Classic honey dijon dressing

a tantalizing combination of spice and sweet!

Caribbean chicken salad w fat free dressing

tropical chicken salad. makes 4 main meal serving or serves 8-10 as a side dish. beautiful addition to a picnic or potluck! adapted & lightened from pillsbury website

Creamy balsamic salad dressing

i got this off a blog: my life as a mrs. i was wanting more ken's salad dressing: creamy balsamic and i figured i could make i went to google and found this one...

Creamy raspberry dressing

this dressing is lovely on a simple spinach salad. this came from bandwagon. i have not tried this, just posting for safe keeping.

Shrimp dip

this dip is outstanding. i also like it as a dressing on a bed of lettuce with a boiled egg. hellmans mayonnaise is a must to me.:) enjoy

Toros salad

from the blog "surfing the world cuisine". the name derives from the taurus mountain range that stretches from antalaya to adana, and in turkey it is served typically with kebabs. i thought it was very...

Dill caper remoulade

presented by: puleo's grille

Zesty oriental salad dressing

make-ahead, quick and easy, full of oriental flavors

Lime vinaigrette

posted by virtuouswife on she says, "really refreshing vinaigrette. great on citrus salad!"

Dijon dressing gluten free

an easy and simple dressing that's also gluten-free. a little different with two types of vinegar- cider and white wine vinegar.

Coleslaw dressing

i serve this over carrot and cabbage slaw

Chopped italian salad with italian vinaigrette

i found this in the sun-sentinel from and i don't want to lose it. sounds good and easy to make.

Plum sauce

a sweet sauce great for dipping or salads.

Cumin vinaigrette

from martha rose shulman. goes well with bean, egg, and grain salads; also nice with carrot salads—cooked or raw.

Ranch dressing

easy to make dressing that runs circles around the stuff in the bottle.

Wild rice salad with raisins

a rice salad that is an absolute must with left over turkey at christmas.. this started out as a delia recipe but got edited along the way. in answer to kumquat's review, you have to ground or mince the...

Cucumber dill dip or salad dressing

use this for dipping veggies or as a salad dressing

Lemon herb salad dressing

this recipe is from rachel, my mil. she notes that she obtained this recipe from a cookbook produced by her local ymca.

Crisp goat cheese salad

the goat cheese disks can be prepared up to a day ahead, cover with plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator. before cooking , brush disks with oil. freezing the goat log for several minutes makes...

Creamy lime dressing

perfect topping for fish tacos or a tex-mex salad. best made ahead. from sunny anderson's "cooking for real" show, tweaked a bit by me :)

Egremont inn avocado with celery seed dressing

source for this recipe is from an old country inns of america cookbook. for avocado lovers, this will be a delight. the dressing pares very well with the avocado. note that there may be left-over dressing...

Simple greek salad dressing

very easy recipe. it is better if left in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before using.

Stilton dressing

this elegant, delicious dressing is served at the dorchester hotel (one of london's most expensive). stilton is a lovely english blue-veined cheese. bleu cheese is an acceptable substitute.

Cucumber tomato surprise salad raw recipe

the surprise is how easy this recipe is! a raw/vegan recipe found online at raw sacramento. feel free to eliminate (or cut in half) the olive oil to make it lower fat.

Garden greens with raspberries goat cheese raspberry vina

sounds so delicious -- i plan to make this salad for the holidays, but it is so easy you can make it any day of the week to treat yourself and your family.

Cuban chayote salad

from all about cuban cooking cookbook, this is a simple and tasty salad.

Wild rice salad with curry dressing

this is a relatively easy to prepare side dish with a wonderful melding of flavors. try it warm or cold when you're in the mood for something different!

Copycat costa vida ranch salad dressing

i'm mostly posting this here so i don't lose it again but this is really, really good dressing. i think there's a bunch of costa vida resturants out west but i went to the one in portland, me and am now...

Dijon vinaigrette salad dressing

i love this dessing, very smooth and with a little bite.

Basic bleu cheese salad wedge

here is a tasty summer salad. crispy iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, green onions topped with homemade bleu cheese dressing. you could put any of your favorite salad toppings on this great summer salad. you...

Disappearing salad

i don't know from where the name comes, but i can tell you that this spinach salad goes very fast. very nice as a part of a light luncheon or a dinner party.

Cracked pepper salad dressing

add this creamy dressing to your favorite salad ingredients. if you love a pepper dressing that is bold but not too sharp, try this one.

Dairy free ranch dressing tofu

i am allergic to all dairy and miss ranch dressing so very much! here is a version i came up with to satisfy my craving... tastes almost like the real thing!

Herb lime vinaigrette

i'm in the process of trying to duplicate a lime herb dressing at a local joint called avante cafe. this isn't it, but it's good!

Lebanese tuna tahini salad

i've recently discovered tahini and absolutely love it! in this healther adaptation of tuna salad, tahini replaces mayonnaise as the emulsifier and adds unique flavor along with the middle eastern spices....

Mexican vinegar

herbal vinegars make good marinades. also try this with oil as a different flavored salad dressing. this also makes a pretty gift.

Southwestern salad dressing

this recipe makes one serving of dressing.

Creamy cilantro salad dressing

good salad dressing that goes on your salad, or with your mexican meal.

Citrus vinaigrette

found on line for menopause.please take note that honeys are all different so use your judgement on how much you use. the light honeys are mild compared to the dark honeys.

Dry ranch salad dressing mix

i needed a package of ranch salad dressing mix to make recipe #203830 ...but did i have one? of course not! found this recipe on line: i had all the ingredients on hand and went with it! since there...

Copycat recipe of bob evans colonial dressing

i absolutely love this dressing at bob evans.. a good friend is a prep cook for their and snuck me the recipe

Spinach salad with yogurt dressing

a homemade yogurt-based salad dressing is served with this fresh spinach salad. great as a light lunch or serve as a side. land-o-lakes cookbook. prep time includes chilling salad dressing.

Indonesia inspired salad dressing

inspired by the gado gado peanut sauces. you can useit for any salad or cooked, cold vegetables.

Lemon balm vinaigrette

from sample this on heirloom lettuce or drizzled over vegetables (it was delightful on steamed carrots and broccoli, for example)! zippy!

Chicken lime chopped salad

from outpost natural foods, in their diabetes fighting foods flyer.

Crab or chicken salad coleslaw

you will love this tangy (but slightly sweet) one-big-bowl salad. great as a potluck or picnic carry-along, too.

Greens and tomato tomato salad

this salad is a family favourite. easy to make.