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Top recipes for "Quebec"

Cream fudge sucre a la creme canadien

this is traditional french canadian fudge recipe. i make it every xmas and easter. if i made it regularly, i would be the size of a house.

Date nut zucchini spice bread

this is a delightful, moist, and flavourful treat. it doesn't feel or taste oily like most zucchini bread recipes. i created this recipe to use up those giant zucchinis. it is easily doubled and freezes...


this is a drink i took at the hard rock cafe in montreal.

Crabtree beef stew

a recipe from quebec and very good.

Coffee mousse

a coffee mouse with cream cheese. great recipe. impresses your guests. and even yourself. i got it from kraft canada's whats cooking magazine.

French style pate chinois

i like this dish because it is easy to prepare and it can be frozen. my mother used to serve this dish with a pie crust covering the top but i prefer without.

Sucre la creme

posting this for zwt 2006 canadian region this sounds like a very easy and very yummy (hey it has sugar and cream... we need more why exactly?) fix for those sweets cravings.


aka meatballs in white sauce. this is an old recipe, a variation of which was made in most canadian homes. every housewife had her own particular way of preparing this recipe. it was a dish that pleased...

Maple grandfathers grands peres a lerable

this is a traditional desserts in quebec made with maple syrup. it's sinful :p from coup de pouce.

Dumplings in canadian maple syrup

a very canadian recipe using pure canadian maple syrup #1 light. do not use imitation maple syrup. this recipe came from one of canadas main producers/suppliers of maple syrup in quebec canada.

Ragout de boulettes canadian meatballs

this recipe was from a 1951 newspaper. it was a recipe from the dining car service of the canadian railways. it has browned flour in it like cajun roux so if you know how to make gumbo, you can make this....

Montreal bagels

found on the web in response to a request from a fellow zaar member for a montreal-style bagel. malt powder or syrup is typically found in home-brewing (do-it-yourself-beer) stores.

Garden veggie and pineapple smoothie

very simple, refreshing, and tasty. a great way to feed your kids (or yourself) vegetables. adjust honey to taste.

Vegan crme au caf vegan coffee blancmange

really economical dessert that is veganized from la cuisine raisonnée, the most valued cookbook in quebec's pop culture.

Moose stew

great stew, at least 15 min. to cooking time. you'll see why in recipe.

Roast chicken quebecois

an incredibly crispy-skinned roast chicken technique from quebec.

Maple glazed chicken livers

from the canadian cooking magazine ricardo. ricardo suggests serving with a rich pinot grigio from alsace.

Pork roast with goat cheese and maple sauce from quebec

this is a recipe with maple syrup from coup de pouce

Easy pizza muffins

the quickest and easiest pizza to make. even the kids can do it. even make funny faces for kids parties. clowns, pirates,monsters.....etc i put it in vegetarian because you can omit the ham

Coeurs de palmier en vinaigrette marinated hearts of palm

veganized from a old family recipe. it's a really yummy and creamy appetizer. cooking time is chilling time.

Arizona cardinals adobo sirloin

yes. it's hot. a good steak deserves a good bite! jalapenos peeps,..smoked..yes some will think it's hot, to me and fellow pepper heads this is just a starter course. if you can't handle the milder sets...

Tire sur la neige

a canadian winter treat.

Impossible broccoli pie

this is delicious and very filling! this is the first recipe i made on my own, and has been a favourite of mine ever since! a classic that is guaranteed to be delicious.


this is a very old canadian recipe that was handed down from one generation to the next. it is still as good today as it was then.

Cheese ball 2

this is another family recipe along with cheeseball 1. this is also very good. cook time includes the chill time. hope you enjoy.

Fortifying beverage

drink this before breakfast. tastes great, is incredibly healthy, and you don't need a juicer. tip: i prepare some ahead of time and freeze 1 cup in silicone muffin pans. i take it out the night before,...

Citrus spiced tapioca

on my quest for a simple tapioca dessert that didn't involve milk, eggs, or sugar, i finally decided to concoct can be drunk bubble-tea style or you can lower de amount of water to make it thicker,...

Canadian butterscotch pie

a creamy pie that is a french tradition in northern maine...delicious!!

Pork cutlets with normandy style mushroom and applesauce

this recipe comes from the market loblaws in montreal.

No bake skor bars

it doesn't get any easier! i got this recipe from a co-worker before christmas and i was amazed that anything this easy could taste so good. the bar is very rich so cut into tiny squares.

French canadian shepherds pork pie with variations

this is the traditional french canadian version of the familiar shepherd’s pie, a nourishing one dish meal.

Maple syrup roasted tomatoes

maple syrup intensifies the sweetness of tomatoes in this recipe for tomate confite au sirop d'érable. serve these with toothpicks as an appetizer or on salads, pizza, and pastas. double or triple this,...

Swiss chard with tomato and bacon

a good old new england tradition. skillet swiss chard sautéed with bacon and tomato. a hearty side dish to serve with your favorite grilled meat. bacon or salt pork can be used or omitted to make a...

Ragot de pattes de cochon pork stew with meatballs

this is a traditional quebecois stew made from pork hocks. i'm looking for recipes that dh remembers from childhood. this one was found on and .the stew is a modification...

Old fashioned french canadian baked beans

this was a staple for me growing up in quebec and brings back many happy memories. a perfect winter comfort food!!! i have tweaked an original recipe and wanted to share it with you. great at breakfast...

Lite cretons

as a native nyer relocated to french quebec, the discovery of this morning morsel was very appealing though daunting because of the calories slathered on by the pork. this recipe is a lighter version of...

Real french canadian pea soup

this pea soup recipe has been in my family longer than anyone can remember, and is at least as old as my great, great grandmother, probably older than that even. my favorite soup ever, and now it is my...

Mashed pumpkin potatoes

this is my personal rendition on a favorite from quebec. the addition of pumpkin to ordinary mashed potatoes gives them an nice earthiness that goes well with roasted poultry or other autumnal fare. ...

Pork tenderloin

the tenderness of the pork loin and the richness and velvety of the sauce served with asparagus or roasted cauliflower bouquet makes it a treat. from the quebec culinary institute.

Butter tart filling

a perfect buttery sweet filling makes these irresistable! passed down by my great aunt who was french canadian. she cooked with approximate measures, so these amounts may vary to taste.

A perfect salade nicoise

tuna fish gets a french accent in this refreshing classic! (make it even more refreshing with a nice glass of chardonnay.)

Sweet salty grilled cheese sandwich

this is my favourite way to eat this classic comfort food and express meal. i know everyone has their own way of making it, but i'm posting this recipe because most people probably haven't thought about...

French canadian ragout fricot

this is another must dish for french canadian families at christmas time. in the old days, when country people had to work outside in the cold canadian winters and needed an extra inch (or two) of fat...

Creamy maple fondue from quebec

this is a recipe with maple syrup from coup de pouce

Apple and maple pets de soeur

pets-de-soeur means nun's farts. it's made with pie dough. it's a very good dessert. i think that it cames from quebec in canada.

Special pork tourtiere

this is a family favourite--my mom's wonderful east coast pork pie recipe, which i have added to over the years. mom makes hers with a crust made from tea biscuits--i use a flaky pastry crust--both work...

French glazed carrots

my friend marina found this recipe last year, and has making it ever since at least once a week. its the only vegetable her son likes.

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