests everytime!

Chocolate wattleseed mousse with wattleseed cream

wattleseed and chocolate flavoured mousse. wattleseed is a native australian seed from the acacia tree. it has a coffee-like aroma and blends well with chocolate. this really is an easy recipe. this recipe...

Crock pot yogurt

make your own yogurt in a crock pot! i found a number of recipes online. here's how i did it.

Chocolate mocha pudding

you can add nuts or orange pieces to this. try it with rum or an orange liquor. just reduce the amount of milk by the amount of liquid added. top with whip cream and a cinnamon dusting.

Crema catalana

crema catalana or catalan cream is the spanish version of the french dessert, crème brulée. due to the close proximity of cataluña to france, some believe the famous french dessert actually originated...

Custard with kiwi

a simple summer dessert. recipe source: shopper's magazine

Coconut pudding

rich and smooth. it takes half an hour to make, but it well worth the effort. posting in response to a request. plan ahead as it needs time to chill.

Chocolate crispy pie

this is a combination of two recipes. the chocolate filling is my son's favorite and i love the crispy crust.

Creme caramel

egg custards are quite simple to prepare, provided you follow the recipe directions! avoid using excessive heat which will ruin the texture, stir the mixture constantly when cooking over direct heat &...

Sticky toffee date pudding

traditional favourite. i like to double the sauce as i like it saucy!

Dreamsicle jello salad

this recipe has been a big hit at family gatherings and potlucks for years! it could also be used as a light dessert. i have also used french vanilla pudding mix. it makes a large amount so make sure to...

Rice pudding

my mom makes this old style rice pudding and its my favorite! it takes some time but its well worth it.

Classic creamy greek rice pudding

this is comfort food at its best, especially during these uneasy times. you can serve the pudding with a dollop of homemade whipped cream (and even a maraschino cherry on top.) to make it look really special...

No bake custard

easy no bake custard

Dutch baby giant baked pancake

these look and taste absolutely heavenly! it's great if you have guests or larger gatherings for breakfast or brunch as each pancake has 4-6 servings and, since it is baked, requires less work than regular...

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