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Top recipes for "Salsas"

Chunky salsa

this salsa is quick and delicious. adjust ingredients to your liking, especially the hot sauce. great as a dip or a side.

Corn salsa

this delightful corn salsa is a perfect salsa for dipping and can be used to boost flavor or garnish a southwestern meal. chilling time not included in preparation time.

Delicious salsa verde

give pasta and meat dishes an extra boost by serving this fun and flavorful sauce. it is also a perfect sauce to serve with recipe #356603. from family fun magazine

Jalapeno sesame seed salsa

don't ask me where i stole this recipe. ;) {{<>!}}

Chow chow

we grew a ton of tomatoes this last season. there were still blooms on the plants in november when we got our first frost. but andy was on top of things and ran outside and plucked off all the remaining...

Citrus salsa

i've been trying to serve more fruits and veggies for my family and ran across this wonderful and unique salsa just in time for super bowl xli. we loved it!! a taste of sunshine in snowy winter. i found...

Creamy mango salsa

this recipe was found in the june 2009 best recipes cookbook(let), summer salads & sandwiches.

Dill pickle salsa

this is one out of my recipe files from gourmet class. we had to come up with something "different". what's more different than salsa made with a dill pickle? but, it is good, even if i do say so myself....

Summer salsa

this is a great topper for grilled chicken or chops. cook time is for chilling.

Secret salsa

i rescued this salsa recipe by adopting it from the recipezaar account, and plan to nurse it back to health when i get the chance :) i think with a bit of tweaking, this recipe could be really good!

Creamy mexican green salsa dip

fast and easy to make! this is a nutritious spread, and can be used as a dip for "platanos fritos" and vege sticks, "fajitas", lacing sushi rolls, atop veggie burgers, or in any lettuce wrap. to reduce...

Cranberry apple relish

this recipe is from christmas with southern living 2004. it was suggested to serve with grilled pork tenderloin. i thought this was make a deliciously different thanksgiving of christmas meal. the cook...

Five fruit salsa

i found the recipe in april/may taste of home 2003. posted for zaar world tour 2005. suggested serving: as a dip for cinnamon tortilla chips, but i think it would be great served with fish! times do...

Salsa negra

this is a distinctive sauce with a deep sweet-smoky flavor that matches its almost black color.the striking, almost burnt, flavor is achieved by deep frying dried chipotles ,before soaking them in a brown...

Grilled pineapple chipotle salsa

this sounds an interesting salsa for tortilla chips or spooned over shrimp tacos or with grilled pork. recipe source: local newspaper adapted from cilantro secrets

Maque choux

this is a traditional dish from louisiana. it can be served as a side dish, or as a topping for blackened chicken or fish. best of all, you can put it together in 30 minutes!

Mango lime salsa

from 365 easy mexican recipes

Cherry salsa

from "plum gorgeous" by romney steele, published in a local paper. fresh sweet cherries combine with jalapeno, honey and pepper for a sweet-hot salsa, great with chicken, turkey, pork.

Tomato salsa dip

a tangy dip that tastes great with spicy mexican snacks such as tortilla chips.

Cranberry jalapeno salsa

for this recipe you can really use as many jalapeƱos as you like, or substitute a half of a habanero pepper, seeded and finely chopped or use one serrano chile, seeded and finely chopped. this recipe...

Chicken with mango salsa

an easy chicken dish with an oriental touch!

Green pepper relish

quick, fresh and so simple to make with a food processor. its flavor is meant to be refreshing to offset other spicy hot dishes such as stews or grilled meat and it goes well with any bread. this is an...

Serrano salsa

wonderful topping for tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., etc.

Mexican salsa

salsa using popular and traditional ingredients. add more or less peppers according to your tastes. (adopted recipe; no changes made.)

Tomato apple salsa 0 ww points

a fresh and unique salsa that is also healthy! i do not like cilantro and prefer just plain ol' parsley. this would be great with fish or chicken. enjoy!

Cooked red salsa

this is a great shortcut salsa. try it as written before you tinker with it - it's deceptively good. the garlic salt really is the key. i love this with plain cheese quesadillas.


this recipe is from, posted for another zaarian who was looking for a sazon recipe. from the reviews, looks like it's not really the sazon everyone was looking for. sorry about that...

Cucumber pineapple salsa

this is great with grilled pork, chicken or fish. serving yield is approximate.

Salsa verde canning recipe

i wanted a good canning recipe (and a safe one) for all the tomatillos i have in my garden, so after much searching i found this one. it is posted by nancy castleman on the good advice press site under...

Salsa mexicana

lip smacking ;-)

Simple avocado salsa

nothing more than an assembling of a few choice ingredients, this really shows off fresh, flavorful ingredients and makes a great side to many dishes.

Holiday corn relish

this relish is one that will look beautiful on your table for holidays, bbqs, lunches or dinners of any kind. it is delicious to boot.

Salsa de picante

our newest family member brought this picante sauce and homemade tamales to christmas dinner. it was fabulous. i begged her for the recipe and now we keep a jar in the fridge all the time. this does have...

4 cheese mexican tortilla appetizers

i got these off of i haven't tried them yet but they sound wonderful and very easy.

Salsa with zucchini with a hint of lime

this is spicy and thick. no one will know there are 6 cups of shredded zucchini in this! a great filler and way to use all the extra garden grown zukes! use a mixture of tomatoes from green to ripe but...

Salsa roja

grilled veggies pureed in a food processor for a nice smoky, fresh salsa. adapted from a recipe in leslie's recipe archive. nt

Tamale sauce

this is my mil's recipe. i eat the tamales just to get the sauce! it is so simple and so good. i like it best served room temperature. and its best to let it sit a little before serving for the flavors...

Liquid green fire hot sauce

this tasty sauce is a sure-(green)fire way to wake up your taste buds. i consider it a health food; you can actually feel the calories melt away as you eat it. and even if it isn't actually burning calories,...

Chunky watermelon salsa

this is just so great with grilled shrimp. its a must try.

Pico de gallo

pico de gallo translates to "rooster's beak" in english (when you dip tortilla chips into it, your thumb and forefinger loosely resemble a pecking chicken). didn't you always wonder where the name came...

The perfect salsa

my mother-in-law has past this on and i just thought i would share this with all of you. this is a staple in my house as i make it at least once a week.

Mango and avocado salsa

delicious with chips or served over grilled salmon.

Homemade canned salsa

fresh salsa for your dips or anything else you wish to use it with.

Pecan crusted chicken with banana salsa

don't turn your nose up at the banana salsa (we did at 1st) it is absolutly great with the pecan chicken, or by itself. we also put chunks of pineapple in the salsa to add a little different flair (bananas...

Fresh apple mint salsa

autumn brings great apples, this salsa is a winner!

Delicious tomato salsa recipe for canning

this amazing salsa recipe is a family favorite, shared by my sister-in-law rosanna. great for those summer-fresh veggies! wear gloves to avoid 'burns' from chopping peppers! enjoy! fabulous to add in some...

Fresh mango papaya kiwi salsa

this versatile salsa may be refrigerated for several days. it is deliciously refreshing served with grilled fish or shrimp. the serrano chili is a small (1 1/2 inch long) green chili pepper. it is available...

Avocado peach salsa

this one's great with pork fajitas!

Grape salsa

this recipe is contributed by a couple of friends of mine who have 'eclectic' tastes. both artists, they could never be considered conventional.

Texas style salsa

here in texas we have a ton of different recipes for salsa, this is my recipe for the salsa that i like the best. its a creation of several different recipes. hope you enjoy it !!!

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