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Top recipes for "Rolled-cookies"

Crunchy brownie cookies

quick cookie recipe for when you need cookies asap! time listed includes chill time.

Clove snaps

like gingersnaps, these cookies have a delicious spicy crunch. they're just the thing for a cup of tea.

Christmas tree cookies

these are great tasting and good looking cut-out cookies. frost with a browned butter frosting, decorate how you wish, and stand 'em up in purchased jelly wreaths. make them in several tree sizes. they...

Cranberry lemon shortbread cookies

a nice flavourful shortbread! i make these for christmas, nice to add to the cookie trays for friends and neighbours. source: inspired by compliments magazine

Dads cookies

this recipe is one that my grandma used to make for us when i was a kid. she still makes them for when we go down to visit. these cookies are not meant to be super moist. they go great dipped in tea....

Easiest snickerdoodles ever

these are delicious and extremely easy to make!

Oat doodles

like snickerdoodles, with oatmeal. this is a variation of a recipe from the january 2005 better homes and gardens magazine.

Easter biscuits

these spicy fruited biscuits were originally baked and eaten around easter, particularly in the west country of england, but are too good to be restricted to such a short time period! please note that...

Baby teething biscuits eggless sugarless

babies shouldn't eat eggs before they are a year old. i've been searching for a recipe that doesn't use eggs or sugar and thought i'd share this one. the sweetness is provided by juice.

Date filled cookies

this is a unique family recipe that is originally from my great, great aunt. i have not tried it, but submitted it in response to a request. i'm sorry i don't know the serving size or exactly how long...

Coffee rum cookies

a recipe from my husband's grandmother. this was one of my fil's favorites when he was growing up. we tried them recently and they are very good--light and crisp.

Wheat sweets

flavorful sugar cookies made with whole-wheat flour have an appealing tan color. my family has enjoyed them for years. the recipe was originally from a small butter cookie pamphlet many years ago. the...

Cookie cutter dutch sugar cookies with white chocolate glaze

these are a must for the holidays use a good quality white chocolate such a bakers or lindt, or decorate with coloured frosting. plan ahead the dough needs to chill for 2 hours, or freeze for up to 1 month....

Cinnamon sticks cookies

i like these because they are easy to make and they use the egg whites left over from spritz cookies. i got this from an old better homes and gardens magazine.

Paige's sour cream cut out cookies

this is my friend paige's recipe. she would bring them decorated in whatever holiday theme (she was big on decorating them in pastels). there were rarely any left. these are very soft and cake-like cookie...

Maple pecan sandwich cookies

the maple buttercream is the touch of crowning glory with these cookies..


these are the traditional triangular filled cookies eaten for the jewish holiday of purim. they are shaped like the 3-cornered hat worn by the bad guy in the story, haman. the purim story is from the...

Cinnamon cookie bars

i like this recipe because it is so simple to make. i read that cinnamon is very good for you. i found a cinnamon cookie here, but i didn't like that it didn't hold together. i took a recipe of mine and...

Molasses crinkles

great anytime, but especially fun to include in your cookie trays during the holidays! cooking time is per pan.

Digestive biscuits

these are one of the most popular biscuits sold commercially in britain. they are very delicate and, therefore, extremely difficult to reproduce exactly but this recipe is fairly close. the original recipe...

Sour cream sugar cookies

a touch of lemon and nutmeg for flavor and sour cream for richness. it is pretty hard to beat the taste of these cookies.

Crunchy gingerbread cookies

these make a hard, crunchy cooky that's good for dipping in coffee or tea. my mom would make a "sandwich" with a piece of schwartzbrot, butter and a gingerbread cookie.

Dipped gingersnaps

i received this as part of a christmas bake exchange. these look so pretty on a cookie platter.

Deluxe sugar cookies cookie cutter type

this recipe came from the newspaper in the small arizona town where i grew up. we use it almost every year to make christmas cookies. they're not too dry and are good even without any icing or candy...

Rolly pollies

since i was little we've made these in my family. my mom tells me she used to do this with her mother. traditionally it is a christmas treat but more and more we have them at any family function where...

Autumn maple cutout cookies

a cooking light recipe contest category finalist in desserts. by tracy schuhmacher (march 2007). allow time for the dough to chill.

Turnover cookies

your favorite jam, jelly or preserves can be used for the filling in these delicious cookies. if you have a favorite icing recipe, they look great with some drizzled over the top.

Toffee almond shortbread bites

delectably light, these toffee almond shortbread bites have a buttery flavor with an unexpected hint of almond and toffee. be sure to bake a few of these cookies for each guest.

Apies cookies

this is a delicious old pa dutch recipe of my nana's, which came from her grandmother. they are lightly crisp and buttery. nana always rolled them almost paper-thin. amount of cookies is an estimate;...

Nelson cookie bake rolled cookie glaze icing

the glaze is used to obtain a smooth icing surface on the cookies in preparation for decorating them with piped icing.

Light cookies

light in weight these cookies are great for snacks and italian style breakfast dipped in a good caffe latte. enjoy!

Classic sugar cookies with variations

these are very easy to make and they are perfect for cutting into shapes and decorating. pop dough back into fridge for 5 minutes if dough gets too soft to work with. prep time includes chilling time....

Chocolate crackles

this recipe is from the website. the picture on the website is beautiful.

Jelly centered sugar cookies

sugar cookies are pretty good by themselves, but the jelly or jam in this recipe really kicks them up to the next level. from the new england chapter of the united states regional cookbook, culinary arts...

Gingerbread for cookies or a gingerbread house

this dough is very easy to work with. we use this gingerbread to make our annual gingerbread houses. one recipe makes 3 fair sized gingerbread houses. this is also works excellent for gingerbread people....

Tropical dried fruit choc chip cookies with a crunch

after spotting dried pineapple pieces at the grocery store, i had the idea of baking cookies which were different than the ordinary oatmeal raisin cookie. the rice krispies give them a nice crunch, but...

Lavender shortbread

this is untried by me and comes from the herb quarterly, spring 2000 issue. i love lavender!! cook time includes estimated chill time of 30 minutes.

Apple snickerdoodles

the classic combination of tart apple flavor and cinnamon in everyone's favorite cookie.

The best sugar cookie cut outs w icing

this recipe makes about a million of the best sugar cookies i've ever had! i'm not sure exactly how many...6 dozen was a guess...maybe more! the icing dries to be nice and firm. perfect for stacking.

Chocolate mint cookies

i love chocolate mint anything, so when i saw this recipe, i had to try it. of course i have not had time to make it, but i wanted to post it so that i would not lose it. if anybody makes them, let me...

Snickerdoodles blue ribbon

yep, these got a blue ribbon too.

Coconut pecan shortbread

lots of shortbread recipes out there, but this one is a bit different. the toasted coconut makes the difference. a martha stewart recipe that i've been doing for years and my hubby's favorite cookie. prep...

Christmas sugar cookies

plan ahead the dough needs to chill for 2 hours

Chocolate cherry pocket cookies

yummy chocolate cherry pockets


this looks good, but i haven't tried yet.

Chocolate peppermint marshmallow sandwiches

i have not tried this recipe. i'm posting this recipe for safe keeping. i found this recipe in ladies home journal magazine. can be made ahead. store in an airtight container at room temperature, in single...

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