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Top recipes for "Ravioli-tortellini"

Cheese tortellini with cherry tomatoes

this simple and delicious pasta dish is adapted from vegetarian times magazine. one thing i didn't change was the onion powder - i rarely cook with it, and i didn't substitute it here only because i was...

Fried ravioli

this is a recipe for a easy fried ravioli.

Crock pot cheesy ravioli casserole

i work nights and crock pot recipes are lifesavers. here is another one. update: this recipe is also good frozen then thawed and reheated.

Creamy shrimp tortellini salad

a creamy tortellini salad that's fit to serve company. i came up with this on an extremely warm day when i wanted to prepare dinner early and serve something cool. this can be adjusted according to amounts...

Creamy ravioli

just something i threw together for a quick weeknight meal. amounts can be adjusted to personal taste.

Turkey smoked sausage and ravioli bake

i created this one night when i had some turkey smoked sausage to use for dinner and wanted to do something creamy and comforting. i think it's important to use the turkey sausage as it is so much less...

Mediterranean shrimp and pasta

this recipe is adapted from southern living annual recipes. i cannot remember which year. it is one of our favorites.

Colorful tortellini pasta salad

i get a lot of requests for this pretty and flavorful pasta salad. i like lighter dressing, so if you like more, you may want to increase the oil and vinegar. i haven't gotten any complaints about this...

Tortellini asparagus salad

lite, satisfying summer salad.

Tortellini salad with fresh basil and tomatoes in vinaigrette

i took an idea from michael chiarello on the food network, and tweaked it according to a favorite vinaigrette recipe of mine. this is a delightful main-dish salad on a hot summer night. grill up some...

Creamy ravioli with squash lemon and chives

from the may 2011 "real simple" magazine. dh and i made this quick and easy recipe for dinner tonight and thought it was a great weeknight meal. i used frozen ravioli, homemade from a local italian bakery...

Spicy crock pot alfredo ravioli

i put this together for dinner tonight and it turned out pretty tasty. feel free to spice it up more if desired or to add other seasonings.

Sun dried tomato tortellini soup

the dry-packed tomatoes rehydrate in this quickly made soup, eliminating the need to steep them.

Mock ravioli

this is a recipe my dh's daughter gave me, it is one her late mother used to make alot, and that her father loved. i am posting it here so as not to lose it, which is a problem i seem to keep having with...

Creamy tortellini with spinach

this is a nice, summery dish. very pretty presentation too! the sauce is creamy with a hint of lemon. very quick to put together as well!

Tortellini soup with kale

this is good. i was surprised how filling it was. other greens (spinach, chard) would work as well. try sprinkling a little parmesan cheese on top. from 1001 low fat vegetarian.

Weeknight tortellini with arugula crispy prosciutto

mmmm! is this good! it tastes very gourmet without much work. i got this in an e-mail recipe exchange (similar to a chain letter) where each person shares one of their all-time recipes! jenny who sent...

Cream cheese pesto tortellini

i love the combination of cream cheese and pesto, so i tried this and it worked!! it has been one of my favorite dishes to make. i use it as a main dish but it could certainly be a side dish.

Deliciously different pasta salad

this really is a deliciously different pasta salad that even the hard to please members of my family just loved. it has alot of great mediterranean flavors going on in there, that blend together beautifully,...

Kramer crock pot chicken tortellini

made this up one day....and my family just loved it! have taken it to church potlucks and i get requests for it over and over. don't add tortellini too early or it will "explode".

Creamy chicken and ravioli with bacon

adapted from a bc recipe. a little bit like carbonara.

Crock pot cheese tortellini and meatballs with vodka sauce

i'm always looking for easy meals for those busy weekdays. my husband and i both work and have two children that are very active in extracurricular school activities. i like meals that i can just throw...

Dried plum ravioli with sage butter

i thought this sounded so interesting! from the mariani web site.

Tortellini skewers

i sampled a similar appetizer at a party that inspired this simple idea. it would be easy to add additional foods to the skewers, based on your preferences. use your favorite store bought or homemade...

Crabmeat ravioli with red pepper cream sauce

this recipe is from can use left over crab meat or imitation crab meat to make this.

Pasta salad kabobs

kids enjoy eating this and it is convenient for people to eat at a potluck. it does take time to put this together, but the presentation is lovely.

Corn star ravioli in sweet basil cream sauce

from guy fieri's big bite on food network

Creamy spinach and tortellini

a light sauce tortellini dish that is flavored with garlic and basil. the spinach and tomato add body and color.

Easy cheese ravioli

i use buitoni low fat 4 cheese ravioli found in the refrigerated section. i put 1 t olive oil in the instructions, but just use the smallest amount as you can to sucessfully saute your veggies and coat...

Tex mex tortellini

another recipe i haven't tried, but would like to.

Lobster ravioli with vanilla butter sauce

i stole this recipe from mike kalina who stole the ravioli recipe from windows on the world restaurant, and the vanilla sauce from l'archestrate in paris. it's a triple copycat worth repeating!!!

Sausage tortellini alfredo

a wonderful combination of rich alfredo sauce and three cheese tortellini -with veggies and italian sausage to make matters worse (or better!). this is not for the faint of heart for calories, but that's...

Pierogies with creamy mushroom and sherry sauce

this is one of my all time favorite ww recipes. i serve it to company all of the time, and no one ever guesses its low fat! i have used ravioli instead of pierogies and have added ham for variation. recipe...

Healthy tomato tortellini soup

a light, delicious and healthy soup. add whatever veggies you like!

Yankee goulash ziti

sausage & pepperoni added in gives this pasta dish a scrumptious change of pace. fantastic for pot luck. throw some shredded mozzarella cheese in, give it a stir and viĆ²la! (even better if you make it...

Artichoke filling for ravioli or tortellini

an excellent no-fuss pasta filling

Mrs dreyers tortellini soup

let's take a trip back to the winter of 2000. my roommate living in the phi sig house was chris dreyer. we both are from the bay area so we would carpool to and from az for christmas break. when we finally...

Italian chicken soup

real easy, only a few ingredients, cheap and makes a lot.

Toasty cheese ravioli

these make a yummy snack or side dish.

Orange cranberry couscous

quick, delicious accompaniment to chicken or pork. my husband and i eat way more of this than we should every time i fix it and it is a good way to get fruit into your diet. this makes an impressive...

Grilled veggie tortellini salad

this is great for a summer picnic, pot luck or a way to use your leftover grilled vegies.

Lentil ravioli

this is from 1001 low-fat vegetarian recipes.

Tortellini with mushroom sauce

i used only about half of the butter and oil listed, and while the original recipe says it is for one, i thought this was the perfect size for two. from everyday food june 2005.

Creamy restaurant style tortellini

recipe courtesy of kraft. original calls for plain cream cheese, i like to use herb & garlic.

Hamburger vegetable soup with tortellini

easy, tasty, and left-overs freeze well.

Shrimp ravioli with basil cream sauce

rich and delicate and made easy with wonton wrappers.

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