Drunk biscuits

another beer biscuit recipe...quick and easy.

Christmas eggnog bread

this came from a friend. i made this as written and it turns out beautifully every time. i always include a loaf of this bread in my christmas crates that we make up for my family. i have included 3...

Corn muffins with sweet red peppers

compliments any bbq, great taste!! from canadian living mag.

Cinnamon muffins

muffins are good anytime of the day.

Cranberry tea cake

this was originally from the "moosewood sundays" cookbook and was an instant hit around here...part coffeecake, part dessert - yummy! i've never had almonds in the house, but can vouch that it's great...

Churros muffins

from 750 best muffin recipes. based on spain's deep-fried doughnuts, these muffins are outrageously good, without getting out the fryers! rolling the light muffins in butter and cinnamon sugar while they...

Easy biscuits

this is the easiest biscuit recipe i have ever used. i came up with it when i had no shortening.

Double cheese bread

1 1/3 cup milk may be substituted for the 2/3 cup milk and 2/3 cup wine.

Candied yam bread using leftovers

the solution to those yummy leftover candied yams! i don't measure when i make candied yams so sometimes the leftovers have more liquid. if there is some liquid in the candied yams, i use that in place...

Company muffins

a low fat delicious muffin! comes from recipes ours and others.

Cranberry cheese bread

cheddar cheese highlights the flavor of this tangy bread.

Metis bannock

we metis love our bannock and this is my favourite recipe for it. it's great with soup, or just on it's own with jam or honey.

Cottage cheese and dill muffins

i haven't tried this recipe yet but i hope to soon!

Coconut flour banana bread gaps

yummy and easy, gaps and paleo friendly. you can skip the honey if you bananas are sweet enough or add more to taste sub walnuts for pecans or add dark chocolate chips

High fiber bran muffins

from bob's red mill.

Coconut loaf

recipe came from a quick cooking magazine in 2002. i just got around to trying it today! i used it instead of the usual recipe for 'shortcakes' wow it was great with strawberries and cream! i think...

Coconut bread guyana caribbean

this recipe comes from the internet website recipeisland.com. [note: on 29 june 2009 i edited the ingredients, changing the pounds & ounces of flour & sugar to cups.]

Cranberry white chocolate scones

a very tasty scone recipe that takes no time at all. though the recipe calls for dried cranberries, i usually use a mix of dried cherries and berries for variety and often use more than the 1/2 cup called...

Coconut cherry scones

i tried these after seeing the recipe on the back of a land o lakes low-fat half-n-half container and they are yummy.

Chocolate zucchini nut bread

this was a recipezaar adoptee. it sounded like a good way to sneak some extra vegetables into my family's diet.

Chorizo bread

another great rustic bread thats great with cheeses, salad, and beer.

Dairy free gluten free millet bread

posted in response to request for dairy free/gluten free bread. this bread has the texture of a cornbread. it is more suitable for a snack or breakfast bread as it does not hold together for sandwiches....

Delicious low carb cornbread

this is my very favorite low carb recipe! it's so easy to prepare, and it's done in only 2 minutes in the microwave. the best part is that it only amounts to 1 carb per slice!!! there isn't a trace of...

Cinnamon loaf

a simple and tasty loaf for coffee or breakfast!

Coffee nut scones

this is a really tasty recipe with the hazelnuts and coffee. my dh just loves it. can't keep enough of them around! great for breakfast, snacks, having with coffee, and packing in lunches! :)

Christmas morning jewelled muffin mix in a jar

delightful festive spiced muffins, studded with jewel coloured fruit and nuts - just the thing for christmas morning! i love all types of "mixes" in a jar! soups, biscuits, spices, cookies and cake mixes...

Citrus muffins

a recipe from the issue of april 2007 of coup de pouce. these muffins have no eggs and no nuts.

Cinnamon raisin flax muffins

adaptation of recipe#123800, not sugar free (so it's paleo, not atkins) very similar to the flax4life muffins. you really need all that cinnamon but could add walnuts, coconut, carrots, etc.

Cornmeal raisin muffins

from harrowsmith cookbook- not too sweet, but not bland either.

Cranberry tartlets

this recipe came from whatscookingamerica.net. recipe says that it comes from a restaurant who serves these with their breakfast meals. these are yummy, pretty little "tarts" that are really more like...

Water cakes

a wartime recipe from the civil war recipes cookbook

Cream scones

delicious scones from the prestigious culinary institute of america. scones aren’t just for tea anymore. like the humble all-american biscuit, they offer a satisfying addition to almost any meal. these...

Cocoa nut bread

this is a great bread for dessert, brunch or anytime.

Crispy bacon muffins

just an old recipe i thought i'd pass along 8)

Cranberry raisin bread

before making cranberry sauce for my turkey, i always remove 1 1/2 cups from the bag of cranberries so i can make this loaf. you can also substitute cranberries for the raisins for an all cranberry loaf....

Quick cheese muffins

quickest and easiest muffins on the block. add your choice of herbs and spices to it.

Coconut blueberry muffins

the blueberries can be replaced with cranberries, or even chocolate chips ;-)

Delicious eggless zucchini bread

what can i say, i love bread!!! and this bread is just one of my absolute favorites!!!! originally this was an experiment i tried about a year ago when i ran out of eggs. i wanted zucchini bread sooooooo...

Coke a cola bread

beer bread without the beer, so easy. i used to buy a special mix for this bread, now i can make it for pennys!

Colonial muffins

this is a recipe i used when i had a winter lodge. it was popular on cold winter mornings, especially when they were still warm and the butter melted into them. any prepared mincemeat will do but i prefer...

Cakey chocolate pear muffins

these muffins are very, very yummy! they are juicy from the pears and so chocolatey good! mmmm! this recipe originally was meant to make a cake, but i liked it better as a muffin. naturally this means...

Cinnamon sugar scones

these are a family favourite. split them open and serve with a little butter.

Date nut zucchini spice bread

this is a delightful, moist, and flavourful treat. it doesn't feel or taste oily like most zucchini bread recipes. i created this recipe to use up those giant zucchinis. it is easily doubled and freezes...

Downunder cheese puffs

these are not popovers and have nothing to do with bread. these are very quick snacks that you can whip up during commercial breaks when you are watching tv and you feel like something cheesy. vary the...

Very berry blueberry muffins

a recipe from splenda. i wrote 9-12 muffins. cause you'll have 12 small muffins or 9 larger muffins.

Danish puffs bisquick

a classic recipe made even easier! these mini cake-like muffins take only a few minutes to put together. the bisquick makes for a crusty top with a fluffy inside.

Classic scones

delicious warm with strawberries and/or raspberries. excellent with your morning tea. 2 points per serving.