Crustless salmon quiche

this recipe is likely from a magazine ad as it contains a bicks product. it has been copied in my book for a few years. it is a nice meatless meal.i serve with a colourful garden salad.

Copycat jimmy johns tuna salad receipe

similar to jimmy john's tuna.

Curry salmon

an easy way to make a tasty, flavorful fish. my kids love it. sometimes i will broil this instead. we like lots of curry on it. unsure of serving amounts.

Avocado with salmon appetizer

quick easy & attractive appetizer

Sushi salad

great side dish for sushi lovers! low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Cod vera cruz

i dislike fish, but my husband loves it. i made this a few nights ago and he really enjoyed it. it's from the campbell's classic recipes cookbook.

Tuna melt

this tuna melt is as good as the melts we remember from our childhood, but fits into a healthy diet. serve with a green salad for a quick, satisfying supper or by itself for an easy weekend lunch.

Crummy halibut

the topping on this fish is real crumbly, you may lose some of it getting it to the plate. but just spoon it on the fish, it tastes great!

Cod curry

another way to prepare cod. while the meal is simmering on the stove, you are free to entertain your guests.

Downeast fish chowder

just lovely served with pilot crackers or hardtack (recipe #143900). from the the new england chapter of the us regional cookbook, chicago culinary arts institute, 1947

Cod fish cakes

a great way to use up leftover cooked cod.

Pan seared fish with mushrooms and scallions

this recipe was demonstrated at the 2010 pensacola seafood festival. it is from brian cullerton of dharma blue. nice, light dish.

Curried salmon and rice slice

this is very very good, my aunty's recipe--we love this in my house. this may seem like a lot of ingredients, but it is too good to miss out on.

Cod olympia

this tender flavorful fish recipe is both inexpensive and elegant! a great date night or company dish.

Cod with spiced red lentils

this dish has quickly become a family favourite. easy, healthy and delicious, with just the right amount of spiciness. the recipe as-is can come out more like a stew, so if you want it to be a plate (not...

Cod portuguese

the portuguese are great fish eaters, situated as they are right on the rich atlantic sea board. one of their favourite fish is cod, but you can use any other white fish in this recipe.

Deli tuna salad

this is my favorite way to prepare tuna salad for lunch. tastes great on a bed of fresh spring salad or homemade buns. hope you like it.

Salmon with sage butter root vegetables in parchment

a beautiful one-dish meal with gourmet flair. all the ingredients are placed in a packet of parchment paper, which seals in moisture and allows the juices of the fish and the butter and spices to flavor...

Broccoli tuna rollups

my mother-in-law gave me this recipe many years ago. it makes a quick and tasty meal for those busy weeknights!

Easy bake salmon

very good, quick and easy; perfect.

Creamy stovetop mac and cheese

here's our family favorite simple macaroni and cheese! yummy creamy goodness and an easy one pan dish made quick and simple on the stovetop; score! almost identical to the recipe on the velveeta box. we...

Cucumber tuna boat

this is nice for a change on a hot summer day. easy to make, i made this ahead and just put into the fridge until we were ready to eat. this came from taste of home magazine.

Cod croquettes

rachel ray show: 30 minute meals episode: ship ahoy

Cod puffs

these puffs are just so good, quick and easy to make and very low in fat and calories. it just has everything going for it including the fact the my fussy grandchildren love it too.

Cod with honey glazed onions

for a simple but effective way of serving a very popular fish, try this rich and tasty cod dish.

Easy 4 ingredient salmon teriyaki

my family & i love salmon and this is our favorite way to have it prepared. it's so easy and is fool-proof! only 4 ingredients! i use kikkoman less sodium teriyaki marinade & sauce. i usually serve this...

Cod au gratin

there are other cod recipes on zaar, but not identical to this one that i discovered on it was submitted by rose small. she said "if you want to impress a newfoundlander, do it with simple...

Creamed tuna in toast cups

my mother's quick and easy recipe. this recipe uses ingredients you always have on hand in the pantry. it's great when you're in a rush.

Creamed salmon

this makes a can of salmon go a little further.

Dill and mustard salmon balls

fresh salmon "meatballs" with a tangy dipping sauce! from "the meatball cookbook bible"....

Crabmeat crusted chilean sea bass

my boyfriend and i just finished having this for dinner -- wonderful!! i had to tweak the original recipe, and what follows is the end result. i'm sure the crust could actually be used on all kinds of...

Spicy salmon cakes sweet red pepper sauce

this is an awesome recipe, i love to fix this with left over salmon. sometimes the local butcher has a killer sale on salmon, so i'll pick up some extra and make up a batch of these. they have a sligt...

Dishwasher salmon

seasoned cooking april 1999 issue. a fool's delight, by philip r. gantt. this is an actual recipe from the alaska department of fish and game cookbook. it is unusual and although i haven't yet tried it,...

Creamy tuna tart

as my ds does not like tuna, i take any chance to try something different when he is not home and usually want something that is quick and so easy. ahh well, when the kids are ;-) found...

Deluxe salmon burger

had this tonight it was so good i just had to share. it is based on rachael ray's salmon cakes with modifications by me.

Dilly cream of salmon soup

this is an extremely easy cream of salmon soup that can be made with half and half instead of heavy whipping cream (probably even whole milk although i haven't tried that...yet).

Creole swordfish

the recipe was an "in store" cooking demonstration at my local hannaford supermarket. it was quite tasty, and seemed so easy to prepare. i think it would be lovely served over rice. i also think you...

Cod chickpea olive stew

600 g cod (4 fillets)

Cod provencal

light, healthy and easy. the saute part can be done in advance. i add some anchovies with the onions and garlic and let them dissolve into the vegetable mix. i also use fresh oregano when possible.

Curry tuna fish sandwiches

i like this recipe because it's simple and good. also, it can be made quickly. i made it up out of items that were already on hand.

Crispy cod fillets

"grilled" cod


this is the northeast version, but feel free to add dungeness crab if you can get it. this is great served with crusty french bread to sop up the juices


classic cheesfish, just like mom used to make

Grilled cumin marinated swordfish

an excellent grilled fish recipe that i serve with other grilled vegetables and lemon rice pilaf. yum! marinate time is 30 minutes.

Southwest tuna macaroni and cheese casserole

i made this recipe last night with things that i had on-hand, i must say that i had no leftovers -- from my kids to their friends, me and pube....we all loved this! it's so easy that i'm a bit embarrassed...

Italian fish

an easy recipe with simple seasonings that my kids like.

Creamed tuna

this is a quick way of fixing it and one that i have used for years as a quick lunch or supper. add a salad and drink and it equals a good meal.

Cod with garlic

i needed a quick recipe for dinner that used the cod i have in my freezer. there were none on recipezaar! so i'm posting this one from mealmaster via recipesource.